Qlikview training course contents, Qlikview training in bangalore, qlikview training in pune


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Qlikview training course contents, Qlikview training in bangalore, qlikview training in pune

  1. 1. www.eknowledgeinfotech.com Call Us: +91-9960030626www.projectinternship.comQlikView Training Course GuideCourse Duration: 4 weekends (3 hours a day) 7 days (8 hours a day)QlikView DashboardVersion 10.0Course Description: QlikView Designer I is an introduction course. The course structure is a mixture ofdemonstrations and hands on exercises of the many QlikView components. Topics covered in thiscourse, include fundamental user interface layout and design best practices. QlikView Designer I alsocovers how to view and read QlikView application and objects such as sheets, listboxes, various chartsand graphs. All the basic knowledge required to get started with QlikView.Total Duration:1 dayRecommended Prerequisite Course(s):Who should attend:Business Analysts, Designers, Project Managers, Developers & End-UsersCourse Outline: Short introduction to QlikTech and QlikView. Layout and best application design practices. What should you think about when designing anapplication/reports? How to use QlikView Desktop.
  2. 2. www.eknowledgeinfotech.com Call Us: +91-9960030626www.projectinternship.com What is a sheet, sheet object, list box and a table box? How do we create the QlikView objects mentioned above, how do we use them, including examplessuch as sorting data, entering data, exporting data. You will learn about charts objects, how to create them and the many functionalities, how to editthe format and layout. What are the different databases Qlikview can read, how to load data into QlikView.
  3. 3. www.eknowledgeinfotech.com Call Us: +91-9960030626www.projectinternship.comWhat will you learn: At the end of the course you will have a fair understanding of QlikView as a product. You will have a basic understanding of good application design and user interface. You will have knowledge of how to build an application using sheets and some of the commonQlikView objects such as listboxes and tableboxes. You will also know how to search and analyse data in existing applications.QlikView DesignerCourse Description:This course complements the learning in the QlikView Dashboard. The course structure is a mixture ofdemonstrations and hands on exercises of the many QlikView components. QlikView Designer takesstudents to the next level, focusing on the user interface design and delivers a more detailed knowledgeon layout, design, best practices and reporting. The course focus is on giving good product knowledge,especially adding and modifying objects such as gauges, multidimensional charts, tables and otherapplication objects.Total Duration:2 dayWho should attend:Business Analysts, Designers & Developers , High end users.Course Outline: Overview of QlikView Desktop. Introduction to multi dimensional objects such as pivot tables, straight tables with multipleexpressions. Advanced usage of the many QlikView charts and objects, such as tree views in list boxes and minicharts. Advanced calculations using set analysis and AGGR function. Gauges, buttons, actions – what are they and how do you develop them.
  4. 4. www.eknowledgeinfotech.com Call Us: +91-9960030626www.projectinternship.com Introduction to some other useful objects such as slider/calendar objects. QlikView reports and how do you create and manage them.
  5. 5. www.eknowledgeinfotech.com Call Us: +91-9960030626www.projectinternship.com Business case workshop.What will you learn: You will have a good understanding of application design, and the many issues to bear in mindwhen designing the user interface for an application in QlikView. You will be able to develop complex reports and use the more advanced objects in your applicationdesign. You should know when and how time based analysis can be useful to use. You will know how to develop gauges, buttons and different actions and build an application. At the end of the course you will have a good chance of practicing all your new skills in a realbusiness case to build an application on your own.
  6. 6. www.eknowledgeinfotech.com Call Us: +91-9960030626www.projectinternship.comQlikView DeveloperCourse Description:QlikView Developer gives users a good start in how to develop applications in QlikView. The coursecontent is a mixture of demonstrations and hands on exercises of the many QlikView components. Thefocus in this course is on the development side, learning about the script, best practices, loading dataand how to deploy QlikView applications. It also covers data modelling and related issues such asdatabase connectivity. The focus on advanced scripting and more complex data modeling issues. Thecourse also includes a new business case study for students to practice their new found skills in buildingan application from scratch based on KPI’s.Total Duration:3 daysWho should attend:Developers, Designers & Power End-UsersCourse Outline: The QlikView environment. Overview of QlikView development methodology, SAFE. How to deploy QlikView, standalone, Server and Publisher. Introduction to data and scripting, relational databases and other data structures. Connecting to ODBC and also OLEDB data sources. Introduction to the underlying scripting language and best practices in how to use this, including theuse of time functions and creating variables. Overview of data preparation required before starting to develop a QlikView application. Basic data model overview and understanding of QlikView table viewer. How to resolve abnormalities in the data structure, such as synthetic keys. QlikView QVD file and how to create them and use them. Learn about the debugger and troubleshooting.
  7. 7. www.eknowledgeinfotech.com Call Us: +91-9960030626www.projectinternship.com How to add text data and how to generate data in the QlikView script. Mapping tables and cleaning up a data structure.
  8. 8. www.eknowledgeinfotech.com Call Us: +91-9960030626www.projectinternship.com How to load budget data. Script language and how to aggregate data, joining tables, concatenation, functions, interval matchand other scripting features. Analyze data over time using Set analysis and Aggr Function. Data model optimization and performance tuning and how to create incremental loads. Overview of QlikView security and various access settings and levels. Advanced database connectivity. To finish it off a case study - each student gets to develop a QlikView application, which includes:loading in data, resolving data issues and building the UI with the help of business KPI.What will you learn: You will be able to navigate in the script editor, use functions, write script as well as best practiceson how to structure your scripts. How to use time specific functions and create variables. Understand the issues of data models and loading data into QlikView and resolving data structureabnormalities, and how to use the table viewer to view your data. You will have an idea of what the QlikView methodology SAFE means. Connecting to data sources using ODBC or OLEDB. You will know about QVD files, how to create them and use them. Selecting the best chart type for the data. Enriching charts with additional measures using color, symbols, popups and help. Effective screen layout and best use of space. Interactive highlighting and stoplighting. Using QlikView extensions. You will have a good understanding of the scripting language used in QlikView, and how to loaddata into QlikView, and how to connect your application to a database. You will have a good understanding of resolving data structure issues.
  9. 9. www.eknowledgeinfotech.com Call Us: +91-9960030626www.projectinternship.com You will have a good overview of time based analysis, how to compare data over time using the verypowerful set analysis techniques. You will know how to work with profit and loss issues.
  10. 10. www.eknowledgeinfotech.com Call Us: +91-9960030626www.projectinternship.com You will know of various functions, how to build advanced expressions as well as troubleshootingand using the debugger. You will also work on a case study to practice all your newfound QlikView skills. Creation and use of Subroutines. Using script Includes. Incremental QVD load using subroutines. Using QVD metadata. Correct and incorrect use of variables. Auto generating calendars and set analysis variables. Interval Match. The Aggr function
  11. 11. www.eknowledgeinfotech.com Call Us: +91-9960030626www.projectinternship.comQlikView PublisherCourse Description:QlikView Publisher, an optional module for QlikView Server, is an administration and management toolthat provides a single control point for the company’s QlikView analytics applications and QlikViewreports. Administrators can schedule, distribute and manage security and access for QlikViewapplications and QlikView reports across the enterprise. With QlikView Publisher, companies canbalance the business need for widespread distribution of analytics functionality and reports with therequirement to maintain centralized control and synchronization of sensitive corporate data.Total Duration:2 daysWho should attend:Developers, Server AdminCourse Outline:QlikView Publisher is the solution to handle your QlikView deployment needs, including: Deploying QlikView applications to thousands of users easily and securely Distributing QlikView reports to unlimited users in PDF via email Integrating with any security system Simplifying management of a growing QlikView deployment Maximum scalability and resilience Integrating seamlessly into QlikView ServerManage scheduling, distribution and security for all your QlikView applications and reports througha central Web-based management console.Benefits: Centralized, effective and secure administration of QlikView applications, reports and associated data Publish sub-sets of QlikView applications to a QlikView Server or to end-users based on their individual needs and access rights Full control of the time and frequency for the data reload and distribution of each application Enterprise-wide report distribution to unlimited users in PDF format via email
  12. 12. www.eknowledgeinfotech.com Call Us: +91-9960030626www.projectinternship.com QlikView Connector ( to integrate with SAP, Tally , SFA and other third party applications) Fast—SAP customers deploy QlikView in days or weeks—instead of months or quarters. Save money on consulting fees; get the benefits of BI right away. Flexible—QlikView combines data from SAP R/3, mySAP™, and SAP BW with data from non- SAP enterprise systems—quickly and easily. Easy-to-Use—for both the IT department and the end users. Most QlikView users start working with less than 1 hour of training—driving up acceptance rates while reducing training costs. With the New Rules for SAP BI, everything that was expensive and time consuming about data analysis is now fast and affordable. Customer Benefits Rapid Deployment—QlikView deployments are measured in days and weeks—not months— so implementation costs are significantly lower than competing solutions. No Data Warehouse required—QlikView pulls data direct from SAP and non-SAP sources, so SAP BW and other data warehouse products are not required. SAP and Non-SAP data combined—QlikView combines data from multiple source—giving customers a complete view of their business. Easy-To-Use—QlikView´s AQL technology makes QlikView applications easy to learn—for developers and for end-users. Pre-packaged analysis templates—for the FI (financials), CO (controlling), and SD (sales and distribution) modules. New applications can be developed, deployed, and modified in days—so customers can quickly expand their use of QlikView into new business analysis areas. Mobile Integration (Integration with mobile applications, iPad and Smart Phones) With QlikView on Mobile, you get a complete Business Discovery experience—including interactive analysis, rich visualization, and associative search. Unlike lightweight visualization tools that require power analysts to create data queries, QlikView on Mobile provides you with purpose-built apps you can leverage to make smarter, faster decisions any time, any place. It’s also enterprise-proven, with browser-based client technology and server-side security and manageability. QlikView Server Configuration and Setup
  13. 13. www.eknowledgeinfotech.com Call Us: +91-9960030626www.projectinternship.com A brief intro on How to configure QlikView server, usage of Management console, authorization and authentication, Qlikview access point and sharing and hosting of applications with best practices.
  14. 14. www.eknowledgeinfotech.com Call Us: +91-9960030626www.projectinternship.com Total Duration: 1 day Who should attend: Developers, Server Admin The Topics includes: Introduction Convention Setup Pre requisites System requirements Configuration Management Console Authorization Authentication Section Access management Licensing Upgradation
  15. 15. www.eknowledgeinfotech.com Call Us: +91-9960030626www.projectinternship.com
  16. 16. www.eknowledgeinfotech.com Call Us: +91-9960030626www.projectinternship.com Our Address eKnowledge Infotech Vanaz Corner | Next to Kinara Hotel | Kothrud Contact No. +91 9960030626 Information info@eknowledgeinfotech.com Trainings training@eknowledgeinfotech.com HR Contact hr@eknowledgeinfotech.com