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I server rtle
I server rtle
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I server rtle


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  • 1. Accurate Location Without The Grey AreasiServer RTLEVersion 2.1Real-Time Locating Engine T
  • 2. iServer RTLE (Real-Time Locating Engine) is Server (Real- is:Accurate – can triangulate the location of a wireless device to within a roomReliable – cannot be blocked like I.R. or ultrasonic technologiesEfficient – does not require a large wired network or expensive receivers to operateSimple – will not send multiple alarms if received on several floors, the exact location is theonly one sent. What is iServer RTLE? The iServer RTLE is a proprietary software engine that provides the ability of accurately triangulating, in real-time, the actual location of any device on the network. When required, the location of a device is sent to staff on the network or via interfaced devices. The iServer operates using the patented EchoStreamTM industrial-grade wireless mesh network by Inovonics. The RTLE engine ensures that you know the location of devices when needed. Regardless of whether a wireless signal has floor or wall bleed through, the RTLE engine’s powerful algorithms will determine the appropriate location of your equipment.How it worksThe RTLE engine’s powerful software algorithms calculate the location of EchoStreamTMdevices, eliminating the need for exciters, choke points, receivers and other dedicatedlocating hardware infrastructure. A single iServer can be easily expanded to supportthousands of EchoStreamTM devices on a single server.The EchoStreamTM wireless mesh network provides the backbone of the RTLE system. Thisdedicated network ensures the most cost effective wireless solution by reducing the need forexpensive cabling or infrastructure. Coupled with the RTLE engine, the EchoStream solutioncan offer superior location accuracy at a fraction of the cost of dedicated wired-in networkedsystems. All with much less disruption to your facility. Integration iServer provides the most flexible network of integration platforms available. Networking with an EZcall server allows an iServer system to connect to virtually any third part system or equipment. Your wireless duress or emergency call system no longer needs to operate as a separate product. You can send/receive alarm messages from any combination of pocket pager, wireless telephone, email, message board or many other output devices. Best Cost/Performance Just compare a quotation of an iServer wireless system versus any comparable system; we are sure that you will notice the advantages. Beware of inferior products that claim to offer accurate location. Copyright 2008 QBsoft Solutions – - Email: