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AQ Furniture Catalog 2012


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Al Qabandi's 2012 Furniture Catalog

Al Qabandi's 2012 Furniture Catalog

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  • 1. AQ 2012
  • 2. CCR/ORCA/WAWF/SPOT Registered & IntegratedCentral Plaza, 1st Floor, NCAGE: SX307Salam Al Mubarak Street - Salmiya DUNS: 366478212P.O.Box 21191 - 13072 KuwaitTel : +965.2572.2272 Type: Private Firm Company Size: 500 + employeesFax : +965.2572.2212 Website: Industry: Government & Defense Founded: 1993www.QabandiGroup.comEmail: info@QabandiGroup.comAl Qabandi United Company is a private Driven by excellence of execution, Al One of our principal activities isGovernment and Defense Contracting firm Qabandi has become a staple organization manufacturing furniture, which includeestablished in 1993, in the State of Kuwait. in Base Support Services, Construction, wardrobes, desks, tables, chairs, partitions,Al Qabandi has become one of the region’s Procurement and Logistics. We are located built-in chest drawers, sofas, and offices.premier services, projects, and procurement throughout the Middle East to include We sell furniture through markets, salescompanies for Government Solutions and Kuwait with strategic partners in United agencies and home shopping. Our productDefense Services - “Executing Excellence,” Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Iraq, Qatar, and lines include dining, bedroom, home office,in diverse environments for the benefit of Afghanistan. home entertainment, accent items -our customers, employees and the providing products in a variety of woodsgeographical populace we aid and supply. and finishes with designs to cover all major style categories including traditional, contemporary and transitional designs. AQ
  • 3. AQ FURNITURE MANUFACTURING Al Qabandi United Co. possesses the capability to specialize in industry/facilities furniture, workstation, office partitions, home furniture, molding research & development, as well as implementations for international standards and style. We strive to offer you furniture products that meet customer specifications at wholesale prices due to our strategic alliance in Kuwait. We leverage their experience and expertise within the furniture industry with our Works Division Fabrication Facility in Mina Abdullah to offer high quality products, at a low cost to the consumer; providing a value- added service.
  • 4. AQ CLIENTS AQOur foundation for the futureis based on our continuedachievements within ourgrowing disciplines to betterserve US/Coalition ArmedForces, US GovernmentAgencies and InternationalOrganizations.In Kuwait, Al Qabandi and ourStrategic Alliance are specificallyconsolidated and designed toaccommodate high volumefabrication of standard andsemi-custom contract furnitureof high quality for Colleges &Universities, Military offices andaccommodations, or whereverhigh quality, long life, lowmaintenance furniture isessential.
  • 5. AQ OUR ESSENTIAL GUIDE TO BETTER ASSIST YOU WITH YOUR FURNITURE ARRANGEMENTSOur aim is to continuously With AQ’s strategic partners , weresearch and develop furniture are able to create and producesolutions that comply with high quality furniture solutionsinternational requirements in by utilizing state of the artorder to create a more machines - innovativecomfortable and efficient technology, quality assuranceworking environment. controls and an intensive customer service approach. EXECUTING EXCELLENCE
  • 6. Tables AQChairsDewaniyaSofa SetsInterior DesignsHigh PartitionsOffice PartitionsReception FurnitureCustomized Furniture
  • 9. TC-1 TC-2 AQ
  • 10. TC-3 TC-4 AQ
  • 11. TC-5 TC-6 AQ
  • 12. TC-7 TC-8 TC-9 AQ
  • 14. S-1 S-2 AQ
  • 15. S-COMBO-1 S-3 AQ
  • 16. S-4 S-5 AQ
  • 17. S-6 S-7 AQ
  • 18. S-8 S-9 AQ
  • 19. S-10 S-11 S-12 AQ
  • 20. S-13 S-14 AQ
  • 21. S-15 S-16 AQ
  • 22. S-17 S-18 AQ
  • 23. S-COMBO-2 AQ
  • 24. S-19 S-20 AQ
  • 25. S-COMBO-3 S-COMBO-4 AQ
  • 26. S-COMBO-5 S-COMBO-6 AQ
  • 27. S-COMBO-7 S-COMBO-8 AQ
  • 28. S-COMBO-9 S-COMB0-10 AQ
  • 29. AQAl Qabandi’s capabilities include specialized fullrange ergonomic furniture, including OfficeFurniture, Partitions, executive recliner seating,executive mesh chairs, executive leather & fabricseating, manager fabric seating, secretary &working stool, modem saddle chairs, etc. Weprovide products with reliable, consistent quality,supported by the most competitive prices andcomplete after-sales service.We welcome long-term partnerships. We strive tokeep up with the latest technology and style tocreate new products to meet customersrequirements. We make every effort to maintainour high standards and keep the cost down foryou as well.We provide all types of Office Furniture &Partitions including, Fabric Desk Partitions, Home& Office Sofa Products, Desk Partitions, OfficeFurniture Partitions, Workstation Partition ,Modern/traditional office partition, Office Table, Office FurnitureWall Partition, high quality room dividers andoffice furniture. Whether you want to createenclosed or semi-enclosed spaces, improvesoundproofing, respect privacy or encouragecommunication, we have the perfect solution,whatever the type of office that you want.
  • 31. R-1 R-2 AQ
  • 32. R-3 R-4 AQ
  • 33. R-5 R-6 AQ
  • 34. High Partitions AQ Office Partitions EXECUTING EXCELLENCE
  • 35. P-1 P-2 AQ
  • 36. P-3 AQ
  • 37. P-4 P-5 AQ
  • 38. P-6 P-7 AQ
  • 39. P-8 P-9 AQ
  • 40. P-10 P-11 AQ
  • 41. P-12 P-13 AQ
  • 42. P-14 AQ
  • 43. P-15 P-16 AQ
  • 44. P-17 P-18 AQ
  • 45. AQP-19 P-20 P-21
  • 46. P-22 P-23 AQ
  • 47. P-24 P-25 AQ
  • 48. P-26 P-27 AQ
  • 49. P-28 P-29 AQ
  • 50. P-30 P-31 AQ
  • 51. P-32 P-33 AQ
  • 52. P-34 P-35 AQ
  • 53. P-36 P-37 AQ
  • 54. P-38 P-39 AQ
  • 55. P-40 P-41 AQ
  • 56. P-42 P-43 AQ
  • 57. P-44 P-45 AQ
  • 58. P-46 P-47 AQ
  • 59. P-48 P-49 AQ
  • 60. P-50 P-51 AQ
  • 61. P-52 P-53 AQ
  • 62. P-54 P-55 AQ
  • 63. P-56 P-57 AQ
  • 64. P-58 P-59 AQ
  • 65. AQInterior Designs EXECUTING EXCELLENCE
  • 66. AQInterior DesignsIf you need help in designing the interior of your home or office, please contact Al Qabandi. Design Consultants will offerour customers plans and advice on furniture layouts and decoration ideas.Our vision is to offer affordable, high-quality furniture and accessories. Our strategy is guided by a commitment to build asolid business that will grow with the market, both in terms of product selection and corporate infrastructure.
  • 68. AQDewaniyasWith the help of our alliances, AQ can specialize in designing & decorating Dewaniyas. The Dewaniya, has existed in Kuwaitsince time immemorial. In the old City of Kuwait it was the reception area where a man received his business colleaguesand male guests. Today the term refers both to a reception hall and the gathering held in it, as visiting or hosting aDewaniya is an indispensable feature of a Kuwaiti man’s social life.The Dewaniya has its tradition in the Arabian Majlis where people would gather or congregate to discuss the pertinentissues of the day. Our experts will offer our customers plans and advice on Dewaniya layouts and decoration ideas. Aflexible Dewaniya lets you create and define the space in many ways. What exactly is your Dewaniya, please visit & contactus.
  • 69. AQCustomized Furniture EXECUTING EXCELLENCE
  • 70. AQCustomized FurnitureHaving worked with many diverse clients in varying industries for nearly two decades, Al Qabandi understands that “onesize does not fit all.” Different clients in different markets may need furniture items that are not shown in our catalog andthat is precisely why we created flexibility with our furniture manufacturing and supply approach. US/Coalition Forces maybe operating in austere environments which demand, by geography alone, customized styling that meets their scope –form following function. We are ready and able to assist with these situations where other manufacturers and supplierslimit themselves. Contact us today.