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E ztouch sales doc

  1. 1. EZtouch ™ Customizable Touch Panels You Have the Power of Selecting Only the Functions You Need. EZtouch™ panels are highly versatile color touch-screen • E.R. – Optimize bed utilization and automate routine panels designed to provide call point and event display in staff calls. EZtouch™ panels are the ideal E.R. bedside a compact easy-to-use interface. assistant to help improve staff response and reduce wasted resources. EZtouch™ panels may be used anywhere a call device or workflow control device is needed. These dynamic touch • O.R. – Automatically track every O.R. case in real-time screen panels replace static call devices and may be and provide immediate feedback to the PAR and tailored to suit every location’s requirements with adjacent SDC units to alert when an operation is due to programmable ‘soft’ touch point buttons. Each EZtouch™ end or extended. EZtouch™ panels help improve O.R. panel may be used as a call device or an annunciator to utilization and throughput. display alarms and EZcall™ system events. • Med/Surg – Which beds are available, which beds There’s more; EZtouch™ panels are available in several need repair, which room needs a porter or sizes that fit standard North American electrical boxes, and housekeeper? With EZtouch™, you can control and are attractive enough to blend with virtually any décor. track all of your bed utilization with one inexpensive These attractive and inexpensive devices are the ideal interface. addition to add enhanced workflow capabilities to any Labor & Delivery – With EZtouch™ panels you can nurse call or alarm system. • track and control room utilization for improved bed EZtouch™ panels are the first call touch panel available in turnover. Close out tasks more efficiently. Ethernet and addressable models, allowing them to be • Lab – Automate lab requests and biomed work orders used in new structured cabling plants or to replace existing and streamline maintenance and recalls. EZtouch™ daisy-chained legacy devices. panels provide automatic task management where you Now you have the power to choose your buttons with the need it. flexibility of controlling your environment all while • Switchboard – Activate pre-record alarm messages improving operational workflow processes & your bottom from a single touch, allowing central operators to focus line. on other duties. Enhanced code call buttons provide call duration timers for at-a-glance viewing. • Clinics – Room-in-use monitoring, tracking, cleaning and displays helps improve room turnover.© Copyright 2009 QBsoft Solutions
  2. 2. One Device for All Applications! All EZtouch™ panels are IP66 waterproof rated for use in virtually any location. Each panel has a built-in sounder to alert operators when attention is required, and every EZtouch™ panel includes an integrated clean-screen feature that allows for cleaning the touch buttons without accidentally triggering an alarm. Linked Status These highly intuitive user interface panels are fully Buttons programmable. Buttons may be setup as one-touch call 1-Touch buttons, toggle on/off buttons, screen select buttons or Alarm Buttons sequentially grouped status buttons. The EZtouch™ interfaces include textual as well as intuitive icon-based user buttons to provide the simplest operator experience. This helps reduce or elliminate operator training & helps support multiple languages. EZcall™ provides the key to instant messaging. The key to reducing false calls to staff is to ensure that staff interaction and training is maintained and be sure to select the proper sensors for each profile. QBsoft Built-in Clean- Multiple Screens Solutions provides a free implementation tool that is a Screen feature for More Buttons critical component to designing & tuning a lasting and useful dementia monitoring system. Improve Staff Efficiency: EZ to use, EZ to customize. • Bed Management – Greatly improve bed turnover Select from EZcall’s’ large button listing or create your and your bottom line by properly managing bed own custom call buttons. The following samples help cleaning, repairs and usage. determine needs of various wards and areas. • Transport Management – Automatically queue porter requests to stop care staff from trying to locate them. • Automated Task Routing – Avoid the guesswork of where alarms need to be routed. EZcall™ instantly routes EZtouch™ events only to the staff who should Typical Operating receive them. Automatic call escalations help ensure Room Workflow and that an emergency never goes unanswered. Call Buttons • Automated Work Orders may be generated from the push of a button. Staff no longer need to go through a lengthy work order request procedure. • Room Management allows you to automate status update messages, and streamline room turnover. • Emergency Response automatically dispatches the Typical E.R. Typical appropriate caregiver(s) to the appropriate alarms. Workflow and Med/Surg EZtouch™ panels eliminate the guesswork of Call Buttons Workflow and determining which alert buttons you need where. Call Buttons © Copyright 2011 QBsoft Solutions Powerful Integration.. EZtouch™ Touch Panels ..Made EasyQBsoft Solutions – 1939 144 Street Surrey, BC Canada, V4A 7M6 – (604) 812-SOFT - www.qbsoft.ca - support@qbsoft.ca th