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                                          Forum 2010                                                     ...
Forum 2010                                                       24 / 25 / 26 / 27 August Beijing 北京

 what Delegates said...
Forum 2010                                                           24 / 25 / 26 / 27 August Beijing 北京
Forum 2010                                                               24 / 25 / 26 / 27 August Beijing 北京
Forum 2010                                                                 24 / 25 / 26 / 27 August Beijing 北京
Forum 2010                                                           24 / 25 / 26 / 27 August Beijing 北京
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                                                       Forum 2010                         Combine                ...
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EV Li-ion Battery Forum Beijing 2010 Brochure


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The 2nd EV Li-Ion Battery Forum. Westin Beijing Financial Street, Beijing. 24/25/26/27 August 2010:

One of the only events in Asia which covers 2 Wheels, 4 Wheels, buses and commercial vehicles, this Forum will feature 55 Speakers from 16 Different Countries including 16 vehicle manufacturers and 10 Battery Manufacturers. It will bring together experts from the entire value chain ranging from Materials to Testing, BMS, Power Train and EV Recharging Infrastructure, while providing you the freedom to choose to attend the days you find best suited to your needs, giving you a unique opportunity to network and learn.

For industry news and to download the brochure, please visit http://www.ev-li-ionbatteryforum.com/. Join the EV Battery group on LinkedIn at http://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=2841305&trk=hb_side_g

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EV Li-ion Battery Forum Beijing 2010 Brochure

  1. 1. M A Pa Th e 2 or t T rt an 00 e h ic ip 20 9 F an C o t s o r um Fr un om t r i es Battery Forum 2010 24 / 25 / 26 / 27 August Choose & Combine The Only Event Westin Beijing Financial Street Beijing The Days You want To Attend In Asia Covering 2 Wheels 4 Wheels Bus & Commercial Vehicles EV Business Models Powertrain Gold Sponsors Materials Thermal Management Energy Density BMS Underwriters Laboratories Testing Standards & Safety EV Recharging Infrastructure OVER 55 INTERNATIONAL SPEAKERS VolkswAgen ReseARCh lAb ChinA • JAgUAR / lAnD RoVeR (Uk) • MAhinDRA & MAhinDRA (inDiA) • VeRbUnD (AUsTRiA) • FoTon • lUXgen eV by hAiTeC (TAiwAn) • ATl (ChinA) • FAAM (iTAlY) • bosTon PoweR (UsA) • oPTiMAl eneRgY (soUTh AFRiCA) • shAnghAi ADVAnCeD TRACTion bATTeRY sYsTeMs / A123 - sAiC MoToR (ChinA) • nATionAl 863 eleCTRiC VehiCle keY PRoJeCT (ChinA) • UnDeRwRiTeRs lAboRAToRies (UsA) • ieC (swiTZeRlAnD) • TD hiTeCh eneRgY (TAiwAn) • DongFeng MoToR (ChinA) • lUJo eV (ChinA) • bAk bATTeRY (ChinA) • TiAnJin insTiTUTe oF PoweR soURCes • insPiRe inVesT (noRwAY) • geneRAl MoToRs (UsA) • eleCTRoTheRM (inDiA) • heRo eleCTRiC (inDiA) • RinCon liThiUM (AUsTRAliA) • ekoVehiCles (inDiA) • e-MAX sCooTeR (geRMAnY) • wesTeRn liThiUM • li-TeC bATTeRY (geRMAnY) • wesTeRn liThiUM (CAnADA) • MAgnA e-CAR • AUsTRiAn insTiTUTe oF TeChnologY (AUsTRiA) • UniVeRsiTY oF hAwAii (UsA) • beTTeR PlACe (UsA) • geneRAl MoToRs • DRAPeR FisheR JURVeTson (ChinA) • loniAk (UsA) • kPCb (ChinA) • VAnTAgePoinT (ChinA) • A123 sYsTeMs (UsA) • Tsing CAPiTAl / ChinA enViRonMenT FUnD (ChinA) • Aleees (TAiwAn) • CiTiC gUoAn MenggUli (ChinA) • e-one Moli eneRgY (TAiwAn) • UlsAn nATionAl insTiTUTe oF sCienCe AnD TeChnologY (soUTh koReA) • ToYoTA CenTRAl R&D lAbs (JAPAn) • inDUsTRiAl MARkeTing ConsUlTAnTs (JAPAn) • nATionAl UniVeRsiTY oF singAPoRe (singAPoRe) • sUD-CheMie (ChinA) • lishen bATTeRY (ChinA) • MiTsUbishi CoRPoRATion (JAPAn) • CeA-liTen lAboRAToRY oF ADVAnCeD bATTeRies (FRAnCe) • insTiTUTe oF new eneRgY TeChnologY - TsinghUA UniVeRsiTY (ChinA) • sino-singAPoRe TiAnJin eCoCiTY • 1PoweR solUTions (UsA) • gRiDPoinT (UsA) • eXPonenT (UsA) www.ev-li-ionbatteryforum.com call: +65 6243 0050
  2. 2. Choose & Combine Forum 2010 The Days You Want To Attend PROGRAMME AT A GLANCE Monday & Tuesday Tuesday wednesday Thursday Friday 23 & 24 August 24 August 25 August 26 August 27 August TRAINING COURSE MATERIALS DAY FORUM DAY 1 FORUM DAY 2 WORKSHOP Manufacturing Optimising Regulatory incentives eV business Models EV Materials eV worldwide Recharging Testing And Maximising energy Density international standards & safety Recycling Safe improving Cell Powertrain Infrastructure Performance And safety bMs EV Li-ion Batteries with new Material Testing For safety Business Models Processing Methods, Recharging eVs and Standards lithium Resources, Thermal Management electric bus And 30% discount for Utilities Cathode, Anode And networking Drinks Commercial Vehicles And buffet Dinner & Vehicle Manufacturers electrolyte Gold Sponsor Underwriters UL is an independent product safety certification organization that has been testing products and writing Laboratories Standards for Safety for more than a century. UL evaluates more than 19,000 types of products, components, materials and systems from more than 66,000 manufacturers each year. In total, there are more than 20 billion UL Marks appearing on products worldwide. UL’s global family of companies and network of service providers Priya L. Tabaddor Business Development includes 68 laboratory, testing and certification facilities serving customers in 102 countries. Manager – Large Battery UL is facilitating the development, publication, and distribution of world-class standards related to the safety of UNDERWRITERS Li-ion batteries and is collaborating through industry research partnerships to identify safety concerns and address LABORATORIES through test method development and standards. (USA) (Speaker) www.ul.com Gold Sponsor Rincon Lithium is a new producer of battery grade lithium carbonate with a long-life, world class resource suited to large production capacity that will support the growth in the mass-produced EV market in the coming decades. Michael Tamlin General Manager The efficient Rincon production process has been proven in pilot operations and small commercial Commercial scale production will commence after commissioning in 2010. The combination of its sound long term RINCON LITHIUM development strategy and robust financial resources will enable Rincon Lithium to develop into a secure, (AUSTRALIA) reliable part of the lithium supply chain for electric vehicles. (Speaker) Associate Sponsor Western Lithium is developing its Kings Valley, Nevada lithium deposit into potentially one of the world’s largest strategic, scalable and reliable sources of high quality lithium carbonate. The Company is positioning itself as a major U.S.-based supplier to support the rising global demand for lithium carbonate that is expected from the increased use of mobile electronics and hybrid/electric vehicles. Jay Chmelauskas The Kings Valley property has recently had a Preliminary Assessment and Economic Evaluation completed that indicates cash operating costs of US$1,967 per tonne ($0.89/pound) of lithium carbonate, after a potassium sulphate by-product credit. The CEO project has a National Instrument 43-101 resource estimate for the initial stage of development and in total hosts a historically WESTERN LITHIUM estimated 11 million tonnes of lithium carbonate equivalent (LCE). From this U.S.-based resource the company intends to (CANADA) produce approximately 27,700 tonnes per year of LCE and 115,000 tonnes of potassium sulphate starting in 2013. (Speaker) www.westernlithium.com Partners Key Media Partners Media Supporters WHAT’S DIFFERENT? 55 Speakers From Materials To Recharging Infrastructure As you can see from the Forum programme alone, this year’s topics cover a wider 17 Vehicle Manufacturers variety of business models and applications such as 2 and 4 wheels, buses and trucks. In addition to that, the speakers will examine Materials, Safety, Standards and Testing 10 Battery Manufacturers issues, BMS, Power Train and Recharging Infrastructure. Get a full understanding of the business models for EVs by attending this conference. 16 Countries This year’s Forum has many more vehicle and battery manufacturers as speakers from countries such as Japan, India, USA, China, South Africa, Europe and Taiwan. The Elevator Pitch This is a unique opportunity to understand and get to know new entrepreneurial ideas in the Electric Vehicle and Battery value chain. Come and Save time and money instead of travelling to all of those countries to hear their celebrate the best new individuals or organisations whose contributions demonstrate a new market scenarios and experiences, join the conference, meet them all here and technology, material and/or proven research which could facilitate the penetration of EV battery truly get a worldwide perspective. systems or Electric Vehicles into the market place. 4 speakers will be selected to address the audience and a group of investors interested in new technologies. © copyright eV li-ion battery Forum (Dufresne Private ltd) 2010 擦擦擦call: +65 6243 0050
  3. 3. Forum 2010 24 / 25 / 26 / 27 August Beijing 北京 what Delegates said About our Previous energy storage events (eV and stationary) in China Well orchestrated programme. Interesting topics covering Thanks to the organisers who put in Great presentations... as various aspects of EV so much thought into the agenda well as good opportunities Lin XQ, VP CDH FunD (China) , for networking B.Y. L, universitY oF Hawaii LF, Technical Manager CHemetaLL (China) Excellent organisation Solid focus on value of storage in key Js, Engineering Manager applications, great case studies oPtimaL enerGY Hm, VP Utility & Smart Grid Alliances I met professionals involved in LIB (south africa) Better PLaCe (usa) JK, General Manager, LG CHem (Korea) Great! Very exciting topics rsr, Economic Regulatory Compliance Officer Great key representatives from the industry CePaLCo (Philippines - utility) tPH, General Manager, enerDeL (usa) Excellent organisation. Some really good original touches. The Dufresne team are fantastic Worth investing time and money rG, Managing Director, BrYte enerGY (uK) rK, CEO, BerGen GrouP (india) These are just some of the companies that attended the EV Li-ion Battery Forum 2009 and those already registered for 2010: * ClP PoweR * bYD * CoDA * VolkswAgen * eleCTRoTheRM * CheRY * FAAM * FoTon * b&k li-ion * beTTeR PlACe * VeRbUnD * eDF Dr Hermann Scheer, Member of the * eDF * lg CheM GERMAN PARLIAMENT BUNDESTAG * Aleees * bAk bATTeRY with Davide Bonomi * A123 sYsTeMs * TAlison MineRAls * AMeRiCAn eleCTRiC PoweR * ATl Delegates 2009 * gM * gAlAXY ResoURCes * sAiC MoToR * honDA * DongFeng MoToR * oPTiMAl eneRgY * JAgUAR / lAnDRoVeR * TiAnJin lishen bATTeRY * e-one Moli eneRgY * CheMeTAll * ToYoTA lAbs * heRo eleCTRiC * gP bATTeRies * eVb TeChnologY Watch Our Videos! * MAhinDRA AnD MAhinDRA * TiAnJin QingYUAn eleCTRiC VehiCle * YUAsA bATTeRies Hear and watch what the industry experts are saying in our collection * UnDeRwRiTeRs lAboRAToRies * sUMiToMo CoRPoRATion of exclusive bite-size interviews. Get a glimpse of the audience and * b&k li-ion bATTeRY the happenings of the EV Li-ion Battery Forum 2009 in Shanghai * bosCh * bMZ at www.ev-li-ionbatteryforum.com * nATionAl seMiConDUCToR WHY SPONSOR OR SHOWCASE? For sponsorship please contact: Selective Exposure Truly connect with a highly focused group of delegates yvonne@ev-li-ionbatteryforum.com at the event to achieve maximum exposure that overcrowded trade fairs cannot facilitate. or call +65 6243 0050 (+8 gMT) Our adjoining selective exhibition area provides the perfect platform for the display of your solutions and is limited to ensure that you receive maximum exposure. europe contact: Speakers VIP room huma@ev-li-ionbatteryforum.com Content and Community The topics you see in this programme have +44 20 3287 6970 (0 gMT) been researched with your peers. We have asked you what to include and we are here to facilitate what you want to discuss. Our attendees and topics from 2009 have been proven to attract and help 12 different sectors of the value chain including vehicle and battery manufacturers. We firmly believe it is an objective content complimented by qualified speakers and delegates that will make the Registration community of decision makers come together, share ideas and buy/sell the key solutions available in the market today. Tailored Packages We believe in tailoring your product needs and therefore we would like to first listen to what your company objectives are. Our database, blog and media partners will allow you to reach thousands of individuals for a period stretching over 6 - 12 months. Our packages are flexible with over 30 different elements to enable you to achieve the type of exposure or message that you want to communicate within this specific event. We will ensure we can offer each sponsor a different type of exposure. Network With A Targeted Senior Audience Who Will You Meet?* From Which Sectors?* From Which Regions?* Vice President - Powertrain Product Engineering Battery Pack Suppliers and Manufacturers Head Of R&D and Strategic Planning 2 and 4 Wheels Vehicle Manufacturers Team Leader for Hybrid and Electric Systems Cathode and Anode Material Testing Founders, Presidents and MDs Investors and Venture Capitalists Taiwan Chief Engineering R&D Battery Materials EV Recharging Infrastructure Grid / Utilities South East Australia R&D Department Manager Asia Professor & Dean Raw Material Suppliers Academics and Government Policy Director Electrical Storage Systems Electrode Assembly And Filling Equipment Director Of HEV/EV Conference Hall Cell Packaging Machine Head of Battery Quality Analysis BMS Senior Battery Engineer Mining Bus Manufacturers *Figures are based on actual 09 attendees and mailing list © copyright eV li-ion battery Forum (Dufresne Private ltd) 2010 www.ev-li-ionbatteryforum.com
  4. 4. Forum 2010 24 / 25 / 26 / 27 August Beijing 北京 mATERIALS DAy Tuesday 24 August Optimising Materials improving Cell Performance And safety with new Material Processing Methods lithium Resources, Cathode, Anode And electrolyte 同声翻译 (中文与英文) Simultaneous Translation (English & Chinese) 8.00 Registration & Coffee 12.20 evaluating Carbone nanotubes Costs & Performance within eV batteries Willy Porcher 9.00 welcome Address And speed networking session Director Davide Bonomi CEA-LITEN LABORATORY OF ADVANCED BATTERIES (FRANCE) Content Strategy Director A French government-funded research institute with 350 EV Li-ion Battery Forum 2010 - Dufresne professionals and a laboratory of advanced batteries Asian B2B conference and training producers specialising only in energy storage for mobile and stationary applications 12.40 Comparing And Predicting The battery Materials Most likely To 9.30 Chairman introduction succeed in The next generation eV battery CATHODE & ANODE Per Onnerud CTO 9.40 Comparing Cathode Vs Anode Future Research investment For BOSTON POWER (USA) Achieving Competitive Advantage And lowering Costs of li-ion has one of the world’s most advanced lithium-ion battery manufacturing facilities in Asia batteries Tsung-Tien CHENG CTO 13.00 lunch and exhibition Visit E-ONE MOLI ENERGY (TAIWAN) A li-ion battery developer founded in 1998. Ford has placed SCIENCE MEETS MARKET orders for EV batteries. 10.00 Physical stability with silicon Anode To Achieve high Capacity 14.30 Materials And safety in eV Applications At The Module level with Multiple Cycles Yunhai SHI Jaephil Cho Director Of Projects – Power Battery Professor/Director, Converging Research Center for Innovative LISHEN BATTERY (CHINA) Battery Technologies Working with joint venture automotive partner Coda on the ULSAN NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE AND design, engineering, and pack assembly for the battery system TECHNOLOGY (SOUTH KOREA) SCIENCE MEETS MARKET Received research grants of 35 million dollars for 5 years in the areas of energy harvest, storage and flexible batteries 14.50 From Materials To Vehicles: examining how The eV Value Chain is 10.20 Developing high Capacity Cathode Materials And Maximising Developing in order To Capitalise on li-ion batteries eV/heV energy Density Koji Urasaki Yoshio Ukyo Deputy General Manager, Automotive-related Business Unit Senior Fellow MITSUBISHI CORPORATION (JAPAN) TOYOTA CENTRAL R&D LABS (JAPAN) Promoting “i-MiEV” electric vehicle, and collaborating with A researcher of lithium batteries for over 10 years after having third-parties on developing infrastructures for quick chargers made substantial research on ceramics and the catalyst 15.10 Coffee break And exhibition Visit 10.40 Coffee break and exhibition Visit 11.20 examining The Japanese battery And Materials strategies For 15.50 examining new Advances in organic Polymer Materials For Cost effective energy storage Achieving A sustainable battery Tadashi Nakamura Xiangming HE Analyst Director, New Energy and Material Chemistry Laboratory INDUSTRIAL MARKETING CONSULTANTS (JAPAN) INSTITUTE OF NEW ENERGY TECHNOLOGY - Established in 1967, expert in obtaining live and latest TSINGHUA UNIVERSITY (CHINA) information from a real market R&D for materials in li-ion batteries and sustainability 11.40 evaluating investments in lithium Mining worldwide And Predicting The Price of lithium 16.10 Thought Provoking: Jay Chmelauskas stability of Quality Vs energy Density: why is energy Density less CEO WESTERN LITHIUM (CANADA) important Than we Think? Developing its Kings Valley, Nevada lithium deposit into potentially one Tony Chen of the world’s largest strategic sources of high quality lithium carbonate Senior Marketing Manager, Battery Materials SÜD-CHEMIE (CHINA) PACKING DENSITY & SEPARATORS Helping Chinese cell manufacturers to work on large format lithium-ion battery for EV applications 12.00 examining nanostructured Mesoporous Materials To improve Rate Performance and Cyclic stability 16.30 Closing Remarks From The Chair Palani Balaya Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering 17.00 end of “optimising Materials” Day NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF SINGAPORE (SINGAPORE) Current research area is nano-ionics for energy systems as well as lithium batteries for energy storage Join in the discussion look for the group on PROGRAMME ADVISORY BOARD We are pleased to introduce the Forum Programme Advisory Board. Our panel of experts are passionate and committed to make the industry succeed. They are here to help create an even more valuable programme and a balanced community of speakers with your suggestions. Feel free to send your ideas to them at: advisoryboard@ev-li-ionbatteryforum.com Martin Messer Thomsen James Wang Wim Fuls Specialist in Testing Deputy General Director Forrest Zhong Head of Battery Development of Electric Vehicles Mechanical and Systems Research Laboratories Managing Partner OPTIMAL ENERGY EASY E CAR INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGY RESEARCH INSTITUTE KPCB (SOUTH AFRICA) (DENMARK) (TAIWAN) (CHINA) Valerio Conte Bor Yann LIAW Yunhai SHI Arthur Holland Mobility Department Electrochemical Power Systems Lab Director of Project - Power Battery Battery Manufacturing Electric Drive Technologies UNIVERSITY OF HAWAII TIANJIN LISHEN P3 AUSTRIAN INSTITUTE (USA) (CHINA) (USA) OF TECHNOLOGY © copyright eV li-ion battery Forum (Dufresne Private ltd) 2010 擦擦擦call: +65 6243 0050
  5. 5. Forum 2010 24 / 25 / 26 / 27 August Beijing 北京 FORum DAy ONE Wednesday 25 August 同声翻译 (中文与英文) Simultaneous Translation (English & Chinese) 8.00 Registration & Coffee 14.30 Designing Power systems According To The Demand Curves of Driving schedules 9.00 welcome Address And speed networking session Yuan LI, General Manager Davide Bonomi, Content Strategy Director, EV Li-ion Battery Forum 2010 - Dufresne SHANGHAI ADVANCED TRACTION BATTERY SYSTEMS / Asian B2B conference and training producers specialising only in A123 - SAIC MOTOR (CHINA) energy storage for mobile and stationary applications The new joint venture is located in SAIC Motor’s new energy 9.20 Chairman introduction vehicle division with a total investment of $20 million Tsunghung CHEN General Manager, Sales & Marketing, Greater China TESTING FOR SAFETY UNDERWRITERS LABORATORIES (TAIWAN) Independent product safety certification organization, testing 14.50 examining The key Testing Measurements Applied in order To products and writing standards for safety for more than a century Achieve higher Density batteries Zidong WANG REGULATORY INCENTIVES Director Of Power Battery Test Center GOVERNMENT NATIONAL 863 ELECTRIC VEHICLE KEY PROJECT (CHINA) Update on Market Policies For EVs In China Entrusted by China’s Government Ministry of Science and Technology 9.30 with the responsibility of testing power batteries used by EVs A senior of Representative from MINISTRY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY (CHINA) MOST takes the lead in drawing up Science & Technology development 15.10 examining The Quality And standards needed For Validating plans, policies, regulations and guaranteeing the implementation next generation li-ion batteries Priya L. Tabaddor 9.40 Examining The Key R&D And Standards For The Development Of Business Development Manager – Large Battery The Electric Vehicle And Power Battery In China UNDERWRITERS LABORATORIES (USA) Chengwei XIAO, Project Leader - Power Battery Independent product safety certification organization, testing TIANJIN INSTITUTE OF POWER SOURCES (CHINA) products and writing standards for safety for more than a century Member of expert panel for 863 (Hi-tech Plan) Alternative Fuel Vehicles Program guided by the Ministry of Science and Technology & THERMAL MANAGEMENT member of expert committee for new energy vehicle market entry regulation led by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology 15.30 Predicting heat Release To Prevent Thermal Runaway Propagation EV WORLDWIDE RESULTS And Achieving long Term eV li-ion battery safety Mo-Hua YANG 10.00 lithium ion battery Program For A small City Car President Prakash Ramaraju TD HITECH ENERGY (TAIWAN) Head - New Technologies and IP A battery energy management system and solution provider for MAHINDRA REVA ELECTRIC CAR (INDIA) LEVs and EVs Notable for manufacturing the worlds best selling electric vehicle, the REVAi 15.50 Coffee break & exhibition Visit 10.20 Taiwan: learning how To Apply geographic, Demographic And grid scenarios into Your eV ecosystem FROM ICE TO EV Francis Jen General Manager, Electric Vehicle Division 16.20 examining The Demand For lithium And how This will shape The LUXGEN EV by HAITEC (TAIWAN) Develops and integrates the li-ion battery pack for the eV Value Chain LUXGEN EV car models Michael Tamlin General Manager, Commercial 10.40 Refreshments & exhibition Visit RINCON LITHIUM (AUSTRALIA) Rincon Lithium is a new producer of battery grade lithium 11.10 examining The Results From european eV Fleet Tests And carbonate establishing new business Models Gerd Schauer 16.40 Charting The Transition From iCe Commercial Vehicles to Senior Technology Manager - Innovation, Research and Development eV/PheV And Understanding The battery Requirements VERBUND (AUSTRIA) Feng LI Leading Austrian utility grid partnering with technology players Deputy Chief Engineer - Automotive Engineering Research Institute and targeting to have 1,000 EVs on the road by 2012 & Deputy Director - Alternative Energy Vehicle Center FOTON (CHINA) Beiqi Foton Motor is China’s biggest commercial-vehicle maker. On May 14 11.30 examining the eV battery energy Density needs For luxury Vehicles the board approved a plan to build a $116 million vehicle plant in Weifang Paul Bostock Technical Specialist, Hybrid Strategy and Integration 17.00 how To overcome 100 Years of internal Combustion engine (iCe) JAGUAR / LAND ROVER (UK) Vehicles Preconception And Market Penetration Developing battery-assisted hybrid versions for both brands due Moderator: to launch 2013-2014 Bill Russo President SYNERGISTICS MAXIMISING ENERGY DENSITY Senior Advisor, BOOZ & COMPANY (USA) International business development advisory firm Electronic 11.50 Modelling And Field Test Results: life Time of liFePo4 based focused on building successful partnerships in Asia Polling li-ion battery For electric Vehicle Applications Panelists: Session Yao ZHANG Srinivas Aravapalli Assistant Principal Engineer Senior General Manager, R&D Centre ATL (CHINA) MAHINDRA & MAHINDRA (INDIA) Concentrating R&D on designing and manufacturing lithium-ion Leading manufacturer of utility vehicles and light PANEL SESSION polymer battery cells for EV/HEV application commercial vehicles, including three-wheelers Jackton Lu 12.10 european Case study: evaluating eV energy Density in Cold Founder and CEO winter Conditions And Achieving stability LUJO EV (CHINA) Roberto Isidori A government supported enterprise manufacturing and Chief Engineer - Ecological Vehicle assembling electric vehicles and its core parts FAAM (ITALY) Tobias Giebel Worldwide producer of starter and industrial batteries for mobile Head and stationary applications VOLKSWAGEN RESEARCH LAB (CHINA) The Lab is responsible for the evaluation of upcoming POWERTRAIN technologies for the world wide automotive business Paul Bostock Jun LI Technical Specialist Director 12.30 Understanding how Power Train strategies impact The Hybrid Strategy and Integration FAW R&D CENTER (CHINA) Requirements of An eV li-ion battery JAGUAR / LAND ROVER (UK) China’s largest and most Tobias Giebel Developing battery-assisted extensive automotive Head hybrid versions for both R&D facility VOLKSWAGEN RESEARCH LAB (CHINA) brands due to launch 2013-2014 The Lab is responsible for the evaluation of upcoming technologies for the world wide automotive business 17.40 Closing Remarks From The Chair 18.00 networking Drinks And buffet Dinner 12.50 lunch and exhibition Visit All participants are invited to join the networking drinks and buffet dinner with an entertaining surprise. Speakers, panelists and delegates will come together to discuss the day’s topics in a more relaxed atmosphere. Space is limited only to speakers and delegates. © copyright eV li-ion battery Forum (Dufresne Private ltd) 2010 擦擦擦call: +65 6243 0050
  6. 6. Forum 2010 24 / 25 / 26 / 27 August Beijing 北京 FORum DAy TWO Thursday 26 August 同声翻译 (中文与英文) Simultaneous Translation (English & Chinese) 8.00 Registration & Coffee 12.40 Developing Accurate battery Capacity gauge And Managing Unpredictable Discharge Profiles 8.45 Main summary Points From Previous Day Bor Yann LIAW 9.00 Chairman introduction Electrochemical Power Systems Lab UNIVERSITY OF HAWAII (USA) Michael Tamlin The electrochemical power systems laboratory concentrates General Manager, Commercial on developments of advanced battery and fuel cell technologies RINCON LITHIUM (AUSTRALIA) Rincon Lithium is a new producer of battery grade lithium 13.00 lunch and exhibition Visit carbonate RECHARGING EVs EV BUSINESS MODELS 14.30 examining how To Match battery energy Density To Your 9.10 what Are The Future Directions And benefits For Partnering Recharging infrastructure solutions And City ecosystem To between Vehicle Manufacturers And battery Manufacturers? Achieve long Term Roi Zhongyi DENG Michal Vakrat Wolkin CTO & Vice President Of Business Development (Automotive) Global Head of Battery Technologies, Automotive Alliances BAK BATTERY (CHINA) BETTER PLACE (USA) One of the largest manufacturers of lithium-based battery cells in Recently launched switchable battery electric Taxi project in the world by production output Tokyo and signed collaboration with Chery 9.30 eV battery leasing: examining new Financing Models To Market 14.50 what should be The global standard of The battery Charge Port: Cost effective eVs sAe J1772 Vs. TePCo/ChAdeMo Vs. Mennekes Vs...? Jan-Olaf Willums Moderator: Chairman & Founder (former CEO THINK) heAD To heAD Priya L. Tabaddor INSPIRE INVEST (NORWAY) wiTh Business Dev Manager The cleantech portfolio includes the EV manufacturer Think! The eXPeRTs – Large Battery UNDERWRITERS LABORATORIES (USA) PANEL SESSION 9.50 To what extent Can The eV Pack be Recycled And Achieve A Panelists: Steven Y. Cai Jonathan Buck, Director second life? Engineering Group Manager IEC (USA) World leading GENERAL MOTORS (USA) organisation that prepares and GM is the first major US publishes International Standards automaker to operate a for electrical, electronic and 10.10 Coffee break and exhibition Visit battery pack assembly plant related technologies Gerd Schauer Francis Jen 10.40 examining business Models And Regulation Sr Technology Manager GM, Electric Vehicle Division needed To Foster The Uptake of 2 wheels eVs Innovation, R&D LUXGEN EV by HAITEC Panelists: 2 WHEELS VERBUND (AUSTRIA) (TAIWAN) Mukesh Bhandari FOCUS Leading Austrian utility grid targeting to have 1,000 EVs 4 wheels EV development Chariman & CTO on the road by 2012 ELECTROTHERM (INDIA) Engineering and manufacturing in the metallurgical sector and electric vehicles with“YObykes” 15.20 Coffee break and exhibition Visit PANEL SESSION Naveen Munjal Managing Director 15.50 THE ELEVATOR PITCH In this session you will listen to 4 HERO ELECTRIC (INDIA) different pitches from new entrepreneurs and scientists who will present A manufacturing leader of electric two-wheelers in conjunction with installing charging stations their new business or research breakthrough for 5 minutes each. This will then be followed by the investors comments and questions. Come and Anil Ananthakrishna learn what is important right now to make your business attractive to Chairman Electronic EKOVEHICLES (INDIA) Polling leading EV and energy storage investors with a proven track record. Spearheads development of several classes of pollution Session Jake Loniak Xiangming HE free electric vehicles for the Indian market Transportation Design Director, New Energy and Material LONIAK (USA) Chemistry Laboratory Farid Al Rahi Alternative transportation for Managing Director INSTITUTE OF NEW ENERGY our future TECHNOLOGY E-MAX SCOOTER (GERMANY) A scooter company with lithium batteries and matching BMS, - TSINGHUA UNIVERSITY New Lithium Titanate Oxide Based with factory based near Shanghai For Safer HEV/EV Batteries (selection in progress.Please see www.ev-li-ionbatteryforum.com) INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS & SAFETY THE INVESTOR’S TEAM 11.20 Xi YANG, Associate Wei CAI, Associate examining Vibration endurance Tests And Complying with VANTAGEPOINT (CHINA) DRAPER FISHER JURVETSON (CHINA) bATso 01 (battery safety organisation) in order To Achieve The cleantech portfolio of DFJ includes The cleantech portfolio of international Certified safety in The supply And Value Chain the REVA EV, energy storage devices, Vantage Point includes Tesla magnet motors for HEV and and Better Place Tim Schafer advanced materials processing Head of Strategic Coordination LI-TEC BATTERY INVESTORS Ian Zhu, Principal and Chairman BATSO (GERMANY) VIEW Forrest Zhong, Managing Partner KPCB (CHINA) TSING CAPITAL / CHINA Develops and produces large-scale lithium ion battery cells for ENVIRONMENT FUND KPCB is the lead investor in Fisker automotive applications and battery systems Automotive, Segway EV and other The cleantech portfolio innovative ventures in EV and battery includes Net Power (flow 11.40 Comparing latest Results of small Vs big Cells And series Vs space battery) and TGBS (materials) Parallel To Achieve safety ELECTRIC BUS & COMMERCIAL VEHICLES BMS 16.30 li-ion Updates within Trucks And Commercial Vehicle Applications 12.00 Andy Chu Using Cell Management Technology To Maximise battery’s Vice President – Marketing And Communications Capacity And life A123 SYSTEMS (USA) Xuezhe WEI Developed the battery system for the Eaton’s plug-in hybrid Vice President - Technology electric trucks H&D EV BATTERY (CHINA) Founded by Phylion Battery and Shanghai Fule Cell Vehicle 16.50 examining The battery Pack needs of An electric bus And Powertrain to produce EV batteries sharing The latest Results MASS Han WU TRANSPORT Chief Technology Officer 12.20 improving The bMs by enhancing soC And soh Monitoring And ALEEES (TAIWAN) Achieving A Reliable battery system Cathode material and lithium battery manufacturer for PHEV/HEV Valerio Conte applications including the recent EBus in Taiwan Mobility Department – Electric Drive Technologies AUSTRIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY (AUSTRIA) 17.10 The electric bus in China. energy Capacity And safety Milestones Present technical goals are materials, modelling, simulation and Zhengyao LIU testing of energy storage systems Assistant Director Of Research Center CITIC GUOAN MENGGULI (CHINA) Lithium-ion battery system for the electric buses serving the 2008 Beijing Olympics 17.30 Closing Remarks From The Chair © copyright eV li-ion battery Forum (Dufresne Private ltd) 2010 www.ev-li-ionbatteryforum.com
  7. 7. Forum 2010 24 / 25 / 26 / 27 August Beijing 北京 WORKSHOP Friday 27 August “Group discussions were a great way to share problem and solution from different parts of the world” EV Recharging Infrastructure BL, Chief Engineer, ev worLD Business Models and Standards Delegate of 2009 Forum 分会场将不提供同声翻译服务, 8月24-26日的论坛配有同声翻译 Simultaneous Translation will not be available for this Workshop. Simultaneous Translation will be available on the Forum dates of 24, 25 & 26 August. This Post-Forum interactive workshop has been specifically researched and designed to help you examine how the community could overcome the challenges in creating a cost effective “ eV Recharging infrastructure”. A conference is not made just by the speakers but also by the audience. This is your chance to share and learn ideas and perspectives with your colleagues from around the world. The workshop will also address in a group format the key question of how to achieve a widely accepted and cost effective open standard for the charging plug. 8.30 Registration & Coffee 9.00 Start Of Workshop 17.30 End of Workshop SESSION 1 SESSION 5 Understanding The Requirements From A Vehicle Manufacturer Perspective harmonising billing systems And Paying Methods in between Countries Steven Y. Cai Yuan LI, General Manager Engineering Group Manager SHANGHAI ADVANCED SESSION 6: EXECUTIVE DISCUSSION GENERAL MOTORS (USA) TRACTION BATTERY SYSTEMS/ One of the world’s largest A123 - SAIC MOTOR (CHINA) sTAnDARDs: what Considerations And Rationale should be Followed automakers with employees in The new joint venture is located in SAIC To Achieve A widely Accepted And Cost effective open standard For every major region of the world Motor’s new energy vehicle division with The Charging Plug? a total investment of $20 million SESSION 2 In this In this session the workshop delegates will form two groups to share examining how To Match infrastructure solutions To Your City environment session experience and examine scenario solutions. The leader from each And Regulatory scenarios in order To Achieve long Term Roi the group will then share the main insights to the whole audience. Gerd Schauer Senior Technology Manager - Innovation, Research and Development SESSION 7 VERBUND (AUSTRIA) Designing safe Contactless Charging solutions and business Models Leading Austrian utility grid partnering with technology players Chris Mi and targeting to have 1,000 EVs on the road by 2012 President & CTO 1POWER SOLUTIONS (USA) Unique patent-pending charge algorithms for fast and safe charging SESSION 3 methods lessons learnt From The hawaiian infrastructure scenario: level iii Bor Yann LIAW Electrochemical Power Systems Lab SESSION 8 UNIVERSITY OF HAWAII (USA) CAse sTUDY: Tianjin eco-city. Deciding on eV infrastructure To Meet The electrochemical power systems laboratory concentrates Commercial And Residential Developments on developments of advanced battery and fuel cell technologies Meng Hui LIM General Manager, Economic Promotion SESSION 4: EXECUTIVE DISCUSSION SINO-SINGAPORE TIANJIN ECO-CITY INVESTMENT & DEVELOPMENT Fast Charging Costs And business Models whilst Maximising (CHINA) Penetration in Public, Private And Residential Areas SESSION 9 In this session the workshop delegates will form two groups to share when is V2g A good Proposition within The smart grid And what experience and examine scenario solutions. The leader from each group will then share the main insights to the whole audience. infrastructure is Required To Make This happen? Joby Lafky, Director GRIDPOINT (USA) The company focuses on managing the flow of electricity to plug-in vehicles and charging stations, allowing utilities to balance real-time grid conditions “Great presenter. Depth of subject was great. I learned a lot.” TRAINING COURSE Js, Engineering Manager, oPtimaL enerGY Delegate at troy Hayes’ workshop at the 2009 Forum Monday 23 - Tuesday 24 August Manufacturing, Testing And Recycling Safe EV Li-ion Batteries This course has been researched to give you a clear understanding of cell design for safety, with 2 DAYS COURSE SESSIONS (9.00 - 17.00) sessions on testing, and recyclability. The concepts of each technology and best practices are presented in a clear and concise format with real life case studies, cell X rays details and CT scans, MANUFACTURING enabling the delegate to make sense of the reasoning behind the manufacturing procedures. nExamining The Key Manufacturing Practices And Techniques Delegates will learn how to use a systematic approach to Li-ion battery pack investigations and To Achieve High Quality Li-ion Cells how to differentiate between external abuse, pack electronic faults and internal cell faults, thus helping you towards improvements in manufacturing processes. n In Line Battery Manufacturing Quality Control The service aspects, architecture, operation, planning strategies for the key chemistries n Evaluating Special Technologies And Form Factors are presented, together with the main issues involved in safety and evolving towards next generation EV batteries. In addition, the delegate will gain a basic understanding of cell design For Li-ion Batteries used for EVs. The course is structured to allow questions and interaction with the trainers. n Cylindrical vs Prismatic Methods COURSE LEADER FAILURE ANALYSIS AND TESTING Troy A. Hayes n Battery Fire And Abuse Testing Senior Managing Engineer - Materials & Metallurgy EXPONENT (USA) An engineering and scientific consulting firm performing in-depth scientific research n Testing To Examine And Find The Weakest Point In Cell Design Guest Speakers: n Certification for EU, Asia and USA Quinn C. Horn, Ph.D., P.E. Bor Yann LIAW Electrochemical Power Systems Lab DESIGNING PACKS FOR RECYCLING Senior Managing Engineer EXPONENT (USA) UNIVERSITY OF HAWAII (USA) n Understanding what materials can be recycled cost effectively n Reusing and Recycling Valueable Metals And Chemicals Xiangming HE Carl Wang Director, New Energy and Material Chemistry Lab Research Manager INSTITUTE OF NEW ENERGY TECHNOLOGY Corporate Research – TSINGHUA UNIVERSITY (CHINA) UNDERWRITERS LABORATORIES (USA) © copyright eV li-ion battery Forum (Dufresne Private ltd) 2010 www.ev-li-ionbatteryforum.com
  8. 8. Choose & Forum 2010 Combine 24 / 25 / 26 / 27 August Beijing 北京 The Days You Want To Attend REGISTER NOW! 4 EASy WAyS TO bOOK: book online: www.ev-li-ionbatteryforum.com STEP 1 Choose The Days You Want To Attend email: register@ev-li-ionbatteryforum.com 24 August Tuesday Materials Day Call: +65 6243 0050 (+8 gMT) (includes networking 25 August Wednesday Forum Day 1 drinks & buffet dinner) Fax: +65 6245 7232 26 August Thursday Forum Day 2 27 August Friday Workshop: EV Infrastructure 30% discount for Utilities and Vehicle Manufacturers. email or call for discount code STEP 2 Select Package Booked BY save 2010 SAVE 25 Jun Booked BY 23 Jul 2010 SAVE Booked After 23 Jul 2010 SAVE All 4 DAYs Us$1290 US$690 Us$1390 US$590 Us$1490 US$490 (select dates as above) AnY 3 DAYs Us$1090 US$490 Us$1190 US$390 Us$1290 US$290 (select dates as above) AnY 2 DAYs Us$790 US$200 Us$890 US$100 Us$990 - (select dates as above) Training Course 23 & 24 August Booked BY Booked After Manufacturing safe And Recyclable eV li-ion batteries 23 Jul 2010 23 Jul 2010 Register 1 Us$990 Us$1090 Register 3 Us$890 Us$990 each each 15% DISCOuNT for Government Representatives and Academics. (Subject to approval, identification required) ASSOCIATIONS AND PARTNERS DISCOuNTS Special discounts have been arranged with associations and partners. If a discount code is given to you, please enter it online or contact us at +65 6243 0050. Discounts cannot be combined. All discounts are subject to approval. Identification stating company name will be required. To be eligible for the discounted early booking registration rate, payment must be received by the cut off dates indicated above. REGISTER ONLINE: http://www.ev-li-ionbatteryforum.com/register-now/ The Forum Venue 9b Financial street Xicheng District, beijing The Westin Beijing Financial Street Tel: +86 10 6606 8866 Fax +86 10 6606 8899 A 5-star hotel ocated in the heart of Beijing’s financial district, we are just minutes from cultural icons like The Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square. The city’s business, shopping, sightseeing, and entertainment districts are all easily accessible. Beijing international and domestic airport terminals are approximately 40 minutes away and Beijing West Railway Station is just a 20-minute drive. Delegates are responsible for the arrangement and payment of their own travel and accommodation.The eV li-ion battery Forum has arranged a special room rate at the hotel where the conference will take place. if you wish to book a room, state that you are an eV li-ion battery Forum delegate. A visa is required to travel to China. For foreign delegates who need a letter for visa application, please kindly contact us: news@ev-li-ionbatteryforum.com About us: (doo-frayn) Research Empowering Energy Storage Professionals Dufresne specialises in creating high-quality market driven conferences and training. The company focuses on energy storage related topics, such as the EV Li-ion Battery Forum and the Energy Storage Forum with annual international meetings. It has a core team of event managers, conference producers and researchers, bringing to Dufresne a combined experience of over 25 years. We define conference value as such: practical information and networking exchange that will help the value chain and its community to create solutions. TERMS & CONDITIONS CANCELLATION/SUBSTITUTION PAYMENT INFORMATION 1.Should you be unable to attend a substitute delegate from the same company is always welcome at no The easiest way to pay is online at www.ev-li-ionbatteryforum.com (see menu Book Now) should extra charge. you wish to pay with a different method please follow the details below. All payments should be 2. Alternatively we can make a refund less a service charge of 10% ofForum (Dufresne Private Ltd) 2010 © copyright EV Li-ion Battery the fee for cancellation received in made in US Dollars. Payment by US$ bank draft should be made in favour to ‘Dufresne Private writing (letter or fax) no later than 16 July 2010. 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Account No: 581807948001 Due to unforeseen circumstances the programme may change and the EV Li-ion Battery Forum Swift Code: OCBCSGSG reserves the right to cancel or alter the content and timing of the programme or the identity of the speakers for reasons beyond its control and will not be held accountable for any costs All transfer charges to be paid by account holder. Please quote the delegate’s name and incurred by the participants. company name in the transmission details. Attendance will only be permitted upon receipt of full payment. Participants wishing to register at the door are responsible to ensure all details are as DATA PROTECTION published. Confirmation of your booking will only be sent when FULL PAYMENT is received. All The personal information shown on this form, and/or provided by you, will be held on a database. posted registrations must be accompanied by a payment (e.g. TT) or credit card detail. 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