Esri Technology for Homeland Security


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Esri technology enables you to effectively assess your vulnerabilities and optimize the deployment of public safety resources so you get the most from your existing investments. Esri gives you a complete system to plan, prepare, and
respond in a moment’s notice.

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Esri Technology for Homeland Security

  1. 1. Esri Technology for Homeland Security ®
  2. 2. Esri Improves Homeland SecurityA Complete System to Meet Your MissionToday’s homeland security landscape is increasingly complex. For several years, funding tosupport the homeland security mission was generally available. Today, with reduced budgetsand reduced funding, the ability to acquire additional personnel and equipment is much morechallenging. Esri® technology enables you to effectively assess your vulnerabilities and optimizethe deployment of public safety resources so you get the most from your existing investments.To overcome these and other challenges, you need better intelligence. And you need effectivecommunication and collaboration. Esri gives you a complete system to plan, prepare, andrespond in a moment’s notice. For decades, Esri has partnered with federal, state, and localagencies to design, build, and deploy geographic information system (GIS) solutions forimproved homeland security. Esri Provides a Complete System Esri enables you to optimize decision making throughout the organization. Its software services uniquely support homeland and national security capabilities on the desktop, within the cloud, or out in the field.This vulnerability assessment, generated for the hazard mitigation plan, is not onlypublished in paper form but also operationalized as another map overlay in thecommon operating picture. Planning and Analysis Esri technology supplies unmatched information analytics. You can accurately determine potential impacts by fusing incident data with critical infrastructure, population densities, and other community values. Vulnerabilities can be observed, modeled, and better understood using spatial analysis tools. You can guard against potential consequences and develop comprehensive mitigation and risk-based contingency plans.Planning and Analysis—Determining Potential Threat Impacts with ArcGIS®
  3. 3. Data Management You need to take volumes of disparate data and transform it into actionable information. GIS provides a standards- based platform that easily fits within your existing information technology structure. It gives you a powerful integration platform for storing and maintaining data using location as the common denominator.Data Management—Bringing Data from Disparate Sources into a Common Viewer Situational Awareness Effective situational awareness means accessing real- time, secure information that’s continuously updated. GIS brings together multiple data streams (sensors, cameras, traffic, weather, incidents, etc.) using a geospatial interface to represent the current situation at any scale. You can quickly display, understand, and share vital intelligence for decision support.Situational Awareness— Field Operations—UtilizingIllustrating a Chemical Plume and Mobile Solutions in ConnectedIdentifying Road Closures and and Disconnected EnvironmentsCritical Infrastructure with ThisCommon Operating Picture Field Operations GIS supplies mobile tools that enable you to get timely information anytime and anywhere and to rapidly push that data out to the field. Mobile GIS easily captures, sends, and receives information using a map-based common operating picture. Information is more effectively shared, and you have true interoperability for a safer, more effective response.Learn more about GIS for homelandsecurity at
  4. 4. About Esri Our Focus Contact EsriSince 1969, Esri has been helping Esri software is used by hundreds 1 800 GIS XPRT (1 800 447 9778)organizations map and model our of thousands of organizations that t 909 793 2853world. Esri’s GIS software tools apply GIS to solve problems and f 909 793 5953and methodologies enable these make our world a better place to info@esri.comorganizations to effectively analyze live. We pay close attention to our esri.comand manage their geographic users to ensure they have the best Offices worldwideinformation and make better tools possible to accomplish their They are supported by our missions. A comprehensive suite ofexperienced and knowledgeable staff training options offered worldwideand extensive network of business helps our users fully leverage theirpartners and international distributors. GIS applications.A full-service GIS company, Esri Esri is a socially conscious business,supports the implementation of GIS actively supporting organizationstechnology on desktops, servers, involved in education, conservation,online services, and mobile devices. sustainable development, andThese GIS solutions are flexible, humanitarian affairs.customizable, and easy to use. 380 New York Street Redlands, California 92373-8100 usaCopyright © 2011 Esri. All rights reserved. Esri, the Esri globe logo, ArcGIS,, and are trademarks, registered trademarks, or service marks of Esri in the United States, theEuropean Community, or certain other jurisdictions. Other companies and products mentioned herein may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective trademark owners.121802ESRI04/11jb Printed in USA