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Working with ArcGIS Online
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Working with ArcGIS Online


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Presentation on Esri European Conference 2011 by Andrés Muñoz.

Presentation on Esri European Conference 2011 by Andrés Muñoz.

Published in: Technology
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  • 1. Working with ArcGIS Online2011 European User Conference, October 27th, 2011 Andrés Muñoz
  • 2. Topics for this Session • ArcGIS Online Overview • Using - Demo: Viewer, Explorer Online • Showcase your maps using templates - Public Maps Gallery Template - Demo: Configuring the Template • Road Ahead - Demo: ArcGIS Online for Organizations • Q&A
  • 3. ArcGIS Online Overview
  • 4. ArcGIS is a Complete SystemA Complete and Integrated Geographic Information System Cloud Web • Discover • Create • Manage Enterprise • Visualize Mobile • Analyze • Collaborate Local Desktop
  • 5. ArcGIS Is An Online SystemA Complete and Integrated Geographic Information System Web ArcGIS Online Mobile Desktop
  • 6. ArcGIS Online Is Built-in To ArcGISAn integrated part of the user experience • Basemap galleries • Searching and sharing • Built-in tools and capabilities • Geocoding, gazetteer, etc…
  • 7. ArcGIS.comA website that enables everyone to create and share maps ArcGIS Online Mobile Desktop
  • 8. Easy to create and share intelligent web mapsIntelligent maps Supporting • Visualization • Editing • Pop-ups AccessibilityServices • Timeand data
  • 9. Intelligent web maps can be used everywhereEnhancing access and collaboration Smartphones Social media Any Device Tablets Websites Desktop Browsers One Map ArcGIS Online
  • 10. – Available to Everyone Enabling everyone to make, share, use, and organize geographic information• Anonymous - Discover and use maps and apps• With Free Account - Upload and store data - Create web maps (mashups) - Participate in groups, share items, embed maps in web applications• New capabilities - Add CSV, WMS, KML, GPX - Style data and save in web maps - Create Groups of Favorite Items
  • 11. Using Demonstration
  • 12. Search & access authoritative & ready-to-use content Create intelligent web maps Upload & style geographic datasets Interact with these maps on any device Embed them in websites, blogs, and custom apps Share, store & manage maps and data Collaborate using groups
  • 13. Easy to create and share intelligent web mapsIntelligent maps Supporting • Visualization • Editing • Pop-ups AccessibilityServices • Timeand data
  • 14. Intelligent maps in Demonstration
  • 15. ArcGIS Online is Open Accessibility
  • 16. Mapping information from spreadsheets
  • 17. Adding information from GPX files
  • 18. Adding information from WMS and KML
  • 19. ArcGIS Online is Open Demonstration
  • 20. Embedded into web pages and blogs
  • 21. Embed map into a blog Demonstration
  • 22. Using Templates to Showcase your ArcGIS Online maps
  • 23. Create a destination for them maps.<your_org>
  • 24. Free template for your public maps gallery
  • 25. Ideas for keeping your destination interesting Showcase your organization’s services Stay tuned to current events Apply local knowledge Add/remove content frequently
  • 26. Steps to deploy the template Download Configure Test Deploy
  • 27. Create the destination Demonstration
  • 28. Road AheadWhat’s Next for ArcGIS Online
  • 29. ArcGIS Online is evolving rapidly Becoming a complete online geospatial platform Integration with 10.1 Hosting and Portals for Organizations Open Data and Application Mapping Viewers and Web Maps Catalog and Q2, 2012 Group-Based Sharing Q4, 2011Basemaps Q3, 2011 2010 2009 2008 Extending and expanding your GIS
  • 30. ArcGIS Online for OrganizationsAdditional tools and capabilities that allow organizations to collaborate • Organizational look-and-feel - Branding - Galleries • Hosting for your Maps and Data - No need for your own servers • Management - Users/roles - Content, groups, galleries - Sharing (public/private) • Usage Reporting
  • 31. Hosted Map Services • Publish from ArcMap 10.1 - Create feature and/or tile services - Define the tiling scheme and other parameters - Tiles are generated in the cloud • Publish feature services from web clients - - ArcGIS Explorer Online - Feature services from - CSV’s, GPX’s - Shapefiles
  • 32. ArcGIS Online for Organizations Demo
  • 33. Wrap-Up Questions & AnswersPreguntas & Respuestas