EDF2013: Invited talk Florian Bauer: Unleashing climate and energy knowledge with Linked Open Data and consistent terminology


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Invited talk Florian Bauer, Operations & IT Director REEEP, at the European Data Forum 2013, 10 April 2013 in Dublin, Ireland: Unleashing climate and energy knowledge with Linked Open Data and consistent terminology

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EDF2013: Invited talk Florian Bauer: Unleashing climate and energy knowledge with Linked Open Data and consistent terminology

  1. 1. The Power of Open DataUnleashing climate and energy knowledge with Linked OpenData and consistent terminology (European Data Forum 2013)Florian Bauer,Operations & IT Director - REEEP
  2. 2. Tagcloud – City of Edmonton (Canada) Workshop
  3. 3. The century of big data
  4. 4. Why is this not enough ....
  5. 5. Data kept in silos ...
  6. 6. ... or part of business models ...
  7. 7. ... or not digitised
  8. 8. ... and is it important for clean energy?
  9. 9. We asked REEEP‘s project implementers ...Better access to (Government) Data would be important forthe following aspects: • Policy support • Business development • Market assessment/identifying potential for LED • Investment decisions/demonstrating viability • Support in project implementation • Encouraging cross-regional and sectional cooperation and communication
  10. 10. Low emission transportation in JakartaIssue: Jakarta - many using fuel inefficient means of transportsuch as private cars, motorcycle and taxis Solution: Implement “trunk/feeder” transportation system Impact: Fuel savings of 130 mio l. petrol and 35 mio l. diesel annually, from passenger shifting to public transport and fuel conversion from diesel to CNG (1,8 mio tonnes CO2 reduction over 10 years)
  11. 11. This project would benefit from open data• Currently they need to do most of their research on their own.• Finding geographic demographic data of the city would be useful – how is the population distributed along the bus lines, – what kind of people, – where they work etc.• Such data is potentially available, but is troublesome to get and is not in the right form.
  12. 12. (Linked) Open Data can help us to ...... avoid replication and provide access to exisiting data... be able to concentrate on our own expertise... keep data maintenance to a minimum... create new knowledge! This is the power of open data!
  13. 13. http://reegle.info/countries
  14. 14. What is needed ...• Publish more data• Publish data in raw, machine readable formats• Publish data with licences that allow re-use• Start linking data on a dataset level• ....
  15. 15. Standardisation and consitency is keyBased on our experience in establishing knowledge brokerportals we know:• There is a strong need to increase consistency when tagging climate and energy resources• We need to ensure the consistency of message being delivered to the public to avoid confusion using terms in different ways• This needs standardization of the used categories and tags
  16. 16. Can we support that with an automated system ?
  17. 17. Same Document document tagged: tagged: PVphotovoltaic Understanding synonyms & relations?
  18. 18. Dealing with disambiguation ...
  19. 19. Utilising the power of Linked Open Data
  20. 20. A new tool to help with conistent tagging:The reegle tagging API (api.reegle.info)
  21. 21. Unstructured Data
  22. 22. reegle tagging API turns data into knowledge
  23. 23. A file is sent …
  24. 24. … to the reegle tagging API,where its content is analyzed. reegle tagging API
  25. 25. The most relevant termsare extracted …
  26. 26. … as well asgeographic locations
  27. 27. For the most relevantextractions contextualinformation is providedbased on the thesaurus
  28. 28. Tagging API Exampleblog.okfn.org/2013/04/08/sustainable-energy-policy-demands-sustainable-open-data/ Have a look on http://api.reegle.info – using the API is free! reegle tagging API funded by
  29. 29. Open Data is very powerful in increasing our audience reegle.info users per year (not including datasets re-used on other sites)3,000,0002,500,0002,000,0001,500,0001,000,000 500,000 0 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012
  30. 30. Any questions or interested in our work?Try www. .info and api. .info Web http://www.reeep.org , http://www.reegle.info Blog http://blog.reegle.info Twitter http://twitter.com/reegle LinkedIN http://at.linkedin.com/in/florianbauer Mail florian.bauer@reeep.org Florian Bauer Skype reeep_f.bauer REEEP Phone +43-1-26026 3714