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  1. 1. related publishing activities [related publishing activities] Best Event Awards The prize aims to deliver a certificate of quality to the best events of the year. The BEA is well established in Italy and in Events Annual Europe through two separate This book presents the most competitions: the BEA Italy, significant events of the year. exclusively reserved to Italian Event Marketing Book The projects of the agencies structures; and l’EuBEA – It is a marketplace where companies meet listed in the Events Annual European Best Event Awards, their partners; an opportunity to meet and have the right to automatically open to all structures with an do business. A ‘buying guide’ aimed at those participate in the BEA Italy. office in Europe. who, in companies or agencies, are involved in the decision-making processes for selecting partners. The book presents profiles, annotated and accompanied by a technical description of the various companies that offer services for the events market: specialized agencies, venues, catering companies, professionals, associations.Price LIST [advertising opportunity] ADVERTISING Fold in the second or third cover Price 15.000,00 euro Net net 5.000,00 euro Forth cover Price 8.000,00 euro Net net 4.000,00 euro Third cover Price 4.800,00 euro Net net 2.500,00 euro Second cover Price 4.800,00 euro Net net 2.500,00 euro Double advertising page Price 6.000,00 euro Net net 2.500,00 euro Advertising page Price 3.500,00 euro Net net 1.500,00 euro Half a page, horizontal or vertical Price 2.100,00 euro Net net 1.000,00 euro Bottom of the page, under the editorial Price 2.100,00 euro Net net 1.000,00 euro SECTIONS Case History 2 pages including pictures + technical information on the event Price 7.000,00 euro Net net 2.500,00 euro Events professionals 2 pages including pictures Price 7.000,00 euro Net net 2.500,00 euro Events partners 2 pages including pictures Price 7.000,00 euro Net net 2.500,00 euro Agency of the month 2 pages including pictures Price 7.000,00 euro Net net 2.500,00 euro Top venue 2 pages including pictures Price 7.000,00 euro Net net 2.500,00 euro SPECIALS Attachment or insert - 8 pages on the presentation of the structure and case history Price 20.000,00 euro Net net 10.000,00 euro Insert at the centre of the magazine - 8 pages on the presentation of the structure and case history Price 20.000,00 euro Net net 10.000,00 euro Cover story - Cover + 4 pages at the beginning of the magazine including pictures and technical information Price 20.000,00 euro Net net 10.000,00 euro e20 THE FIRST EVENTS AND SPONSORSHIPS MAGAZINE PUBLISHING HOUSE ADC Group Srl President: Salvatore Sagone via Fra Luca Pacioli, 3 - 20144 Milan, Italy tel. +39 02 83.10. 23.15 e-mail commerciale@adcgroup.it
  2. 2. the magazine [the magazine] e20 COVER STORY structure [structure] The First Events and Sponsorship Magazine Each issue features a Cover Story dedicated to the most interesting event of the moment. The event on the cover is Every day in Italy over a thousand events take place: conferences, ‘dismantled’ and analyzed in all its aspects. products launches, road shows, anniversaries celebrations, etc… The companies operating in many different sectors – from consumer products to telecommunications, from banks to financial services in general, from semi-durable goods to public institutions – give life, throughout the twelve months of the year, to a wide range of initiatives that have a common goal: build an increasingly close relationship with the public of reference. The event, therefore, takes on the value of a real medium and the market needs and wants to know its diverse aspects and CASE HISTORY implications. This section is dedicated to the in-depth analysis of an event, from the creative idea to its implementation, with the opinion of the organizing agency and the client company. Each issue features the most significant case histories of the period. THE TARGET EVENTS PROFESSIONALS e20 was born to dialogue not only with the workers, companies’ events managers, agencies, set design For years now, there have been agencies dedicated to agencies or other exhibition organizers, but with all those who are interested in the events world and who often designing event. They are the company’s interface and have have to find the best way to launch a product or service. The reader of e20 is, therefore, non only the manager specific know-hows consolidated over the years of activity of a multinational corporation, but also the events manager in a small/medium company or in a communication in this area. agency. e20 will help the reader in his decisions, like a discreet consultant, reliable and available in all important moments, when one must decide how and where to organize an event and how many resources should be invested. e20’S STRENGTHS e20 intends to offer interesting ideas to its readers, anticipate trends, ‘dissect’ events and special occasions EVENTS PARTNERS and present them in a way that the reader has the impression of having been a protagonist. The concept, the implementation, the context. In order to reach Not to mention the section dedicated to venues, the event of the month, interviews to professionals who the desired success, the event must rely on extremely reliable operate in the field. ‘technical’ partners. This section presents the best of the collateral services market in order to avoid unpleasant surprises. DISTRIBUTION Events and incentive agencies 21% The magazine e20 is distributed in 10.000 copies to opinion leaders and professionals of Partners and services AGENCY OF THE MONTH the communication world: CEOs, marketing In the pages of this section it is possible to discover an event for events 5% and communication managers in major agency through interviews of its managers. In each issue, only Italian companies. Venue 4% one single agency can boast the title of Agency of the Month. The magazine is also distributed to managers Production houses of communication and PR agencies. E20 is an 3% extraordinary tool to contact all the field Promotions 3% players and the most important Italian companies in the world of communication, marketing and advertising. Advertising and media centers 8% Companies 52% Public Relations 4% TOP VENUE Each event, to have success, must have the right venue. This is why in each issue we suggest a single venue with a DETAILS description of all the characteristics that make it attractive Page size: Width mm 230, height mm 275 with extra mm 5 and crop marks. to those who organize events: from the cost to the services Material: High-resolution Pdf format (press or print parameters) with high-resolution images (300dpi). offered.