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20110829 upgrade blackboard 2011 what's new
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20110829 upgrade blackboard 2011 what's new


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Blackboard presentation about what's new after the upgrade to 9.1 SP5

Blackboard presentation about what's new after the upgrade to 9.1 SP5

Published in: Education, Technology
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  • 1. Blackboard Upgrade 2011What’s NewIr Ellen Zillig-Straatman, SSC-ICT Education Technology29-08-2011 Delft University of Technology Challenge the future
  • 2. Overview• Who Am I?• Blackboard Upgrade• Known Issues• New• Questions• This Week Blackboard Upgrade 2011 2
  • 3. Who Am I?Ellen Zillig-Straatman• New ‘FAB’ (Functional Manager) of Blackboard• Working at Delft University of Technology since November 2008• Trainee • Nov 2008: Education and Student Affairs at the Faculty of Architecture • Nov 2009: Education and Student Affairs at the Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management Blackboard Upgrade 2011 3
  • 4. Blackboard upgrade• Upgrade to version 9.1 SP5• New support software Blackboard Upgrade 2011 4
  • 5. Known issues• Unenrolltool unavailable• Multiple file upload not working• Announcements • Don’t move the bar to the bottom of the page! • Guest are not able to see announcements. (even when guests are allowed) • Slow performance, when there are large numbers of announcements• Grade Center • With multiple group discussion boards, the wrong cells are grayed out. • Exported tab-delimited files (.xls) don’t open correct in Excel. Use comma-delimited files (.csv) instead!• Detailed overview on Blackboard Upgrade 2011 5
  • 6. Known Issues - Browser• Blackboard is not supported in all browsersWe advise to use Firefox as your Browserwhen using Blackboard! Blackboard Upgrade 2011 6
  • 7. New• General Enhancement• My Courses Plus• Grade Center• Web Folder• Peer & Self Assessment• My Timetable• Support Software• Blackboard Collaborate• OC Focus Tab Blackboard Upgrade 2011 7
  • 8. General Enhancement• Portal function – modules are easier to find• Improved Test module• Improved Notification Settings• Enhancement in general – bug fixes• Sorting on Last Name• Security Blackboard Upgrade 2011 8
  • 9. My Courses Plus Blackboard Upgrade 2011 9
  • 10. Grade Center • Improved performance • Several features have been enhanced to improve communication between the instructor and students and make navigation easier. • A new ‘Needs Grading’ page were the instructor can view all attempts ready for grading and sort and filter the items.Please join my presentation about the Grade Centernext Thursday for more detailed information aboutthe Grade Center. Blackboard Upgrade 2011 10
  • 11. Web Folder Blackboard Upgrade 2011 11
  • 12. Web FolderFriday there will be a presentation about the ‘Content System’ and‘Course Files’ by Willem van Valkenburg. Please join thispresentation for more detailed information! Blackboard Upgrade 2011 12
  • 13. Peer & Self Assessment• A lot of bug fixesPlease join the presentation next Wednesday aboutAssessments by Meta Keijzer-de Ruijter for moredetailed information! Blackboard Upgrade 2011 13
  • 14. My Timetable Blackboard Upgrade 2011 14
  • 15. My Timetable Blackboard Upgrade 2011 15
  • 16. Support Software Blackboard Upgrade 2011 16
  • 17. Support Software Blackboard Upgrade 2011 17
  • 18. Blackboard Collaborate• Update • Wimba Classroom • Blackboard Wimba IM (Instant Messaging)Please join the presentation about ‘On-line Collaboration’ by Kees van Kuijennext Tuesday for more detailedinformation! Blackboard Upgrade 2011 18
  • 19. OC Focus• An extra tab on the ‘My Staff Info’ tab• All information, tutorials and modules can be accessed from one placeLaunched approximately mid September Blackboard Upgrade 2011 19
  • 20. Questions?E-Learning Support • • 89194Ellen Zillig-Straatman • E.H.M.Zillig-Straatman@TUDelft.NL • 89098 • Twitter: @ezilligBlackboard.weblog.tudelft.nlBBfaq.weblog.tudelft.nlTwitter: @TUDelftBb Blackboard Upgrade 2011 20
  • 21. Start presentations at bout 12.45 Just Come and Walk in • Tea and coffee • With a roll • Is being servedBlackboard Upgrade 2011 21
  • 22. Questions? Remarks? Blackboard Upgrade 2011 22