EDF2013: Selected Talk Nikolaos Loutas, João Rodrigues Frade: Linked Open Government Data Business Models


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Selected Talk by Nikolaos Loutas, João Rodrigues Frade, at the European Data Forum 2013, 10 April 2013 in Dublin, Ireland: Linked Open Government Data Business Models

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EDF2013: Selected Talk Nikolaos Loutas, João Rodrigues Frade: Linked Open Government Data Business Models

  1. 1. European Data Forum 2013Linked Open GovernmentData Business ModelsSemantic Interoperability Action 1.1Nikolaos Loutas, João Rodrigues Frade
  2. 2. About the semantic interoperability action ofthe ISA ProgrammeAbout Linked Government Data Business Modelshttps://joinup.ec.europa.eu/Agenda
  3. 3. http://joinup.ec.europa.eu/Catalogue ofinteroperability assetsCore VocabulariesPilotsusing Linked Data technologiesBest PracticesAbout the ISA Programme
  4. 4. http://joinup.ec.europa.eu/Catalogue ofinteroperability assets
  5. 5. How does itlook like?
  6. 6. http://joinup.ec.europa.eu/Core VocabulariesPilotsusing Linked Data technologies
  7. 7. Core vocabulariesSimplified, re-usable, extensible andmodel neutral data models that capturethe fundamental characteristics of a dataentity in a context-neutral fashion.COREVOCABULARYPUBLICSERVICEhttps://joinup.ec.europa.eu/node/43160ASSETDESCRIPTIONMETADATASCHEMAADMS
  8. 8. http://joinup.ec.europa.eu/Best Practices
  9. 9. http://education.data.gov.uk/doc/schools/123456.csve.g. http://education.data.gov.uk/doc/school?id=123456e.g. http://education.data.gov.uk/doc/school/v01/123456e.g. http://education.data.gov.uk/ministryofeducation/id/school/123456Follow the patternRe-use existing identifiersLink multiple representationsImplement 303 redirects forreal-world objectsUse a dedicated serviceAvoid stating ownershipAvoid version numbersAvoid using auto-incrementAvoid query strings10 rulesfor persistentAvoid file extensionse.g. http://{domain}/{type}/{concept}/{reference}e.g. http://education.data.gov.uk/id/school/123456e.g. http://data.example.org/doc/foo/bar.htmle.g. http://data.example.org/doc/foo/bar.rdfi.e. independent of the data originatore.g. data.gov.uk and publications.europa.eu are decoupled fromspecific government department and could readily be transferred andrun by someone else if necessary.e.g. http://education.data.gov.uk/id/school1/123456e.g. http://education.data.gov.uk/id/school1/123457URIs
  10. 10. Re-useDo not reinventMore good practices & case studiesISA Open Metadata Licence & Contributor AgreementHow Linked Data is transforming e-Government10 Rules for Persistent URIsProcess and Methodology for Developing Core Vocabularies
  11. 11. LOGD Business modelsOur approachFocus on Linked (Open) Government Data Development of a framework for analysing LOGDcase studies based on the business modelcanvas. Collection and analysis ofcase studies from differentcountries.Contact us andshare your casewith us!
  12. 12. PwCKeyPartnershipsKeyActivitiesValuePropositionsCustomerSegmentsCost Structure Revenue SystemsKeyResourcesChannels• Businesses• Publicadministrations• Researchers• DevelopersSupply ofbasiccompanydetails (forfree), using asimple URIfor eachcompany intheirdatabase.Contentnegotiationfor companyURIs.Basic LODG aboutcompanies is available freeof charge.Persistent URIinfrastructure.Specific cost informationabout the publication ofLOGD is not publicly available.Informationnot available.Assigning andmaintainingpersistent URIsfor companies.Companies House6 formats aresupported:RDF, JSON,XML, CSV,YAML andHTML..All credits to businessmodelgeneration.com
  13. 13. LGD business modelsPreliminary findings Subscription-based access Loss-leader models Data markets Data mash-ups, data analytics, product andservice recommendation.
  14. 14. Basic pricing modelsPreliminary findings Basic LGD provided free of charge. Premium for non-linked data: In most of thecases reviewed, only basic data is provided asLGD. The full data is available but under a fee.
  15. 15. Cost drivers of LGDPreliminary findings Decide on the data to be linked. Model data Resource consumption and costs Reach out and awareness
  16. 16. Raise awareness of your data &increase reuse! Make your data setssearchable via ourdata broker. Facilitate the access toyour data and increaseits reuse.http://www.opendatasupport.eu
  17. 17. Contact usJoão R. Frade and Nikolaos Loutasjoao.frade@pwc.be | nikolaos.loutas@pwc.beFollow @SEMICeu and@OpenDataSupport on TwitterJoin SEMIC and Open Data Supportgroups on LinkedInGet involvedJoin SEMIC and Open Data Supportcommunities on JoinupVisit our initiativesSOFTWAREFORGESCOMMUNITYADMS.SWCOREVOCABULARYPUBLICSERVICE