Automotive data integration: An example of a successful project structure


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In this presentation we show our system for integrating Automotive dealer data, using examples of two projects for a major manufacturer. The presentation includes sample reports and the process used.

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  • For the last two years ETL have been working on DMS Integration for the Honda UK network
  • Automotive data integration: An example of a successful project structure

    1. 1. Automotive Data IntegrationAn example of a successfulproject
    2. 2. Automotive manufacturer use case Implementation Results• Providing flexible data integration • First time ever that dealers for a major Automotive integrate with corporate manufacturer • Projects complete in less than 7 - Daily or weekly integration for 200 months dealers • Projects been running for 6 years - 16 different Dealer Management and data extracted, one of 19 Systems feeds accounts for over 90% of (applications/databases) marketing database updates• Multiple uses - Customer service satisfaction follow-up, service reminders, improved CLM, parts replenishment• Multiple data formats/architectures• Transformation code re-used throughout
    3. 3. Project 1: Automotive Insight
    4. 4. Automotive UK project Extracts customer repairsservices data from DMS for a major manufacturer - Determine customer and owner relationship - Job codes and keyword search to determine work - Full invoice details Extracts new and used cars sales - Determine customer and owner relationship - Full invoice details Comprehensive marketing database of customer and prospect information - This data feed provides 90% of updates to the manufacturer’s database - Used for CSI calls - Seen as providing valuable data for future marketing activities
    5. 5. Architecture principles• Allows many transforms (e.g. servicerepairs, new cars, used cars, parts, bookings) to be scheduled and run independently - Failures of one extract from a dealer doesn’t necessarily affect others• Allows generic transforms with parameters in database• Provides logging of results - For all types of DMS - Better reporting and analysis of results• Hosted off-site failover system
    6. 6. Data flows
    7. 7. Project 2: Parts Replenishment
    8. 8. Automotive parts replenishment (APS)• Provide DMS integration for a major manufacturer’s parts replenishment project - Transfer data daily to the manufacturer’s auto parts replenishment (APS) system - 144 dealerships, 10 different Dealer Management Systems• UK rollout planned to remaining dealers
    9. 9. Automotive parts replenishment project HUK System Email TM Transform Confirms Periodic Orders Required Order Quantities Dealer ROQ Schedule Files F F Parts DMS T Staging T TM Transform TM Transform Specific P Database P DMS Systems Stock List Periodic Process Parts Activity Automated Sales History (Daily or Weekly) Process Parts Inventory Planning ADP Autoline Weekly followingKalamazoo KDMS data from dealers System receipt of dataKalamazoo Power from dealers (APS) Kalamazoo Elite HE SystemKalamazoo GDMS Summary Report Generates MMI Automate File Not Delivered PeriodicPinewood Pinnacle Pinewood CARS (daily or weekly) Autoview Forecasts Gemini Evolution KBA Email Distribution List Peak
    10. 10. Data structure
    11. 11. Introducing DataHubAutomatic data collection to a central datawarehouse using a variety of internet protocols.Easily configured to accept new dealers andDMS changesFully Robust, Scalable, Secure
    12. 12. Automotive DMS data extraction 1 Manufacturer DMS extract DMS at reports 4 dealerships Manufacturer Business OtherDSP ETL server intelligence server sources 3 Provided reports and extracts Aggregated data passed on in single Hosted DMS at DSPs 2 standard format
    13. 13. DataHub features• Complete automated processing of data• Hosting service for data being transferred - Maintains details of dealers’ DMS configuration• Allows many channels scheduled to run independently, e.g. - RepairsServices - NewUsed Cars - CustomerVehicles - Parts stock and demands - Bookings• Failures of one dealer channel doesn’t affect others• Encryption of all data transferred• Consolidated data sent to manufacturer or third party
    14. 14. Simple install and monitoring• Remote install of extract software at dealerships - Automatically updates extract software whenever required• Automatic monitoring of extracts and notification if transfers fail - Recover data for periods when systems are not available• Automatic operational reports generated and sent to distribution• Displays operational performance
    15. 15. Dual redundant failover• Live server performs daily tasks• Back-up server, continuously updated is ready to take-over if the live system fails• Operational report server where reports are run• Live , back-up, and operational servers can be hosted off-site independent of development and test systems at Menai House
    16. 16. Failover
    17. 17. ETL Solutions: About us• Established April 2002 - MBO of product and team - Originally started in 1996 - HQ in Bangor - 24 people• Delivering integration solutions - Expert technical team ETL Solutions Bangor office - Highest quality technical support• Reducing the risk and cost of delivering business critical solutions for global enterprises• Providing Automotive DMS Integration for Honda, MSXI and Rolling Star
    18. 18. Examples of our Automotive experience• Implemented Honda UK DMS • European Integration Partner solutions: for MSXI - Extensive DMS extracts being - After Sales and used cars CSI developed for UK and Europe - Auto parts replenishment project • Developed automotive framework for easily• Integrating with 12 different deployment of integration DMS systems extracts • Developed good relationships "Honda has been seeking to achieve with range of DSPs Dealer Network Integration for the last ten • Implemented DMS data years. With the help of ETL Solutions, this migrations has finally been achieved. Considering the success, Honda is now planning to extend this approach to the European dealers." Michael Doyle, Honda
    19. 19. We are DMS data integration specialists• Considerable experience of Dealer Management System (DMS) data integration using: - Data integration tool: Transformation Manager - DataHub software• Easily deployed web download extracts• Automatic collection of data• Minimal dealer involvement
    20. 20. Why ETL Solutions? "Honda has been seeking to achieve Dealer Network• 10-year track record in data Integration for the last ten years. management, working with global blue With the help of ETL Solutions, chip clients this has finally been achieved. Considering the success, Honda• Unparalleled knowledge from our team of is now planning to extend this approach to the European data integration experts, many of whom dealers." have been with us since inception Michael Doyle, Honda• Our Transformation Manager and DataHub software has been proven in even the most complex data movements “After recommending ETL Solutions as a preferred• Expert support: first line of contact is with provider, we have been delighted a developer or consultant by the speed with which they were able to demonstrate the• Data integration focus – it’s all that we do feasibility of integration and implement the subsequent production-level transforms." Graham Orr, Barloworld Optimus ©2009 ETL Solutions
    21. 21. Please get in touch for more details on our data integration services: John Bigerstaff, Managing Director Read more on our website at: Raising data management