EXPERTALKS: Jul 2012 - Build using Gradle


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This presentation was part of EXPERTALKS: Jul 2012 conducted at Equal Experts India on 28th July 2012. Visit to know more...
For quite a long time now, Build Automation on projects has been synonymous with 2 tools: Ant and Maven. While both tools are pretty effective & widely used, they have their share of shortcomings.

GRADLE brings in the much needed evolution in build automation.
Gradle combines the strengths of Maven and Ant resulting in a more effective way to build. Needless to say, it is the build tool of choice for us here at Equal Experts.
This presentation talks about Gradle. The PPT also accompanied a workshop conducted as part of EXPERTALKS: Jul 2012

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EXPERTALKS: Jul 2012 - Build using Gradle

  1. 1. Build using Gradle Tejaswita Takawale Chinmay Naik
  2. 2. …a better way to build
  3. 3. A simple build cycle
  4. 4. Why Gradle? Ant features: Maven features: A flexible tool Build by convention XML scripts Dependency management Build tasks But these are not enough  What’s needed: • Sensible defaults yet easy customization • Readable and maintainable scripts • Faster builds • Easy scalability
  5. 5. Gradle is: • Faster • Concise • Groovy DSL • Flexible • Programmable • Integrates with Ant • Supports Groovy and Scala • Scalable • Structured • Open Source
  6. 6. Faster Incremental builds make it faster.
  7. 7. Concise – smaller scripts build.gradle apply plugin : ’java’ build.xml
  8. 8. Groovy DSL DSL is more readable than XML
  9. 9. Flexible Easy to customize default behaviour Here’s Gradle doing a specific customization… 
  10. 10. Maven doing that same customization… 
  11. 11. Programmable Go ahead and write your own tasks
  12. 12. Integration with Ant
  13. 13. Workshop Time !!!
  14. 14. Heads Up… Gradle setup Hello World Gradle More about Task Build your Java project Create your Jar Manage dependency for JUnit Create and deploy your War Multi-project build
  15. 15. Setup instructions Installation Environment Variables • Requires JAVA_HOME • Set GRADLE_HOME • Add $GRADLE_HOME/bin to PATH Run gradle -v
  16. 16. Basic script build.gradle task hello << { println ‘Hello World !’ }
  17. 17. Find the examples on Git Hub: /master/Gradle_Introduction
  18. 18. Forum: References: Building and Testing with Gradle – by Tim Berglund & Matthew McCullough Gradle User Guide
  19. 19. Take Away A solution that provides convention over configuration approach to the build process and an approach at building that isn’t based on XML
  20. 20. Thank You !!! Tejaswita Takawale Chinmay Naik