ENVI 5 Matriz de Funcionalidad


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Matriz de funcionalidad de la nueva versión de ENVI. Si quieres saber más, lo tienes todo en nuestra web: esri.es

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ENVI 5 Matriz de Funcionalidad

  1. 1. ENVI 5 Matriz de FuncionalidadSistemas operativos • ALOS PRISM • ER Mapper ERS • ALSAT-1 • ERDAS IMAGINE (.img)Windows XP SP2 (Intel/AMD 32- & 64-bit) • ASTER • ESRI Geodatabase Raster Dataset:Windows Vista (Intel/AMD 32- & 64-bit) • ATSR   • Personal (.mdb)Windows 7 (Intel/AMD 32- & 64-bit) • AVHRR   • File (.gdb)Linux Kernel 2.6.x (Intel/AMD 32- & 64-bit) • CARTOSAT-1   • Enterprise (.sde)Mac OS X 10.5.x (Intel 32- & 64-bit) • DMSP (NOAA) • ESRI GRIDMax OS X 10.6 (Intel 32- & 64-bit) • ENVISAT AATSR • GeoJP2 / GeoJ2KSun Solaris 10 (SPARC 32- & 64-bit) • ENVISAT MERIS • GeoTIFF • EROS • HDF4Importación de datos • FORMOSAT-2 • JPEG • GeoEye-1 • JPEG2000Fórmatos raster: • IKONOS • NITF 2.0, 2.1 (with license)• ADRG • IRS • PICT• ArcView Raster BIL • KOMPSAT-2 • PCI PIX• ASCII (x,y,z & gridded) • Landsat MSS, TM, ETM+ • PNG• BigTIFF • MAS-50 • SRF• Binary (flat) • MASTER • TIFF• BMP • MISR • XWD• CADRG • MODIS Formatos vectoriales:• CIB • NigeriaSat-1 • AutoCAD DXF• DPPDB (with license) • OrbView-3 • ENVI EVF• DTED (levels 0, 1, 2) • RapidEye • ESRI Geodatabase Feature Class:• ECW • SeaWiFS   • Personal (.mdb)• ENVI Raster • QuickBird   • File (.gdb)• ENVI Gzip Compressed • SPOT   • Enterprise (.sde)• ER Mapper ERS • TIMS • ESRI Shapefile• ERDAS IMAGINE (.img, .ige, .lan) • UK-DMCSat-1 Otros:• ESRI Geodatabase Raster Dataset: • WorldView-1 • Direct To Printer  • Personal (.mdb) • WorldView-2 • Google Earth KML  • File (.gdb) Sensores hiperespectro: • MPEG  • Enterprise (.sde) • AISA • PostScript• ESRI GRID • ARTEMIS (with license) • VRML• GeoJP2 / GeoJ2K • AVIRIS Chip Display To:• GeoTIFF • CASI • ArcMap• HDF4 • HyMap • ENVI Raster• HDF-EOS • Hyperion • ESRI Geodatabase Raster Dataset• JPEG • HyperScan • JPEG• JPEG2000 • HySpex • JPEG2000 / GeoJP2• MrSID (including MG3) • MIVIS • NITF 2.0, 2.1 (with license)• NITF 1.1, 2.0, 2.1 (with license) • PROBE-1 • PowerPoint PPT• NSIF 1.0 (with license) • ProspecTIR • Printer• PCI PIX Radar: • TIFF / GeoTIFF• PDS • AIRSAR Exportación de mapas a:• PICT • ALOS PALSAR • AI• PNG • COSMO-SkyMed • BMP• RemoteView R-Set (with license) • ENVISAT ASAR • EMF• SRF • ERS • EPS• SRTM DEM • JERS • GIF• TFRD (with license) • RADARSAT-1 • JPEG• TIFF • RADARSAT-2 • PDF• USGS DOQ • SIR-C / X-SAR • PNG• USGS DRG • TOPSAR • Printer• USGS Native DEM Conexiones remotas: • SVG• USGS SDTS DEM • IAS Server • TIFF• XWD • JPIPFormatos vectoriales: • OGC WCS• ARC/INFO Interchange Heramientas ENVI para ArcGIS® • OGC WMS• AutoCAD DXF Spectral Libraries: Auto-Threshold Difference Raster• ENVI Vector File • ASCII Calculate Image Difference• ESRI Geodatabase Feature Class: • ENVI SLI Calculate Thematic Change  • Personal (.mdb) • ASD Indico Classification Raster To Vector  • File (.gdb) • MRSL Classify With Training  • Enterprise (.sde) Anotaciones: Classify Without Training• ESRI Layer • ENVI Annotation Cleanup Classification Raster• ESRI Shapefile Convert Raster Format• MapInfo MIF Detect Anomalies• Microstation DGN Formatos de salida Filter With Convolution• USGS DLG Formatos raster: Intersect RastersFormatos LiDAR: • ArcView Raster BIL LiDAR To Raster• ASCII • ASCII (x,y,z & gridded) Threshold By Percentage• LAS • BMP Workflow Models with CleanupSensores multiespectro: • DTED (levels 0, 1, 2)• ADS40 • ENVI Raster• ALOS AVNIR-2 • ENVI Gzip Compressed pg. 1
  2. 2. Funcionalidades de Visualización • Merge ROIs Import Ground Control Points from File • Import ROIs from Vectors Orthorectification:Chip To: Output ROIs to ASCII • Aerial Photographs (Digital and Frame)• File ROI Save & Restore • ASTER• PowerPoint Reconcile ROIs between Images via • CARTOSAT-1• Print Map Coordinates • Generic RPC• ArcMap ROI Growing Based on Statistics • Generic Pushbroom SensorsDrag/Drop from: • IKONOS ROI Statistics• ArcGIS • OrbView-3• File System GeoEye-1• Windows Explorer Preparación de datos WorldView & WorldView-2• Data Manager Create New Standard or Virtual Image File FORMOSAT-2Drag/Drop to the: from Existing Bands Kompsat-2• Display Generate Test Image QuickBird• Process Mask Generation From: SPOT 1-5• Workflows • Annotation Radial ResamplingGeoLink with ArcMap • Image Data Values Rational Polynomial CoefficientsColor Mapping • ROIs (RPCs) SupportColor Tables: • Intersection of ROIs Replacement Sensor Model (RSM)• Pre-built Tables • Vectors Real-time GPS Link• Interactive Color Table Editor • NaN Rotated ProjectionsCursor Query for Data/Screen Value, Elevation, Mosaic Functions: Save Transformation Matrix to ASCIIMap Coordinates • Color Mosaic Preview Warp Resampling Methods:Dynamic Overlays (unlimited displays) • Cutline & Edge Feathering • BilinearHistogram Matching Between Displays • Interactively Mosaic Multiple Bands, Files • Cubic ConvolutionImage Flickering and "Movies" • Mosaic by Pixel (Line, Sample) or Map • Nearest NeighborImage Overlays: Coordinates Warping Methods:• Annotation • Automatic Color Balancing • Delaunay Triangulation• Classification Results • Standard Image or Virtual Mosaic Output • Polynomial• Contour Lines Define Spatial Subset by: • Rotation, Scaling, Translation (RST)• Density (gray level) Color Slicing • Drawing on Display• Grid Lines • File, Map Coordinates• Regions of Interest • Region of Interest Proyección de mapas• Vector Layers • Other Image Extent Datum Support (90)Interactive 2-D Scatter Plotting • Meta Scroll Extent Dozens of Prebuilt Map Projections (ExamplesInteractive Histograms & Stretching: NITF Metadata Browser Include):• Arbitrary Stretching Rotate/Flip Data • Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM)• Auto Apply Stretches Spatial and Spectral Subsets • State Plane• Gaussian Stretching Storage Order (Interleave) Conversions: • Albers Conical Equal Area• Histogram Equalization Stretching • BSQ, BIL, BIP • Lambert Conformal Conic• Histogram Matching Between Displays • New File or Replace Original • Miller Cylindrical• Linear, Piecewise Linear Stretching Stretch Data Ellipsoid Support (35)• Square Root Stretching Subsample Images Pseudo-Projections from RPCs and RSM• Import/Export ASCII Look Up Tables• User-Defined Look Up TablesInteractive Pixel Editor Preprocesado y calibrado Vector GIS FunctionsLine-of-Sight (Viewshed) Analysis Apply Gain & Offset Drag/Drop ArcGIS LayersLink Unlimited Displays Bad Band Identification ArcGIS Layer Attribute ViewingMeasurement Tool Bad Line Replacement Add Nodes to VectorsOutput Displays PowerPoint: Bad Pixel Replacement Annotate Vector Windows• Create New Presentation Cross-Track Illumination Correction Attributes:• Append to Existing Presentation Dark Subtraction • Create New Vector AttributesOutput Displays to File or Printer Destripe Data • Edit Query Vector AttributesOutput Displays of Zoom Window Empirical Line Calibration • Import from ArcView Shapefiles, ASCIIQuick Filters: ERS and Radarsat Data Calibration • Query to Create New Vector Layer• Sharpen Flat Field Calibration Burn-in Vectors on Raster Image• Smooth Ignore Pixel Value Convert Vector Layer Projection• Median Internal Average Relative Reflectance Create Contour Vectors from Raster DataQuick Color-Infrared, True-Color Displays Calibration Create New Vector LayersSave and/or Restore Display Group Log Residuals Create Vector Boundaries:Select Display Bands from Spectral Plots MODIS Bowtie Correction • Countries, States, Coasts, RiversSet Default Display Bands Radiometric Calibrations: • For Whole WorldSpatial and Spectral Pixel Editing • AVHRR • For Lat/Long BoundariesSpatial and Spectral Profiles • Landsat MSS, TM, ETM Direct Printing of GIS LayersSub-Pixel Cursor Location • TIMS Display Vectors with Different Projections inUnlimited Number of Displays • QuickBird the Same WindowVirtual Mosaic Sea Surface Temperature From AVHRR Drag/Drop to Arrange Layer OrderVector Overlays & GIS Capabilities Thermal Atmospheric Correction Edit Layer Characteristics Export Vector Data to Common GIS Formats Export Vector AttributesÁreas de interés Registro y rectificación GPS InputBuffer Zones Around ROIs Associate DEM With Image Heads-up (On-screen) DigitizingClassification Images from ROIs Automatic Georeferencing of ASTER, AVHRR, Intelligent DigitizerExport ROIs to Vectors AATSR, ASAR, MERIS, MODIS, Radarsat, Import Common GIS Formats:Input ROIs from ASCII SeaWiFS, SPOT • ESRI ShapefilesInteractive, Easy-to-use ROI Definition: Subpixel Ground Control Point Locations • Arc Interchange• Draw Polygons, Polylines, Pixels Georectify SPOT Using Information From • AutoCAD DXF• Draw ROIs with Interior Spaces (Donuts) Leader File • MapInfo• ROIs from Intersection of Other ROIs Ground Control Points Prediction • Microstation DGN• Multiple Objects Within One ROI Image-to-Map Registration • USGS DLG• ROI Definition via Scatter Plots Image-to-Image Registration • USGS SDTS• Threshold Images to ROI Interactive Ground Control Point Collection • ENVI Native Vector Format pg. 2
  3. 3. Import from ArcGIS GeoDatabase Spectral Slices Matemáticas y estadísticaInteractive Vector Layer Querying Target - Constrained Interference - MinimizedJoin Vectors Filter (TCIMF) AutocorrelationMultiple Vector Selection Target Detection Wizard Band HistogramsOn-the-fly Vector Projection Conversion Vegetation Guided Workflows: Band Math and Spectral Math:Raster to Vector Conversions • Fire Fuel Load • Boolean OperatorsSave Vectors to ArcGIS GeoDatabase • Agricultural Stress • Trigonometric FunctionsSplit Vectors • Forest Health • Data Type Conversion FunctionsVector Cursor Query Vegetation Indices: • Relational OperatorsVector Display Zooming • Greenness • Many Other Mathematical ExpressionsVector Editing • Light-use Efficiency CorrelogramsVector to Raster Conversion • Canopy Nitrogen Display Statistics: • Senescent Carbon • Minimum, Maximum, Mean, Standard • Canopy Water DeviationHerramientas de análisis espectral • Leaf Pigment Image Statistics: • Band Minimum, Maximum, Mean, StandardAdaptive Coherence Estimator (ACE) Vegetation Suppression Algorithm Deviation, Eigenvalues, Eigenvectors,Anomaly Detection Covariance, Correlation MatricesAutomated Corner Clustering in N-D ScatterPlot Herramientas SPEAR Output Matrix Stats to Image Files: • Covariance MatrixBandMax Band Optimization Anomaly Detection • Correlation MatrixConstrained Energy Mimimization (CEM) Change Detection - 2 Color Multi-view (2CMV) • EigenvectorsContinuum Removal of Images, Spectra Change Detection - PCADecision Tree Classifier Change Detection - Subtractive SemivariogramsExtraction of Endmember Spectra Google Earth BridgeIntegrated Spectral Viewing & Analysis Image-to-Map RegistrationLinear Spectral Unmixing Clasificación de Imágenes Independent Component Analysis Adaptive Coherence Estimator (ACE)Least Squares (LS) Fit LOC - Lines of Communication - Roads Accuracy AssessmentMatched Filtering LOC - Lines of Communication - Water AIRSAR Scattering Mechanism ClassifierMixture Tuned Matched Filtering Metadata Browser Automatic Legends for Classified ImagesMixture Tuned Target - Constrained Orthorectification Change Detection - PCAInterference - Minimized Filter (MTTCIMF) Pan Sharpening Change Detection - 2CMV (2 ColorN-Dimensional Visualizer (Scatter Plot) Relative Water Depth Multi-view)Orthogonal Subspace Projection (OSP) Spectral Analogues Change Detection - SubtractivePixel Editing Terrain Categorization (TERCAT) Change Detection, Thematic and GrayscalePixel Purity Index (PPI) Vegetation Delineation ImagesSAM Target Finder With BandMax Vertical Stripe Removal Classification PreviewSMACC Endmember Extraction & Sub-pixel Watercraft Finder Class StatisticsAnalysis Classification Image from ROIsSPEAR Tools: Transformaciones Constrained Energy Mimimization (CEM)• Change Detection - Two Color Multi-view Decision Trees(2CMV) Adaptive Coherence Estimator (ACE) Density Slicing• Change Detection - PCA Band Ratios Interactive User-Defined Rule Classifier• Change Detection - Subtractive Color Transforms: Independent Components Analysis• Pan-Sharpening • RGB to HSV, HSL, or Munsell HSV Orthogonal Subspace Projection (OSP)• Lines of Communication - Water • HSV, HSL, or Munsell HSV to RGB Mixture Tuned Target-Constrained Interference• Lines of Communication - Roads Decorrelation Stretch - Minimized Filter (MTTCIMF)• Watercraft Finder Independent Components Analysis Receiver Operating Characteristic (ROC)• Relative Water Depth Image Sharpening: Curves:• Vegetation Delineation and Stress Detection • Color Normalized Spectral • Find Optimal Classification Thresholds• Spectral Analogues • Gram-Schmidt Spectral • Decrease False Classifications• TERCAT (Terrain Categorization) • HSV and Brovey Separate Classification Thresholds for EachSpectral Resampling: • PC Spectral Class• Predefined Sensor Band Filters • Preserving Spectral Integrity Supervised Classifications:• User Defined Filters Minimum Noise Fraction (MNF) • Binary Encoding• Spectral Libraries and Images Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) • ParallelepipedSpectral Analyst for Material Identification Pan Sharpening (see Image Sharpening) • Mahalanobis DistanceSpectral Angle Mapper (SAM) Principal Components Rotation • Minimum DistanceSpectral Feature Fitting (SFF) Saturation Stretch • Maximum LikelihoodSpectral Hourglass Wizard Synthetic Color Image • Neural NetworkSpectral Information Divergence (SID) Tasseled Cap • Spectral Angle Mapper (SAM)Spectral Libraries Included: • Spectral Information Divergence (SID)• Minerals, Vegetation, Rocks, Water, Soils, Filtros • Support Vector Machine (SVM)Snow, • TERCAT (Terrain Categorization)Manmade De adaptación: Target-Constrained Interference-Minimized• VNIR, SWIR, MWIR, LWIR • Frost, Enhanced Frost Gamma, Kuan, Lee, Filter (TCIMF)Spectral Library Builder/Importer Enhanced Lee, Local Sigma, Bit Error Training Data From:Spectral Library Viewer Filtros convolution: • Regions of InterestSpectral Math • High & Low Pass, Laplacian, Directional, • Pixel SpectraSpectral Plots: Gaussian, Median, Sobel, Roberts • Library Spectra• Boxcar Average of Pixel Spectra Filtering Preview Unsupervised Classifications:• Continuum Removal Interactive Fourier Filtering: • K-Means• Cursor Query of X,Y Plot Values • Forward Transform • ISODATA• Drag and Drop Spectra Among Plot • Interactive Frequency Domain Masking Vegetation Guided Workflows:• From 3D SurfaceView • Inverse Transform • Fire Fuel Load• From Image Pixels (Z Profile) De morfología: • Agricultural Stress• From Spectral Libraries • Dilate, Erode, Opening, Closing • Forest Health• From ROI Averages De textura:• Link Spectral Plots from Multiple Images • Data Range, Mean, Variance, Entropy,• Plot Stacked Spectra Skewness, Homogeneity, Contrast, Dissimilarity,• User-Defined Plot Functions Second Moment, Correlation• Wavenumber or Wavelength User-Defined Filter KernelsSubspace Background Suppression (continued on back) pg. 3
  4. 4. Herramientas de clasificación Funcionalidad radar DocumentaciónAccuracy Assessment: Adaptive (Speckle Reduction) Filters: Context-Sensitive Help• Kappa Coefficient • Frost Module Documentation• Confusion Matrix • Enhanced Frost On-line, Hyperlinked DocumentationClassification to Vector • Gamma Printed DocumentationClass Statistics • Kuan Programmers Guide (with Examples)Interactive Class Overlay Tool • Lee Training ManualsReassign Class Colors, Names • Enhanced Lee Tutorials & Sample DataSpatial Functions: • Local Sigma Users Guide• Buffer Zones Around Classes • Bit Error• Clump, Sieve, Combine Antenna Pattern Correction * Only available in ENVI+IDL.• Majority & Minority Analysis AIRSAR Scattering Mechanism Classifier• Segmentation Image CEOS Tape Reading ENVI and IDL are registered trademarksStratified Random Point Generation Convert integrated TOPSAR to: of Exelis Inc. All other trademarks or • C-band VV data brand names are the property of their • Correlation image respective owners. All Rights Reserved.Análisis topográfico • Digital Elevation Model (DEM)Associate DEM with Image • Incident Angle imageCalculate Slope and Aspect Images • L- and P-band polarimetric AIRSAR DataCalculate Shaded Relief Image Display and Analyze Radar Data UsingCreate DEM From Vector Elevation Contours Standard ENVI toolsHillshade (Shaded Relief Combined with RGB Edge Enhancement FiltersImage) Import ASAR, ERS, JERS, RADARSAT, AIRSAR,Line-of-Sight (Viewshed) Analysis TOPSAR, SIR-C/X-SAR, ALOSRasterize Point Data Incident Angle ImagesTopographic Measures: Multi-Look SIR-C Data• Convexity Pedestal Height Images• Plan Convexity Phase Difference Images• Longitudinal Convexity Polarization Signatures from ROIs &• Cross Sectional convexity Single Pixels• Minimum Curvature RADARSAT-2 Endorsement• Maximum Curvature Sigma nought and Beta nought from ERS,Three-Dimensional Visualization RadarsatTopographic Feature Extraction (Classification): Slant-to-Ground Range Conversion• Ridge, Channel, Plane, Peak, Pit Synthetic Color Image Synthesize Images from Compressed, Complex Scattering Matrix Data3-D SurfaceView Texture MeasuresAnimated 360º Visualization View CEOS HeadersAssociate DEM With ImageChange View Interactively Using MouseCreate Fly-Through Sequence: Interfaz general y operaciones• Interpolate Between User Selected Views 8- and 24-Bit Color, Multiple Displays• Follow Annotation Line Access to IDL Functions*Custom Background Color Add Custom Routines to MenuDrape Image Over 3-D Surface Batch Recording, Queuing, and PlaybackOutput Fly-Through Sequence: Build Scripts for Common Functions*• MPEG, VRML 2.0 Command Line Use of ENVI Routines *Overlay Vectors, Regions Of Interest Context-Sensitive Mouse DescriptionsSet Vertical Exaggeration Cursor Coordinates (Pixel & Map) , Data Values,Smooth Image, DEM and Elevations Direct Link to GPS Devices (Real-time Input) Edit ENVI Header InformationAnotación y composición de mapas Efficient Memory ManagementMap/Print Layout utilizing ArcGIS Templates Extensive Preferences SettingsUtilize ArcGIS Layout Templates Geo-Browser Image Selection from GraphicalAutomatic Contour Labeling Index MapAutomatic Legends for Classified Images, Scale Logical Menu-Based GUI (Graphical UserBars, and Color Ramps Text, Polygons, Interface)Polylines, Points, Symbols Multi-Processor Aware AlgorithmsBurn-in or Overlay Annotations Platform-Independent Operation Recursive Directory Scanning for Files Calle Emilio Muñoz, 35-37, 28037Cartographic Symbols 902 11 05 04Contour Lines from DEM, Other Images Support for Files Greater than 2GB informacion@esri.es www.esri.esCounting Tool User-Configurable Menus & ButtonsCreate Reusable Map TemplatesGrid Lines: Pixel, Lat/Long &/or Map GridsInset Images (e.g., Logos) or Vector Plots MódulosInteractive Map Composition Using Image ENVI Atmospheric Correction ModuleDisplays ENVI Certified NITF Module:Interactively Reposition Annotation and Map • ENVI Certified NITF Module with TFRDElements ENVI DEM Extraction Module for Stereo ImagesInteractive Plot Scaling ENVI Feature Extraction ModuleRotated Map Projections ENVI Orthorectification ModuleSave & Restore All Parameters SARscape Family of Modules for ENVITrueType® Fonts (Plus Add Your Own)User Definable Arrows, Declination Diagrams(True, Grid and Magnetic North) Exelis Visual Information SolutionsVector Overlays 4990 Pearl East Circle • Boulder CO, 80301 303.786.9900 • www.exelisvis.com pg. 4