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EVRYTHNG Introduction

  1. 1. @Evrythng© EVRYTHNG Limited | Confidential | 2014 © EVRYTHNG Limited | 2014 COMMERCIAL AND CONFIDENTIAL MAKING PRODUCTS SMART Introduction to EVRYTHNG @Evrythng
  2. 2. @Evrythng© EVRYTHNG Limited | Confidential | 2014 Introducing EVRYTHNG  Market Leader - Well established, award winning and market leading internet of things software service provider to CPGs and other brands to make their products smart.  Connecting Products To The Web - Technology digitally activates products, connecting brands with consumers directly, tracking products & delivering digital services tied to products.  Building a ‘Product Graph’ - With data from and about products, their usage, and consumer and other user relationships, applied to drive real-time applications & services.  Platform as a Service - Providing an enterprise software platform and toolset.  Serving Global Brands - UK-based with US and UK operations serving global brand customers. Connect products to the Web, making products smart for global product manufacturers, brands & retailers.
  3. 3. @Evrythng© EVRYTHNG Limited | Confidential | 2014 How It Works WATCH VIDEO HERE: http://bitly.com/77secs
  4. 4. @Evrythng© EVRYTHNG Limited | Confidential | 2014 The EVRYTHNG ENGINE™ Loyalty Programs Content Marketing Tracking & Integrity Service & Transact Coup on exam ple A Product Relationship Management™ platform to connect products to the Web and drive consumer engagement, tracking & analytics applications with real-time data.  Big data capabilities to aggregate & map user relationships with individual products with links directly to social networks & enterprise CRM systems.  Dynamic rules & triggers applying historical and real-time information and events to drive applications.  Dashboard and analytics tools.  Rich APIs and software toolset for application access and integration with devices and enterprise systems.
  5. 5. @Evrythng© EVRYTHNG Limited | Confidential | 2014 Technology  Active Digital Identities™ are smart software objects, putting each individual product on the Web with a persistent URI, access control and APIs.  The EVRYTHNG ENGINE provides a large scale data environment to manage billions of product identities, store rich information from & about them in dynamic data structures, with APIs to drive applications connecting with them, and fine grained security policies.  Products can be tagged & scanned or connected directly, and users can connect with a product using their social, network or enterprise identity to authenticate and ‘check-in’ to a product.  As an active computation platform, a rules engine makes it possible to dynamically configure automated responses based on product, user and other information, driving applications, products and analytics.
  6. 6. @Evrythng© EVRYTHNG Limited | Confidential | 2014 2013/14 Coverage & Awards • Winners of Postscapes IoT People’s Choice Breakout Startup of the Year Award http://postscapes.com/internet-of-things-award/winners/ • Featured in Forrester Report as a Pioneer Vendor for the Internet of Things • Featured in Labels & Labeling Yearbook 2014 http://www.evrythng.com/file-download/evrythng-ll-2014- feature/ • Featured in Gartner IoT Report • Top 100 Startups 2013 http://startups.co.uk/startups-100/2013/57-evrythng/ • Won International Advertising Association BrillIAAnce Award 2013 • Featured in the GigaOm report "The internet of things: a market landscape" http://pro.gigaom.com/report/the-internet-of-things-a-market-landscape/ • Won 2013 New Product Innovation Award by Frost & Sullivan http://www.evrythng.com/about-us/in-the- news/evrythng-wins-global-new-product-innovation-award/ • Featured in TechCrunch IoT Landscape Map 'Making Sense of the Internet of Things' http://techcrunch.com/2013/05/25/making-sense-of-the-internet-of-things/ • Subject of 451 Group analyst Impact Report http://www.evrythng.com/file-download/evrythng-451-impact- report/ • Won Advertising Week Next Innovation Award • Featured in the Harvard Business Review http://blogs.hbr.org/2013/03/advertising-and-the-internet-o/ • Featured in Forrester Research 'Emerging Touchpoints Require A Marketing Mind Shift" report http://www.forrester.com/anthony- mullen#/Emerging+Touchpoints+Require+A+Marketing+Mind+Shift/quickscan/-/E-RES84901 • Picked among the Top 20 UK start-ups of 2012, along with Raspberry Pi. • Profiled in Wired : http://www.wired.co.uk/magazine/archive/2013/01/start/friending-your-stuff
  7. 7. @Evrythng© EVRYTHNG Limited | Confidential | 2014 Further Information :  evrythng.com  Web of Things™ Technology White Paper - http://bit.ly/Vx8V8L  Product Relationship Management™ White Paper - http://bit.ly/1gVXOPP  ENGINE Developer Documentation - http://dev.evrythng.com
  8. 8. @Evrythng© EVRYTHNG Limited | Confidential | 2014 Thank you Cameron Worth cameron@evrythng.com @ConnectEvrythng www.evrythng.com