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Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Autogrill Group Making the traveller’s day betterMarket-driven Animal Welfare in the EU and the U.S. Washington, March 2012
  • 2. Autogrill Group Key numbers Worldwide presence:  35 countries on 5 continents  over 5.7 bn euro of sales in 2010  almost 62.500 employees  5.300 restaurants and stores Autogrill is the world’s leading provider of food & beverage and retail services for travellers and one of the most important italian companies at international level2
  • 3. Autogrill Group Vision and Mission3
  • 4. The Autogrill offer: between globalization and typicalThe paradox of the brand• An international brand is often the more chosen from clients• Brands nevertheless make similar purchasing and consumption placesThe challenge• Create an offer balanced between different concepts with local and international brands• Big international brands collect/capture mass market but typical give the offer exclusive and peculiarThe improvement• Offer Mix to pick up the needs of the clients• Research and identification of regional offer to promote territory Animal welfare is deeply linked to the territory 4
  • 5. Autogrill’s Sustainability Philosophy Our approach is prompt action leading to facts and then turning those facts into methodical practices. Such an approach cannot be the responsibility of just one company function: the entire company is involved and all the employees are committed to sharing it and putting it into practice. I believe that it is highly important to start from the new investment projects, because these can bring about significant benefits for both society and the environment. Gianmario Tondato da Ruos CEO Autogrill Group5
  • 6. Sustainability Report The path 2008 2010 “focus on places“ “Afuture “a sustainable 2006 philosophy“ journey“ 2004 “the first Report“ “Autogrill ... greener and “rest at 2005 2009 Autogrill“ greener“ “focus on people; certified by KPMG 2007 and GRI“6
  • 7. Afuture Key issues of the sustainability’s performancesAfuture for the People: to obtain the highest satisfaction possible. Afuture for Products and Services: to offer products and services of quality to refresh ourcustomers, to promote sustainable products, Afuture for the Environment: to enable future generations to enjoy the quantity and quality ofnatural heritage as us.7
  • 8. Autogrill expectations What is certain Animal welfare is the only way to growth The european experienceHow to speed up the process?People awarenessThe Client as catalyst Autogrill and Animal welfare Progressive work on the supply chain The important role as media8
  • 9. The basic rules… ETHICS EXPERTISE COMMON CULTURE PRAGMATISM INNOVATION Integration as key action to promote “SUSTAINABLE COMPANY”9
  • 10. Thanks ! All cages will become a thing of the past…10