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My Phone Plays Fetch


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Mobile Devices - Work or Play?

Mobile Devices - Work or Play?

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Mobile Devices – Work or Play?
    My Phone Plays Fetch
    By Emese Somogyvari
    Image by Robert Bejil Photography
  • 2. Image by Yellow.Cat
    In 1973, Motorola’s Dr. Martin Cooper walked the streets of New York City while calling rival AT&T’s Bell Labs on the new Motorolamobile phone, in front of reporters
  • 3. By 2010 there were 5.3 billion mobile subscribers
    That’s 77% of the world’s population
    Source: Global Mobile Statistics 2011 – mobiThinking
    Image by woodleywonderworks
  • 4. Before 2007, the main functionality of mobile devices was phone and text
    Not only convenient, but also practical
    Image by oslay
  • 5. The appeal
    of mobile
    devices grew
    in 2007
    with Apple’s
    launch of the
    Image by Ian’s Shutter Habit
  • 6. Image by qthomasbower
    Opening weekend sales of iPhones was nearly half a million
    And that was before the App Store
  • 7. Google followed in 2008 with it’s release of Android
    Image by topgold
  • 8. The iPhone App Store, and Marketplace for Android users opened in 2008 and 2009 respectively
    Image by nunnui
  • 9. Over 10 billion apps have been downloaded to date
    Games hold their position as the most downloaded app
    Image by CristianoBetta
    Source: Global Mobile Statistics 2011 – mobiThinking
  • 10. Image by JD Hancock
    This questions the initial appeal of mobile devices: fun or functionality?
  • 11. Image by J_O_I_D
    30% of mobile subscribers are
    SmartPhone users
    An even smaller percentage of apps are business related
    Source: Top Ten SmartPhone Market Statistics and Projections – Online Marketing Trends
  • 12. So what’s really making mobile devices so attractive?
    Image by webtreats
  • 13. 60% of time spent on mobile internet is spent on social media sites
    Source: Staying Ahead by Being Mobile – Ground Truth
  • 14. Image by Radar Communication
    Staying connected is now easier than ever
  • 15. And there’s something for everyone….
    Image by Mike Licht
  • 16. Schools are now embracing mobile devices as learning tools
    Image by mortsan
  • 17. iPads come naturally to infantsandtoddlers
    Image by novemberwolf
  • 18. Image by Incase
    And now they come in a wide variety of colours
  • 19. Cell phones have become fashion accessories
    Image by Ivonne (bijoux and crafts)
  • 20. It seems as though the “cool and wow” factor is triumphing over convenience and functionality
    Image by Ralph Hockens
  • 21. App-athy?
    1 in 4 apps, once downloaded, are never used again
    Source: Global Mobile Statistics 2011 – mobiThinking
  • 22. So then why not go with a basiccell phone?
    Image by JD Hancock
  • 23. All images are Creative Commons-licensed requiring attribution and sourced from Flickr
    Image by Pink Sherbet Photgraphy