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Southfield, Michigan, Brings GIS to the Publicvia a Cloud-Based Application PortalThanks to the cloud and Esri’s ArcGIS fo...
Mobile Application Directs Voters to ShortestLines on Election DayBy moving from traditional polling places tovote centers...
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Esri News for State and Local Government -- Summer 2012
Esri News for State and Local Government -- Summer 2012
Esri News for State and Local Government -- Summer 2012
Esri News for State and Local Government -- Summer 2012
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Esri News for State and Local Government -- Summer 2012


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Esri News for State and Local Government keeps you informed with software news, events, and user stories showing how GIS brings the geographic advantage to government agencies worldwide.

Stories in this issue showcase how GIS helps utilities develop enterprise dashboards, renewable energy plans, and mobile applications for field inspections.

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Esri News for State and Local Government -- Summer 2012

  1. 1. Esri Newsfor State & Local Government Summer 2012Sangamon County Maps Election Results inReal TimeFree Templates Make It Easy to Build GIS-Based Web and Mobile ApplicationsBy Emily Meyertholen, Esri WriterSangamon County, Illinois, used Esri’s national races took place at the same time. before a public version was launched for theElection Results Viewer template to create an With the county’s new Election Results Viewer, upcoming general election.interactive mapping application that provides the public can get a comprehensive, easy- “This app will give the public a visuala real-time, spatial view of election results to-understand view of incoming results on a relationship with the results instead of justfrom the web or a mobile device. Home to dynamic map. static tabular data,” says Sangamon CountyIllinois’ capital city of Springfield and a total After testing out a prototype of the clerk Joe Aiello.of nearly 200,000 residents, this midsize application, county officials suggested The application also enables the countycounty is leading the way in leveraging its GIS modifying it so users could view the results to share results faster than was possible withresources to communicate with citizens. of all races in a selected precinct and then tabular lists. Using the previous method, it In previous elections, as results came switch to a view of the overall county results took about five minutes to post incomingin, they were shared with the public on the for comparison. With help from Esri partner elections data on each race from each pre-county’s website in a tabular format. This GISi, in less than two months the county cinct. With some modifications to the Electionmade the outcomes difficult to visualize, customized the application so it could be Results Viewer template, the county can nowespecially when numerous local, state, and tried out during Illinois’ primary elections input the data extracted from  Users can select a precinct to quickly view the results of each race and then switch to the countywide results for comparison.
  2. 2. Contents Summer 2012Cover1 Sangamon County Maps Election Results in Real TimeThought Leadership4 Voting: The Original Form of Citizen Engagement Esri News for State and Local Government is a publication of the State and Local Government Solutions Group of Esri. To contact the Esri Desktop Order Center, call 1-800-447-9778Data within the United States or 909-793-2853, ext. 1-1235, outside the United States.6 Identify and Reach Senior Voters Visit the Esri website at View Esri News for State and Local Government online atEsri News or scan the code below with your smartphone.9 Solutions for Elections Advertise with Us9 Esri Online E-mail Submit ContentCase Studies To submit articles for publication in Esri News for State10 The City of Salem, Oregon, Broadens the Reach of GIS and Local Government, contact Christopher Thomas at12 Southfield, Michigan, Brings GIS to the Public via a Cloud- or Emily Pierce at Based Application Portal Manage Your Subscription14 Mobile Application Directs Voters to Shortest Lines on To update your mailing address or subscribe or unsubscribe to Election Day Esri publications,visit International customers should contact an Esri distributor to manage their subscriptions. For a directory of distributors, visit Circulation Services For back issues, missed issues, and other circulation services, e-mail; call 909-793-2853, extension 2778; or fax 909-798-0560. Copyright © 2012 Esri. All rights reserved. Printed in the United States of America. The information contained in this work is the exclusive property of Esri or its licensors. This work is protected under United States copyright law and other international copyright treaties and conventions. No part of this work may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying and recording, or by any information storage or retrieval system, except as expressly permitted in writing by Esri. All requests should be sent to Attention: Contracts and Legal Services Manager, Esri, 380 New York Street, Redlands, CA 92373-8100 USA. The information contained in this work is subject to change without notice. Esri, the Esri globe logo, 3D Analyst, ArcAtlas, ArcCatalog, ArcData, ArcDoc, ArcEditor, ArcExplorer, ArcGIS, the ArcGIS logo, ArcGlobe, ArcIMS, ARC/INFO, ArcInfo, ArcLogistics, ArcMap, ArcNetwork, ArcNews, ArcObjects, ArcPad, ArcPress, ArcReader, ArcSDE, ArcSurvey, ArcToolbox, ArcTools, ArcUser, ArcView, ArcVoyager, ArcWatch, ArcWeb, ArcWorld, ArcXML, Business Analyst Online, BusinessMAP, CommunityInfo, EDN, Geography Network, GIS Day, MapData, MapObjects, Maplex, MapStudio, ModelBuilder, MOLE, NetEngine, RouteMAP, SDE, Sourcebook•America, StreetMap, Tapestry,,,,,, and are trademarks, registered trademarks, or service marks of Esri in the United States, the European Community, or certain other jurisdictions. Other companies and products mentioned herein may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective trademark owners.2 Esri News for State & Local Government Summer 2012
  3. 3. Sangamon County Maps Election Results in Real Time continued from page 1 hard-copy ballots directly into the map- them of the new boundaries is an added For more information,ping application within two minutes. benefit of the app,” says Sangamon County The application also gives citizens the first GIS manager Tracy Garrison. contact Michaeldetailed look at new precinct boundaries, After seeing how easy it is to use Esri’s web Healander, state andwhich were adjusted in the recent decennial mapping application templates to extendredistricting process. Though the county the value of its GIS, the county is considering local government generaloffers a basic map of the new precincts building additional applications, starting with manager, Geographiconline, the application provides a more user- a tax parcel viewer.friendly way to view the exact locations of new “Anyone, any county can do this,” says Information Services, Inc.,boundaries and the names of local candidates Garrison. at 205-941-0442, ext. 150,who are competing to represent each one. To browse all free mapping application “Most people are familiar with the old templates for local government, visit or, so the fact that this helps us inform /arcgisforlocalgov.  Sangamon County’s elections application may be viewed from a smartphone, allowing citizens to track incoming results from any location “Anyone, any county can do this.” Tracy Garrison, GIS manager, Sangamon County Summer 2012 3
  4. 4. Thought Leadership Voting: The Original Form of Citizen Engagement There’s a considerable amount of discussion Over the past year, I have performed these days on improving citizen engage- exhaustive research as to how governments ment. Hardly a day goes by that a person have progressed in supporting the voter. Christopher Thomas, doesn’t see or hear the word transparency or Admittedly, I was a bit shocked to find that in Director, Government accountability. And it’s great to know that GIS this age of smart devices and web applica- Markets is playing an important role in improving the tions, the voter is often limited to PDF maps Federal, State, and relationship between citizens and govern- of polling places, clunky polling place locators Local ment. In fact, each day I am made aware of with no driving directions, cryptic voting mapcentric applications designed to make life result information, and downloadable historic a little easier. voter turnout data. It strikes me funny, though, that we appear The results of this research showed that to have forgotten to focus on the ultimate form governments and the GIS profession have of civic engagement—voting. While GIS finds not kept pace with the emerging trends of its way into the elections process in four-year applications for the mobile citizen or paid sig- cycles, it begs the question, Why is GIS not a nificant attention to the most important form continuous part of voter engagement? If you of civic engagement. Before I receive calls and don’t believe me, simply query your favorite e-mails, I fully recognize there are a handful of search engine on GIS and elections and you’ll states, cities, and counties that have stepped see a spike in references that follow these up to this engagement. However, we’ve defi- four-year cycles. nitely not reached Angry Birds popularity in These spikes definitely highlight the value meeting the demands of voters. And let’s not of GIS support of the elections process. For forget that these voters care more about civic the upcoming election, counties such as engagement than the average citizen. Vanderburgh County, Indiana, have success- fully created lightweight smartphone ap- Finding the Right Resources plications to support voters. In Vanderburgh, In addition to supporting elections on the the application helps people find newly front end, GIS can support many business consolidated voting centers, which will save processes of elections management including the county $80,000 per election. But why address validation, polling place siting and does this kind of GIS support come every four optimization, routing of elections volunteers years, when elections happen year in and year and personnel, mapping of voter turnout for out? Wouldn’t a map viewer of historic data planning and decision support, development offer transparency into the actions of voters? of precinct maps, redistricting, and genera- I have my own suspicions as to why this cycle tion of real-time election results. happens, but I’ll leave that discussion for Esri and our developer partners recognize another day. that using GIS for elections is a critical compo- nent of citizen engagement. Together we are Keeping Up with Citizen working hard to deliver applications that will Expectations help modernize the voting process. A way to In my days as a GIS administrator, I was made jump-start this modernization of civic engage- aware of the opportunity for GIS to support ment is to take advantage of the Esri ArcGIS the voting process. I was shocked to learn that for Local Government initiative. You’ll find free hundreds of citizens would call the county application templates that you can customize clerk’s office and the library to find out the or simply use with some geographic localiza- location of their polling place. I am dating tion. Check out the application templates on myself here, but my first ArcView 1.0 applica- Esri’s election page at If tion for citizen support was an application that you need a little help getting started, Esri can provided phone support for such inquiries. also provide consulting through a network Fast forward to 2012, and the need to connect of experts who can get your project off to a citizens to the voting process still exists. good start.4 Esri News for State & Local Government Summer 2012
  5. 5. DataIdentify and Reach Senior VotersMarketing Tools and Segmentation Data Reveal the Answers for Elected OfficialsTarget Your Message to Senior Voters Because being senior no longer means spending days rockingLike it or not, we’re all aging. In 2000, the US median age was 35.3 years. on the front porch, how can campaigns identify, understand, andBy 2010, this number had increased to 37.1 years. Today, seniors rep- reach the different groups of senior voters with the right messaging?resent 25.2 percent of the total US population, a proportion expected Segmentation can help campaigns resolve this increase to almost 27.6 percent by 2016. More people are reaching Segmentation systems operate on the theory that people withtheir seventies, eighties, and beyond, and the jump in median age similar tastes, lifestyles, and behaviors seek and live near others withis also due to aging baby boomers. Approximately 78 million baby the same tastes. When seniors are segmented by affluence, education,boomers were born between 1946 and 1964, constituting one of the employment, and lifestyle, differences in their preferences becomelargest US demographic cohorts. According to the US Census Bureau, more apparent. Their behaviors, including product, leisure, and mediaanother American turns 65 every 13 seconds; approximately 10,000 preferences, can be measured, predicted, and boomers retire every day. The interests, social influences, goals, Using proven segmentation methodology introduced more thanand preferences of boomers and other seniors vary within the cohort 30 years ago, Esri’s Tapestry Segmentation system classifies US neigh-and differ from those of previous generations. borhoods into 65 unique segments based on their socioeconomic and demographic composition. Tapestry combines the who of lifestyleSeniors Stay Informed, Donate, Volunteer—and Vote demography with the where of local geography to create detailedSeniors are truly a force to be reckoned with, both in terms of their neighborhood lifestyle segments with distinct consumer behaviors.numbers and also for their interest in politics and current events; they Tapestry adds valuable lifestyle information to basic demograph-stay informed, donate, raise funds, volunteer, and, most important, ics such as identifying people who are likely to work on a politicalvote. Seniors also have unique concerns during elections, such as campaign, donate to a campaign, or vote in an election, and attitudinalretirement and Medicare. data such as people who consider themselves somewhat liberal or somewhat conservative.
  6. 6. Esri News New and Noteworthy Tapestry recognizes the demographic and lifestyle differences among seniors and classifies them into nine distinct lifestyle segments:• Prosperous Empty Nesters: Active, affluent married couples with no children at home are transitioning from child rearing into retirement. They will help with fund-raising, write to a newspaper editor or radio Ride Amigos is a new Esri partner that specializes in station, and volunteer. helping people find more productive ways to commute,• Silver and Gold: These wealthy, educated seniors have retired from given their personal lifestyle choices. In Century City, professional occupations. They participate in local civic issues and California, its commuter map is used to find car pools or write to newspaper and magazine editors. vanpools or determine times and routes for biking• Rustbelt Retirees: Singles or married couples with no children are and public transportation. Ride Amigos leverages live staying put in Rustbelt industrial cities. These settled, hardworking, traffic data; locations of facilities such as bike racks, politically conservative folks help with fund-raising, visit elected officials, and work for political parties or candidates. charging stations, and bus stops; and the time, money,• Retirement Communities: Older, educated singles who live alone and CO2 saved by taking various modes of alternative in multiunit buildings or assisted-living facilities. They are politi- transportation. Individuals compete for prizes and provide cally active, are “joiners,” and belong to civic clubs and charitable valuable data to cities by logging their trips and earning organizations. points for themselves, their companies, and their cities. Visit• The Elders: Informed, independent, and involved, these retirees for more information. To see the live in senior communities. They’re members of veterans’ clubs and Century City application, visit fraternal orders.• Senior Sun Seekers: In fast-growing southern and western areas, these retired or soon-to-retire residents join veterans’ clubs and fraternal orders and perform charity work with these organizations.• Heartland Communities: Part of life in small-town midwestern and southern neighborhoods with a country lifestyle, some residents join fraternal orders or religious clubs, and some become involved with local politics.• Simple Living: Life for these seniors is restricted by low incomes. Community activities are very important; they join fraternal orders and veterans’ clubs. Cable television is a must for information and entertainment; they’re big fans of daytime TV.• Social Security Set: Seniors with very low fixed incomes live in cheap high-rise apartments in large cities. They read two or more newspa- pers to keep up with the news.  Ride Amigos technology helps commuters in Century City findStrengthen Outreach Efforts the best way to travel.Campaigns can take advantage of valuable segmentation informationby adding Tapestry codes to voter address records—they are a goldmine of information. Campaigns can then identify their best opportuni-ties to target volunteers, donations, fund-raising, and other activities.Messages about concerns and issues can be tailored to resonate witheach audience and be conveyed by preferred media for maximumreach. Tapestry Segmentation data is available in 2010 geography as a da-tabase in multiple formats and geographic levels. The data is also avail-able in reports and maps on Esri Business Analyst Online ( Community Analyst ( Business Analyst Desktop andBusiness Analyst Server users can access and integrate the data andreports instantly via the Business Analyst Online APIs. To learn more,visit or call 1-800-447-9778.For more information about TapestrySegmentation, visit Summer 2012 7
  7. 7. Esri NewsSolutions for Elections Esri OnlineGIS supports mobile polling place locators and interactive maps of Keep Up with Esri UC Newselection results to improve the voting experience. Create your own As the annual Esri International User Conference (Esri UC)helpful apps with Esri’s Election Polling Places app template and the approaches, stay up-to-date on the latest conference infor-Esri Election Results application template. Visit mation. The Esri UC blog ( features all of/engagingcitizens to download the templates. the news and highlights you need, such as restaurant recom- mendations, details on area attractions, special events, and more. You can also get updates on Facebook (facebook .com/esriuc) and Twitter (  Join GIS colleagues from around the world at the Esri UC. Find Dev Meet Ups Spain’s El Mundo newspaper maps election results across the country. Esri is hosting Dev Meet Ups across the United States. These events give you an opportunity to demonstrate applications, present interesting concepts or ideas, and connect with other developers. To find one in your area, check out esri .com/devmeetups or #devmeetup on Twitter. Use GIS When You’re Off the Clock Esri’s ArcGIS for Home Use Program supports ArcGIS users who want to use GIS technology for things like non-work- related research or volunteering projects. A $100 annual fee provides a 12-month license. Learn more about the program at Polling Place Locations in the City of Naperville, Illinois (Credit: City ofNaperville, Illinois). Summer 2012 9
  8. 8. The City of Salem, Oregon, Broadensthe Reach of GIS With more than 178,000 users and almost ArcGIS Online for organizations can help them 300,000 public and private items, ArcGIS do exactly that. Online has grown quickly over the past two The City of Salem’s long-standing GIS“[ArcGIS Online] brings years. GIS professionals around the world goes back almost 20 years. Managing legacy use the freely available Software as a Service systems and keeping up with the latest together everything that platform for discovering, creating, and sharing technology while still maintaining the best we’ve been hoping to do maps, data, and applications. ArcGIS Online service possible has proved very challenging. has now been expanded into a subscription- ArcGIS Online is seen as a great product that in terms of distributing based service that is completing beta testing. can make it easy to migrate from a legacy GIS the value of GIS.” More than 700 organizations have partici- desktop viewer system by providing Software pated in the beta program to get a first look at as a Service that is easily accessible to allSusan Blohm, IT Supervisor how ArcGIS Online for organizations can make in-house GIS users with minimal training. With their maps and data more accessible and ArcGIS Online, managing and sharing the extend the reach of their GIS. city’s GIS information becomes a lot easier, One such organization is the City of Salem, and that aspect alone has had a positive Oregon, which Esri invited to participate in impact on overcoming internal concerns. the beta program. Located 47 miles south of ArcGIS Online allows all users to create and Portland, Salem is Oregon’s capital and the share web maps and take advantage of the second-largest city in the state. The city has products created by ArcGIS for Desktop about 1,200 employees and 11 departments, power users, who share them through ArcGIS with GIS users in nearly every department and Online with others in the organization. GIS staff distributed throughout 3 departments. Reducing the amount of resources spent The enterprise GIS is managed from within the on maintaining legacy systems is not the only Department of Information Technology, and advantage ArcGIS Online can provide to the citywide GIS activities are coordinated by the city. One city goal has been to improve how GIS Advisory and Planning team. A primary GIS information is delivered to the public. objective of Salem GIS is to provide services Most of the resources at the city have been fo- to GIS users within the city, both power and cused on building internal maps and applica- casual users; maintain and manage the GIS tions that are accessible only within the city’s resources; and develop more efficient ways to firewall. Budgetary and resource constraints provide GIS-based services to the public. have made it very difficult to stand up services Doing more with less is the common mantra outside the firewall that would have to include for local governments of all sizes across the a database, web software, and a map viewer. United States. When city employees Susan With the introduction of ArcGIS Online, these Blohm, IT supervisor, and Daniel Brown, are no longer restrictions. ArcGIS Online is senior GIS programmer/analyst, attended hosted by Esri, and all the City of Salem maps Esri’s Extend the Reach of Your GIS seminar and items created reside in Esri’s secure cloud several months ago, they were introduced to infrastructure. In addition, ArcGIS Online ArcGIS Online for organizations and were very includes a built-in map viewer. Users start with impressed with what they saw. “It brings to- a basemap gallery to which they can quickly gether everything that we’ve been hoping to add data files and web services to create do in terms of distributing the value of GIS,” their own maps. This is an ideal solution for notes Blohm. “Extend Your Reach is a perfect the City of Salem to better serve the public title for the seminar because that’s exactly and provide more self-serve options. The city what ArcGIS Online does.” Participating in the has downloaded the freely available public beta program gave them the opportunity to Map Gallery template and created a group try it out for themselves. For years, Blohm and on ArcGIS Online where all the maps that Brown have been talking about how to get can be viewed through the public gallery are more value from their city’s GIS by distributing shared. Residents can browse the gallery and it across the enterprise. The capabilities of interact with maps that provide convenient10 Esri News for State & Local Government Summer 2012
  9. 9. Case Studies  The City of Salem’s GIS users have a central location for accessing city maps and other GIS resources.information about zoning, recreation, trans- development maps, mobile code enforce- For more information,portation, and more. They no longer need to ment, mobile graffiti mapping, and mappingcall the city for all this information. out public works projects, among others. The contact Daniel Brown, The advantage that ArcGIS Online delivers city has also taken advantage of being able to City of Salem, Oregon,is seen in the efficiency it provides for seam- customize the ArcGIS Online for organizationslessly disseminating information created by home page. It added the Salem GIS logo and IT Department (e-mail:the city’s internal GIS professionals using designed the look and feel of the map icons,ArcGIS for Desktop. These power users can to reinforce the city’s brand. The Map Gallerynow share their information and products with and Featured Maps sections display city or visit users who still need GIS as part maps, and users can choose from the city’sof their day-to-day work by uploading maps own basemaps. “With ArcGIS Online, what weand data to ArcGIS Online through a simple, have now is a better catalog of our maps, data,wizard-driven interface. This means that the and apps,” says Brown. “It’s a nice gateway thatcity now has a way to expose feature services the city was missing and a destination for bothas hosted services, and these can be provided our internal users and the public that will helpto the public in addition to the map services. us improve customer service.” To get the most out of testing ArcGIS Online ArcGIS Online for organizations will befor organizations beta, the City of Salem has available in the summer of 2012. Organizationscreated a small, cross-departmental test will be able to purchase a subscription thatgroup. This group collects and provides feed- includes flexible data storage capabilities andback by going through all the major processes administrative controls for managing userin ArcGIS Online: publishing maps and hosted accounts and; creating groups; and sharing mapsthrough private, organizational, and publicgroups. To give more meaning to the ArcGISOnline beta project, each member of the betatesting group has committed to create sometype of product that can be shared at theend. This includes employment and economic Summer 2012 11
  10. 10. Southfield, Michigan, Brings GIS to the Publicvia a Cloud-Based Application PortalThanks to the cloud and Esri’s ArcGIS for Local Government templates, The polling place locator was one of the first applications the citythe City of Southfield, Michigan, is making its GIS resources available offered, and it has become one of the most beneficial resources forto citizens through practical, easy-to-use web mapping applications. citizens. Besides providing polling place information, the applicationThe city worked with Esri partner GISi to create and quickly launch its displays details about state elected officials.Destination Southfield web map portal. Hosting it in the cloud elimi- “That’s the benefit of using the app templates—we didn’t have to donated the need for additional hardware investments. the programming ourselves. We just added our own data,” says Price. The portal features a growing collection of public applications When city officials suggested adding details about the attorneycreated with Esri templates, including a parks and recreation finder; general, secretary of state, and local officials, GISi was able to custom-a polling place locator; and a campus place finder that helps citizens ize the application to make that possible.navigate licensing offices, courts, and other facilities commonly used The city plans to further leverage Esri application templates tofor city business. The site also offers a customized city viewer that create tools for internal city use, such as a land-use public notificationincludes data on tax parcels, zoning, recycling centers, school districts, viewer and a tool for coordinating city projects with its engineeringand more than a dozen other factors. Each of these applications and public works departments. Though password protected for useenables citizens to search for locations and view details on an item of only by city employees, the internal applications would be part of theinterest, such as polling place hours or park offerings like hiking trails Destination Southfield portal to take advantage of the cost savings ofand picnic areas. the cloud platform. “We already had the benefit of our ArcGIS infrastructure in the To view the Destination Southfield portal, visit http://mapscloud, so that made it easier to push it out to the public via mapping For more information,apps,” says Sally Price, GIS coordinator for the City of Southfield. “The contact Michael Healander, state and local government general man-cloud was really the best route for us. It was the least expensive option ager, Geographic Information Services, Inc., at 205-941-0442, ext. 150,and didn’t require any extra hardware. When Esri released the new or and apps for local government, that seemed like the best way to  The Destination Southfield website gives citizens easy access to aget this information out to the public. It also ensures compatibility with variety of web mapping tools.future ArcGIS software releases.” Southfield’s polling place locator enables the public to find voting locations, hours, accessibility, and upcomingregistration deadlines and election dates.12 Esri News for State & Local Government Summer 2012
  11. 11. Mobile Application Directs Voters to ShortestLines on Election DayBy moving from traditional polling places tovote centers, Vanderburgh County, Indiana,saves $85,000 each year. Vote centers allowcitizens to cast their votes at the mostconvenient locations instead of only in theirdesignated precincts. To make voting eveneasier, the county offers a free mobile applica-tion that provides immediate details on thenearest vote centers, including poll hours, waittimes, and directions. Over 300 citizens havedownloaded the application on their iPhonesor Android phones, and the county expectsuse to grow significantly as the word spreadsand major elections approach. The county leveraged its existing geo-graphic information system, which is basedon Esri technology, to create a map servicethat shows all vote centers. A custom mobileapplication was then built using Esri’s ArcGISAPI for Flex to support deployment on boththe iPhone and Android platforms. To promote public use of the application,the county works with local media and offersfree downloads from Apple’s App Store andAndroid Market. Visit to access the application or view the votecenters map online. Mobile mapping applications based on Esritechnology help local governments worldwideimprove operations and services to citizens.Esri technology provides a common plat-form for data sharing to enhance workflows,improve decision making, and facilitatecommunication. “It’s simple, it’s easy, and it does what weneed. This app is going to become moreand more useful and popular as we ramp upfor a busy election season,” says Susan Kirk,Vanderburgh County clerk.  A free mobile application directs voters to the nearest vote center.14 Esri News for State & Local Government Summer 2012
  12. 12. Presorted 380 New York Street Standard Redlands, California 92373-8100 USA US Postage Paid Esri130266 QUAD137M6/12kp