Building Mosaics
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Building Mosaics



Guenter Doerffel presentation on Esri European User Conference 2011.

Guenter Doerffel presentation on Esri European User Conference 2011.



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Building Mosaics Building Mosaics Presentation Transcript

  • TW: Building Mosaic Datasets 28th of October 2011 - 11.30 to 13.00held by: Guenter Doerffel Technical Marketing Lead SynerGIS Austria (Distributor Austria)
  • The description in the Agenda
  • A rough plan for this afternoon • Mosaic Datset Basics • Different Mosaic Datasets • There is more to it … Configuration, GP, … • Serving Mosaics: Image Services Always included: Whats comming with ArcGIS 10.1
  • Organizing rasters as a mosaic dataset Image 1 Image 2 Image 3 Image 4 Source images Mosaic datasetA
  • The Mosaic Dataset Advantage(s) • All Pro‘s of unmanaged Catalog and Raster Dataset • Can combine data of different resolution, color model, spatial reference, meaning … • Can handle overlapping data (space and time!) • Knows about raster types/ raster products (10.1) • Knows about (on the fly) raster functions • Can dynamically mosaic using different methods • Allows access to table for selection • Can create Referenced Mosaics (derived results) • Is time-aware • Can be served as Image Service
  • Mosaic methods control display order Closest to Center Area of InterestA
  • Mosaic methods control display order Closest to Nadir NadirA
  • Mosaic methods control display order By Attribute With no Cloud cover With Cloud cover By Cloud cover By Acquisition DateA D
  • A LITTLE DEMOMosaic Dataset PropertiesDifferent mosaic methods in realDynamic data compressionRaster functions
  • Workflow to create a mosaic dataset Create a geodatabase Create a new mosaic dataset Add rasters to mosaic dataset Optimize … 3 4A D
  • The structure of a MosaicDataset • Group-Layer display in ArcMap: - Boundary Default: Full extent off all Images in fact: Whatever you want - Footprint Default: Extent of participating images In fact: Can be changed individually! - (Seamline) Where mosaicking is to take place - Image The single Image delivered to client … with many additional settings
  • Images might not be visible in all scales • Visibility depends on RESOLUTION and SCALE … • … and can be influenced by PYRAMIDS and OVERVIEWS This defines the „Display-Range“ as PixelSize (PS) in which the Image will be used by the system This describes the resolution range inside the image … … so in this case, there are internal pyramids If metric: Scale = PS x 96/0.0254 Conversion factor inch:meter Dpi-Default (PC Display)
  • Raster pyramids always show the same content ... 10 m Level 0 20m Level 1 40 m Level 2 Different cell sizes 80m Level 3A
  • Overviews are not (always) pyramids …. 10 m Level 0 20m Level 1 40 m Level 2 Different cell sizes 80m Level 3A
  • Keep in mind: Tiles … • Some Raster Formats allow tiling • MUCH faster access (less data to be read – less memory used) • Standard: 128 x 128 Pixel (this is often too small!) - Adjust: ¼ of average display size • Tiling is invisible for end user! 0 1 2 0 Internal tiles 1 2
  • Modify footprint or boundary • Extents of images and services are defined by vectorsFootprints + Overviews = Boundary Image ViewWithout changing …you can offer aany image content… services like this!
  • A LITTLE DEMOCreating a mosaic datasetThe table structure and its meaningsChanging footprint and boundaryOverviews are not pyramids but may be
  • There is much more to it … examplesRaster Types – potentially complex Image Specifications • ArcGIS Raster Dataset is just one „Type“ • Raster Types make sure, the data content of many files is used … • Makes use of function chains
  • There is much more to it … examplesNo data handling – smarter than ever • More than one value per dataset • True masking • Makes use of Mask-function
  • There is much more to it … examplesReferenced Mosaic – one source, many services • Only maintain one Mosaic • Referenced ones are updated automatically • Example: Create one Elevation service … - Referenced Service: Hillshade - Referenced Service: Aspect Hillshade - Referenced Service: Slope … Slope Referenced Mosaic Datasets Lidar DEM Aspect
  • There is much more to it … examplesSynchronize – Data changes detected automatically • Base data changes … - Same name, different content - Files added to a workspace (*10.1 final) - Metadata changes to a dataset - New geometry to a dataset - … Run „Synchronize“ and the system does whats needed
  • There is much more to it … examplesImport Geometry – Use your geometries as footprint/boundary • A service for every administrative unit? • A limited service for a contractor, only for a week? • Exclude military facilities?
  • There is much more to it … examplesGP-Tools – automate your work • Part of the data management tools • Toolset in the Raster Toolbox • other relevant tools in - Raster Catalog - Raster Processing - Raster Properties
  • A LITTLE DEMO (if time)Adding a GeoEye raster typeNoData – a really horrable exampleReferenced Mosaics from elevation data
  • A summary of 10.1 MosaicDataset News • More Mosaic Properties • Extended Raster Function (batch) Editor • Attribute Table Function => Classification • Load LIDAR from *.las • Analyze Mosaic: like for MSD • Need to Upgrade 10 to 10.1 dataset
  • Image-Services: The served MosaicDataset • Many server-sided settings: - Size - Number of rasters - Resampling - Compression - MosaicMethods - Table/catalog access - Metadata level - Fields - Download - Upload (10.1) - Mensuration (10.1)
  • A LITTLE DEMOImageService Properties on the serverA sample web client to ImageServices
  • A summary of 10.1 ImageService News • Extended REST-API (Operations) - Add Raster - Update Raster - Delete Raster - Mensuration - … • Resourcen - Tile - Attribute Table - Colormap - …
  • A summary of 10.1 ImageService News • Function Templates
  • Me gustaría dar las gracias aI would like to thank• Tracasa• Aurensis• la Junta de Andalucía• el Instituto Geográfico Nacional• y a Esri Españapor su colaboración en los datos usados en este workshop for their collaboration with the data used for this presentation
  • Questions ???
  • Thank You