Data migration case study: Oil & Gas industry


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A case study on E&P data management, outlining how we helped a major Oil & Gas client efficiently connect data stores.

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Data migration case study: Oil & Gas industry

  1. 1. Data integrationAn Oil & Gas industrycase
  2. 2. Introduction Transformation Manager, our data integration toolkit for developers, is used to efficiently connect oil and gas data stores with the industry„s leading integration standard.• Our client supplies the Oil & Gas industry with data integration solutions.• Their software enables interoperability between multiple vendors applications and data, ensuring increased productivity and improved workflow efficiency.
  3. 3. The challenge• Data in the Oil & Gas industry is often held in multiple data stores, the result of a diverse range of legacy projects and inherited IT systems. Furthermore, the increasing complexity of oil and gas reserves is driving a more complicated data environment.• Our client provides a common data model which allows applications to access data held in Exploration and Production (E&P) data stores.• For optimum performance, queries and updates against this common model should translate into efficient queries and updates against the underlying physical data store. This translation must be performed dynamically at runtime, a process which requires sophisticated algorithms and intimate knowledge of the metadata of the target systems.
  4. 4. The solution• ETL Solutions has been working in partnership with the client since 2005. Transformation• The collaboration enables the client to use our Manager data Transformation Manager software for the generation of movement software data connectors to a range of Oil & Gas data stores.• The primary objective of the partnership is to improve the development process for data connectors, enabling the client to increase the breadth and depth of their model support.• Our consultants have also worked directly with the client to design, develop and maintain the company‟s Consultancy latest data connector to access the Professional services Petroleum Data Model (PPDM) data stores. This enables data to be seamlessly exchanged and accessed by a range of Exploration and Production (E&P) systems.• The PPDM data connector supports v3.8, the most recent version of the PPDM data standard. Customers now have the choice of reading and writing to the popular PPDM 3.7 or the latest 3.8 data stores.
  5. 5. Solution details: Query propagation• A key feature of our work with the client has been the development of Transformation Manager‟s Query Propagation feature.• Query Propagation allows users to very efficiently query underlying data stores in terms of the client‟s model.• In its simplest form, the Query Propagation feature enables: • Queries to be specified in target model terminology; • For these to be automatically converted to source model terminology; • For query results to be transformed to target model terminology for use by the application.• In addition to the management of structural differences, the feature ensures that reference data, coordinate systems and units of measure are all correctly processed.
  6. 6. Why Transformation Manager?For the user:  Everything under one roof  Greater control and transparency  Identify and test against errors iteratively  Greater understanding of the transformation requirement  Automatically document  Re-use and change management  Uses domain specific terminology in the mapping
  7. 7. Why Transformation Manager?For the business:  Reduces cost and effort  Reduces risk in the project  Delivers higher quality and reduces error  Increases control and transparency in the development  Single product  Reduces time to market
  8. 8. Why ETL Solutions? ““We‟ve cut a six-month project• 10-year track record in data down to three months…a management, working with global blue sophisticated product that is easy to work with and maintain AND chip clients gives us great performance.• Unparalleled knowledge from our team of We‟re very confident with the solution." data integration experts, many of whom Arnaud Daeschner, have been with us since inception BNP Paribas• Our Transformation Manager and DataHub software have been proven in even the most complex data movements “Honda has been seeking to achieve Dealer Network• Expert support: first line of contact is with Integration for the last ten years. With the help of ETL Solutions, a developer or consultant this has finally been achieved.• Data integration focus – it‟s all that we do Considering the success, Honda is now planning to extend this approach to the European dealers.” Michael Doyle, Honda UK ©2009 ETL Solutions
  9. 9. Contact us for more information: Karl Glenn, Business Development Director +44 (0) 1912 894040 Read more on our website: Raising data management Images from Free Digital Photos