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Concert scenario


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  • 1. Scenario – December 15, 2011 Presenter Calin: We are glad to welcome you at the concert dedicated to the celebration of the coming winter holidays and the end of the semester. This concert unites different educational institutions:Pedagogical University „Ion Creanga”; Institute of international relations of Moldova; and Theoretical Lyceum „Budeshti”. All the participants are going to perform on this stage and demonstrate their talents in singing, dancing and having fun! (round of applause) Now let me introduce the jury:_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ (round of applause) Presenter: ... Welcome to this special celebration! ...To set us in the right mood, Elena Panco from group 105, will recite a poem ”A message from Santa Clause”! Please welcome our first participant! (round of applause)Presenter: Santa Clause is also known as Saint Nicholas, Father Christmas, Kris Kringle, and simply"Santa". In western cultures it is believed that Santa brings gifts to the homes of the good children during thelate evening and overnight hours of Christmas Eve. But have you ever thought about the daily life od SantaClause? Group 302 from Ion Creanga has thought about it and now they are ready to show us what elseSanta does and what else he is known for. Welcome group 302! (round of applause)Presenter: What do people usually do at Christmas table? ... They pray! ”I pray youll be our eyes and watch us where we go. And help us to be wise in times when we dont know Let this be our prayer when we lose our way Lead us to the place guide us with your grace To a place where well be safe ” Galina from 105 will sing for us the song „Pray”. Welcome her! (round of applause)Presenter: Christmas and New Year are celebrated around the world. Every country has its traditions andcustoms. What do you think, is our Mos Craciun different from Santa Clause? Will it be possible for SantaClause to live happily in Moldova? Group 403 tried to answer these question. Let me hear your applause forgroup 403!Presenter: CONTEST for 6 people: All those who have exceptional artistic skills are welcome to this stage.(put the participants in a line) Your task is: chose an envelope, inside there a card with instructions what youneed to do. Open your envelope, read and show. The audience will support you. 1. Walk on this stage as if you are a woman with heavy bags. 2. Walk on this stage as if you are a gorilla in a cage. 3. Walk on this stage as if you are a girl on high heels and in a tight skirt. 4. Walk on this stage as if you are a chicken in Cimishlia. 5. Walk on this stage as if you are a teacher from Creanga who has just got the salary. 6. Walk on this stage as if you are Mos Craciun in New York.Presenter: Group 208 from Ion Creanga decided to demonstrate their talent in creating power point showsand present their version of secrets Santa Clause might have.  a slide show from group 208Presenter: And now, very special guests at our concert: high school students from Budeshti Lyceum whichwill demonstrate the spirit of New Year in a dance! dance form BUDESHTI lyceumPresenter: scene from group 409
  • 2. Presenter: CONTEST – APPLES: Over 200 years ago New Year was celebrated on the 1st of September.It was the time of harvest. The dearest guests were served with apples. Apples were associated with thecoming of New Year. All those who love apples, please, come to the stage. Stand in a line, give an apple toevery participant. Let me check how much do you know about apples? 1. How many apples does the average person eat per year. ( answer: 65 apples per year) 2. How many calories are there in one medium apple? (answer: about 80 calories) 3. Which country produces more apples than any other country in the world? (answer: China) 4. Who is the scientist who discovered the law of gravity when an apple fell on his head? (answer: Isaac Newton)Now the contest: who eats the apple first? The audience supports the participants! Shouttheir names!Presenter: They were eating their apples very passionately, do you agree? So now, welcome on this stage apassionate dancer Anastasia, gr. 105 with TANGO.Presenter: in July 1945 were the hottest days on record. And this was the time when people wanted snowin summer. During that time the song, which you will hear now, was composed. So, welcome, ourparticipants from IRIM and their band „Illegal Daughters of Sinatra”. Song Let it snow, IRIMPresenter: Now I would ask the jury to decide who was the best singer, the best dancer, the most artisticperson or group. While the jury comes to the final conclusion, let us close the cencert with the final song,presented to you by MRAZ TWINS:Kalin & Matt. The jury announces the winners. Closing remarks. The floor is open for taking photos.