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ESE Teen & Junior programmes -2013


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  • 2. You can put your mind at rest while your child is studying English with ESE.
  • 3. Welcome to ESE – a school which offers you peaceof mind when you send your child on a study holiday.Like you, we believe that the benefits of sending yourchild abroad are enormous.Living away from home means that your child becomesmore independent, learns to understand and appreciatecultural differences, makes new friends from all overthe world and gains first hand experience of living inanother country. From the academic point of view, yourchild is immersed in an English-speaking environmentwhich allows him or her to practise English and interactwith other English-speaking friends all day long.At ESE we strive to provide excellence and highstandards across all our study travel services. Our longlist of prestigious accreditations is your guarantee ofour commitment to continuous development and thehighest standards in the quality of our teaching, ouraccommodation, leisure and welfare services.You can put your mind at rest while your child isstudying English with ESE… our Team is lookingforward to welcoming him/her!SeanSean LeGaultChief Executive Officer & Director
  • 4. TEEN & JUNIOR PROGRAMMES 2013ContentsWhy choose ESE? 6Why Malta? 9Academics 11Young Learners Programme 8 – 11 Years 12College Camp Programme 12 – 14 Years 14Junior Club Programme 13 – 17 Years 16Other ESE Programmes 18Milan Junior Camp + English 10 – 16 Years 18Young Adults 17 Years + 19Closed Groups 19Accommodation 20Leisure Programmes 22
  • 5. Why choose ESE? Whether your child is 8 or 15 years to their age and level of English. Lessons What we expect from old, it is natural for you to worry are pitched at a language level which about their safety and well being stimulates and challenges your child. Under your child whilst studying when you send them on a study the guidance of our Director of Studies, our at ESE travel trip away from home. At ESE, qualified teachers choose activities and In order to safeguard your child’s well-being we go to great lengths to provide topics which are relevant and appealing to on a day to day basis during his/her study a safe learning environment both your child’s maturity level and interests. By trip, ESE has a written policy of behaviour at school, during extracurricular following English classes with other children guidelines which promotes positive behavior, activities and at the accommodation of a similar age group from all over the world, multiracial respect, admirable citizenship you have booked. your child gains the confidence to integrate skills and the development of self-discipline. easily without feeling disadvantaged All students are expected to follow the linguistically or psychologically. Round-the-clock guidelines as stipulated by the package they are booked on, depending on their age group. support Activity-packed leisure The ESE written guidelines are explained After being met by one of our ESE staff programme to students on arrival (found in their members at the airport, your child is Welcome Pack) and are found on our website Depending on which package you book for accompanied to his/her accommodation. your child, there is a full list of extracurricular During his/her stay, our support staff are activities your child can join. By joining always available for your child’s assistance ESE activities your child continues to enjoy and guidance so you can rest assured that multifold opportunities to practise English, s‌ ‌ e is never really alone. Academic advisers, /h make new friends and interact in an English- group leaders, ESE Residence and Camp speaking environment. All our activities are supervisors and co-ordinators, teachers organised and supervised by ESE staff and and in-house First Aiders are all at hand to prearranged transport is provided to the offer any assistance your child may need. activity and back to the accommodation On top of that, should your child need any where your child is staying, The older your medication or treatment, an ESE medical child, the more flexibility your child has in doctor is always on call. choosing which activities s‌ ‌ e wants to join /h Multilingual, and the freedom to spend his/her free time as s‌/‌he wishes. Booking ESE activities means age-grouped classes that all transport is organised and your child “It’s the fourth time that Jacopo and I have come to Malta and ESE to learn English together On the first day of school, our Academic will not need to use public transport or make because we find the staff welcoming and we are happy with the quality of the teaching.” team places your child in a multinational his/her way back to his/her accommodation Alberto Luca class where students are grouped according alone at night. Italy6
  • 6. TEEN JUNIOR PROGRAMMES 2013 By joining ESE activities your child continues to enjoy multifold opportunities to practise English. Teen Junior Top Nationalities 2012German18%Italian 14%Austrian 12%Czech 10%Russian 10%Dutch 8%Swiss 8%Spanish 5%French 4%Other 11% 7
  • 7. 8
  • 8. TEEN JUNIORWhy Malta? PROGRAMMES 2013Malta is a small sunny island in the centre of sunshine beaming down on the crystal clearthe Mediterranean Sea where English enjoys blue Mediterranean waters which surround EUROPEthe status of an official language. Just two the island make it an attractive holiday ITALYor three hours away from most European destination all year round. Its small size,capital cities, Malta has been welcoming relatively cheap public transport systemEnglish language learners of all ages for and welcoming locals add to the attraction Me d i te rran e an Se amore than half a century and has grown from of this island as a destination where Englishstrength to strength as an EFL destination. language learners can enjoy themselves THE MALTESE ISLANDSIn fact, it has recently earned a reputation while learning. NORTH AFRICAas a centre of excellence in the EFL industry. Another reason why visitors return to MaltaA 2011 United Nations report placed Malta year after year is the fact that there is soas the safest place in Europe to live, with much to see and do with short travelling timeleast risk of natural disasters and global from one place to another. Cultural tours Me d i te rran e an Se acatastrophes. This, and the fact that Malta can be combined with sports activities such GOZOboasts one of the lowest crime rates in as diving and sailing. Typical villages offer COMINOEurope, makes it a safe learning environment a spectacle of brightly coloured fireworkfor learners of all ages. festivals throughout the summer months MALTA St Julian’s while nightclubs, restaurants and beaches VallettaThe main attractions of Malta as a study dot the island. Whatever your preferences,travel destination for adults and juniors are you won’t be disappointed with what Maltanumerous. Malta’s mild weather during the has to offer.winter months and the invigorating summer Malta boasts one of the lowest crime rates in Europe,making it a safe learning environment for learners “I love ESE, because the leaders are wonderful and I learn a lot of English.”of all ages. Chistian Motting, 17 Germany 9
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  • 10. Academics TEEN JUNIORUnderstanding our Language Levels PROGRAMMES 2013 ESE CEFR Level Level ESE Academics Our pool of permanent EFL teachers are friendly, experienced and well- You can understand almost everything qualified to teach your son or daughter and offer all the academic guidance 8 C2 you hear or read. You can express yourself and support your child needs. Our teachers are adept at helping your child Proficiency spontaneously and fluently on most topics, develop his/her core language skills holistically but with a special focus on including abstract and complex ones. becoming a more confident and fluent speaker of English. 7 You can express yourself fluently, effectively Methodology Advanced C1 and accurately in most situations. ESE teachers use a learner-centred, communicative approach in the classroom which places the learner at the heart of teaching. Activities 6 You can communicate easily and effectively are organised in small groups or pairs, allowing your child maximum Upper B2 on a wide range of topics and easily opportunities to interact and build up confidence as s‌‌ e communicates /h Intermediate understand the main ideas of complex texts. in English with multinational friends of the same age and level of English proficiency. You can understand and interact in a variety 5 of social situations but may sometimes find Continuous Professional Development Intermediate B1.2 that your vocabulary range and ability to Every year our teachers participate in Teacher Training courses as part of use more complex structures accurately their Continuous Professional Development (CPD) and follow workshops in and fluently is limited. a variety of EFL areas such as how to make lessons as dynamic and engaging You can interact in everyday social and as possible for different age groups. CPD ensures that our ESE teachers are 4 travel situations and understand some always up-to-date with new teaching trends and technology so that our Low B1.1 of what you hear or read. You have a students experience the highest standard of teaching. Intermediate reasonable vocabulary and knowledge of basic grammar structures. Accredited Trinity Examination Centre ESE is an accredited Trinity examination centre for GESE (Graded Examinations 3 You have basic vocabulary and can in Spoken English) and ISE (Integrated Skills in English). Teachers are trained Pre- A2 communicate in everyday situations such by Trinity to deliver GESE and ISE examination courses in preparation for Intermediate as shopping, meeting people and travelling. the exams. You can interact in a simple way and Our School 2 A1 understand a few basic English words and During peak season, teen and junior students are allocated to the ESE summer Elementary phrases for immediate situations as well as annex schools. These schools boast well-lit classrooms which are bright and familiar topics. suitably equipped to create a safe and stimulating learning environment. You can use and understand rehearsed During Spring, Autumn and Winter breaks, the ESE main school is used. 1 Starter situation-specific phrases and a few basic The school is large and modern and comprises 60 classrooms (many with Starter English words on very familiar topics interactive whiteboards), 2 computer labs, a Self-Access centre/library, a cafeteria and student lounge.CEFR refers to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages Most of our teachers are experienced and qualified with a CELTA, a CertTESOL or a higherteaching qualification. All our teachers follow training courses and participate in regularworkshops as part of their Continuous Professional Development. 11
  • 11. Young Learners Programme 8 – 11 Years The Young Learners programme is specifically-designed for our youngest ESE students. The programme is an all-inclusive package which includes dynamic lessons, age-appropriate activities, return transport from/to all activities, school and residence and round-the- clock supervision for your peace of mind. A Learning Facilitator, who is also a qualified EFL teacher, accompanies your child during lessons and on activities so that you can rest assured that your child is under a watchful (and friendly!) eye. Our qualified teachers use many innovative and stimulating teaching techniques to keep your child motivated and excited about learning the English language.12
  • 12. LessonsGrouped according to age, your child TEEN JUNIORfollows a dynamic activity-based English PROGRAMMESlearning programme. Naturally curious, Leisure Programme 2013children love exploring, playing gamesand trying anything new. For this reason, The Young Learner programme is an activity-our Young Learner classes are designed to packed programme with plenty of fun andcombine learning with activity and play, opportunities to interact with other English-giving as many opportunities for indirect speaking friends. Your child is accompaniedlearning as possible. Small group and pair by ESE Group Leaders or Facilitators on allwork activities help to build your child’s activities so you can rest assured that there Dates: 29.06.2013 – 08.09.2013confidence as s‌‌ e interacts in English with /h is always an adult present to supervise your Entry level: All levels –multinational friends. child. All ESE activities are carefully chosen mixed proficiency groupsOur qualified teachers use many innovative by our Leisure staff to ensure that your child Min. age: 8stimulating teaching techniques to keep your does not come in harm’s way while s‌he is /‌ on his/her study holiday. Some of our Young Max. age: 11child motivated and excited about learningthe English language. Typical classroom Learners’ favourite activities include a visit Length of course: Min. 2 weeksactivities include learning English through to the Splash and Fun Park, a Treasure Hunt, Bowling and the Sunset Picnic. Lessons/week: 20 lessons (15 hours)songs, music, films and Create Describeand Art Craft activities. Multinational Class size: Max. 15interests such as national hobbies, traditional For more information about the Young Learners package, visit our website Supervision: 24/7dishes and favourite sports form the basisof the topics which underpin the lessons. Residence: College Camp Residence (see page 20)Young Learners Sample School Day 07:30 Wake up call/Showers 08:30 Breakfast 09:30 Morning Activity such as visit to The Bird Park 13:00 Hot Lunch at College Camp residence 14:00 Rest time 15:00 English Lessons 19:00 Dinner at school 20:00 Evening activity 23:00 Lights Out 13
  • 13. College Camp Programme 12 – 14 Years The College Camp programme is an all-inclusive package for 12 – 14 year olds which comprises engaging lessons, activities which are specially selected for this age group, and return transport from/ to all activities, school and residence as well as round- the-clock supervision. You can choose the number of hours of face-to-face teaching your child follows per day.14
  • 14. LessonsBooking your child on the College Camp package means that you can choose the number of hours TEEN JUNIORof face-to-face teaching your child follows per day. College Camp learners may choose to book PROGRAMMESgroup classes of General English of 20 or 30 lessons per week or the popular Intensive option which 2013is a combination of 20 group classes with 10 individual lessons. All classes are held on campus. General English 20/30 Intensive Leisure Programme In classes of a maximum of 15 students, 20 group lessons of General English College Camp learners follow an ESE your child follows an English learning are combined with individual lessons supervised activity programme appropriate programme which focuses on the allowing your child to focus on topics for their age group from Monday to Saturday. development of language across the and areas of language knowledge of his/ Through ESE-organised activities, your child core skills (listening, speaking, reading her preference. During such individual enjoys additional opportunities to practise and writing), vocabulary and increasing lessons, your child benefits from the English and make friends with other learners language awareness. Lessons are based teacher’s full attention and maximum in a safe and enjoyable setting. ESE organised on topics appropriate for their age opportunities for practice and feedback. transport is provided to and from all activity group and can include problem-solving venues. activities, role plays, questionnaires, Our College Camp students’ favourite sharing experiences, reading and Dates: 29.06.2013 – 08.09.2013 activities include a visit to the Splash and listening activities. Fun park, a day trip to Comino and a swim Entry level: Starter+ at one of Malta’s sandy beaches. Min. age: 12 For more information about the College Max. age: 14 Camp package, visit our website Length of course: Min. 2 weeks Lessons/week: General English 20 (15 hours) Optional: General English 30 (22.5 hours) Intensive: 20 Group (15 hours) + 10 individual (7.5 hours)“My course and teacher arevery good, I like it when Class size: Max. 15we play games in classbecause we speak and learn Supervision: 24/7a lot of English while havingfun. Next year I will comeback, I really enjoyed it.“ Residence: College Camp ResidenceVanessa Enge,14 (see page 20)Germany 15
  • 15. Junior Club Programme 13 – 17 Years The Junior Club programme is an all-inclusive package for 13 – 17 year olds which includes dynamic and interesting lessons, age- appropriate activities and return transport from/to school, all ESE-organised activities, residence and designated pick-up points close to Host Families. “This is my second time with ESE. When I came for the first time my English was very basic but I have improved it a lot and my fluency is much better. I enjoy my time at school and during the activities, the staff is great, very friendly and helpful.” Abdul Slil, 17 Libya16
  • 16. LessonsBooking your child on the Junior Club Programme gives you the flexibility of choosing the TEEN JUNIORnumber of hours of face-to-face teaching your son or daughter follows each day. Students PROGRAMMESmay follow group classes of General English of 20 or 30 lessons per week or the popular 2013Intensive option which is a combination of 20 group classes with 10 individual lessons.All classes are held either at the main ESE school or one of the ESE annexes in the vicinity. General English 20/30 Intensive In classes of a maximum of 15 20 group lessons of General English Dates: Easter: 03.03.2013 – 06.04.2013 students, your child follows an are combined with individual lessons Spring: English learning programme which allowing your child to focus on topics 19.05.2013 – 15.06.2013 activates language learning across and areas of language knowledge Summer: 16.06.2013 – 07.09.2013 the core language skills (listening, of his/her preference. During such Autumn: speaking, reading and writing), individual lessons, your child benefits 29.09.2013 – 02.11.2013 vocabulary and increases language from the teacher’s full attention and Entry level: Starter + awareness. Lessons are based on maximum opportunities for practice Min. age: 13 exciting topics which are relevant to and feedback. their age. Students are encouraged Max. age: 17 to respond to these topics as well as Length of course: Min. 2 weeks other stimulating teaching material Lessons/week: General English 20 (15 hours) such as current events updates and build confidence as they express their Optional: General English 30 (22.5 hours) opinion in English. Intensive 20 Group (15 hours) + 10 individual (7.5 hours) Supervision: All ESE-organised activities Leisure Programme place of residence Curfews apply*:Junior Club learners may follow an ESE-supervised activity programme appropriate for their 13 – 14 years old:age group. By booking your son or daughter on ESE-organised activities, your child enjoys Return to residence by 23:00 15 – 17 years old:additional opportunities to practise English and make friends with other learners in a safe Return to residence by midnightand enjoyable setting. Pre-arranged transport is provided to and from all activity venues. (Sunday to Thursday)Should your child prefer not to join some of the ESE activities, s‌‌ e is expected to return /h 01:00 on Fridays Saturdaysto the residence by the established curfews. Residence: ESE Junior Club Residence or Host Family accommodation.Our Junior Club students’ favourite activities include the foam party and beach parties. See pages 20-21 for more information.For more information about the Junior Club packages, visit our *Unless attending an ESE organised activity 17
  • 17. Other ESE Milan Junior Camp + English 10 – 16 Years Specially designed for children who love football, this two-week package allows them to combine a General English course with professional football training. The Milan Junior Club coaches are qualified and approved by AC Milan and the Camp focuses on providing the highest standards of professional training in youth football and is approved by the Italian Football Federation. This camp is a great opportunity for budding football stars to be noticed by AC Milan. A student or students may be selected and invited to participate for a day at MJC in Milan that may lead to possible trials at AC Milan. The package includes English classes, accommodation at ESE College Camp or Junior Club Residence on full board (including a packed lunch), Milan Junior Camp Football kits, airport transfers, return transport from/to accommodation and Sports Complex, Welcome Party, evening activities and a full day excursion per week. For more information about the Milan Junior Camp package, visit our website Dates: 29.06.2013 – 14.07.2013 Entry level: All levels – mixed-proficiency groups Min. age: 10 Max. age: 16 Length of course: 2 weeks Lessons/week: General English 20 (15 hours) + Football training Supervision: Depends on place of residence Residence: ESE College Camp Residence or Junior Club Residence18
  • 18. Programmes TEEN JUNIOR PROGRAMMES 2013Young Adults Closed Groups 17 Years + ESE organises closed groups for students who share common language learning objectives. A syllabus and course materials areThis programme is for more mature teens who would like more designed specifically to target these language learning objectives.flexibility and less supervision during their study holiday at ESE. Leisure and social activities are planned and chosen according toWhen booking this programme, it is possible to choose the number the group’s preferences.of face-to-face teaching hours in groups or individual one-to-onesessions. You may either book General English 20 group lessons, Some examples of closed groups organised by ESE include intensiveGeneral English 30 group lessons or the Intensive option of General language and exam preparation for Cambridge First Certificate,English 20 group lessons and 10 one-to-one lessons per week. Preliminary English Test, exam preparation for Trinity GESE IELTS, English History and English Literature.ESE organised activities such as Welcome Party, boat trips andcultural tours with prearranged transport are included in the For Closed Groups in the low season, one teacher/group leader perpackage. A range of optional activities is available for booking. 15 students is offered a free General English course as well as free accommodation and leisure activities.For more information about the Young Adult package,visit our website For more information about Closed Groups, visit our www.ese-edu.comDates: 03.03.2013 – 06.04.2013 Entry level: Starter + 16.06.2013 – 07.09.2013 Min. age: 10Entry level: All levels Max. number: 15 per classMin. age: 17 Length of course: Min. 1 weekLength of course: Min. 2 weeks Lessons/week: 20 to 30 lessons per week as requiredLessons/week: General English 20 (15 hours) (1 lesson x 45 minutes)Supervision: At school and most ESE activities Supervision: At school and all ESE activitiesResidence: ESE Young Adults Residence or Host Family Residence: Options available 19
  • 19. Accommodation Junior Club Residence Students who are booked on the Junior Club programme are hosted at one of ESE preferred 3 or 4 star hotels. Students sleep in triple or College Camp Residence quadruple rooms with ensuite bathroom facilities and equipped with Based at a modern and spacious private school, students sleep in a TV and radio. Breakfast and dinner are provided at the Residence large air-conditioned bedrooms with ample space to move around and a packed lunch is provided on a daily basis by ESE. Transport is and relax. Each student has a personal wardrobe and locker. Shower provided for all ESE activities. rooms and toilets are situated on every floor. Students at the camp can make use of the video games which include a game console station and board games. On campus, students can enjoy table tennis Dates: Easter: 03.03.2013 – 06.04.2013 facilities and the outside football, basketball and volleyball facilities. Spring: 19.05.2013 – 15.06.2013 Breakfast and dinner are served on the College premises. Packed Summer: 16.06.2013 – 07.09.2013 Autumn: 29.09.2013 – 02.11.2013 lunch is provided daily for College Camp students while Young Learners are served a hot lunch. Age Groups: Teens 13 – 17 years old Sleeping: 3 – 4 students / room (sharing) Basis: Full board Dates: 29.06.2013 – 08.09.2013 Supervision*: Classroom attendance monitored Age Groups: Young Learners 8 – 11 years old Supervised ESE activities College Camp 12 – 14 years old Curfews apply*: 13 – 14 years old: Sleeping: Dormitories sleeping max. 10 students (sharing) Return to residence by 23:00 15 – 17 years old: Basis: Full board Return to residence by midnight (Sunday to Thursday); by 01:00 on Fridays Saturdays Supervision*: 24/7 *Curfews and supervision depend on accommodation chosen.20
  • 20. TEEN JUNIOR PROGRAMMES 2013Host Family Dates: Easter: 03.03.2013 – 06.04.2013Living with a host family offers your child the opportunity to practise Spring: 19.05.2013 – 15.06.2013 Summer: 16.06.2013 – 07.09.2013English outside the school in a safe family environment. Apart Autumn: 29.09.2013 – 02.11.2013from being completely immersed in the language and benefittingfrom out-of-class opportunities to learn English, your child will Age Groups: Teens 13 – 18 years oldalso experience living in a Maltese home and learn about Maltese Sleeping: Shared Room (During High Season, a hostculture, food and traditions at first hand. family may host up to 4 students at a time)Our experienced accommodation services team are responsible for Basis: Full boardchoosing host families who can provide your child with a welcoming Supervision: Classroom attendance monitoredand comfortable stay in Malta. Through the careful selection of Supervised ESE activitiesESE host families, we ensure that our teens are safe, comfortable Curfews apply: 13 – 14 years old:and treated like a member of the family. ESE organised transport is Return to residence by 23:00 15 – 17 years old:provided from/to school as well as the nearest pick-up point after Return to residence by midnight (Sunday to Thursday)evening activities. 01:00 on Fridays Saturdays 21
  • 21. Leisure Programmes All ESE Junior Programmes offer a range of enjoyable and diverse indoor and outdoor activities which are appropriate for your child’s age group. Booking your son or daughter on ESE activities ensures that supervision by ESE staff is available for your peace of mind and your child’s safety and that your child is picked up and returned to his/her accommodation by ESE organised transport. All Junior Programmes combine cultural and entertainment activities for a well-rounded and truly educational experience. Activities in the Programmes include: Beach activities, Student Parties, Sports Activities, Cultural Tours, Weekend Day Trips, BBQ Nights and visits to the Beach Club. Optional ESE organised leisure packages with prearranged transport are available: • Extreme Sports (minimum age 16) If your son or daughter loves sports and would like to include more sports-based outings in his/her study trip, why not book the Extreme Sports package? The package combines exciting land and sea sports such as Scuba Diving, a Jet Ski safari around the island of Comino, Go Karting ESE Grand Prix, Rock Climbing, Mountain biking or abseiling, Canoeing, Mini Sailing, Windsurfing. Students booking the Extreme Sports package are provided with ESE organised return transport.22
  • 22. TEEN JUNIOR PROGRAMMES 2013• • English with Sailing (minimum age 12) English with Diving (minimum age 12) The sailing package offers your child the opportunity The clear blue Mediterranean waters surrounding the Maltese islands are renowned to learn the basics of sailing in the setting of the internationally for their visibility. The opportunity to dive in such waters is a once-in-a- beautiful Mediterranean sea whilst learning English lifetime opportunity for any child who loves the sea. and making new friends. Depending on your child’s PADI Two Week Open Water Diving Course (9 half days) previous sailing experience s‌he can book one of the /‌ following courses: The Open Water Diving Course gives complete beginners instructions on the basic skills needed to dive safely. The course consists of 5 Knowledge Development sessions in the Sailing Level One (4 half-days/12 hours) classroom, 5 confined water dives in a pool or sheltered bay where your child can practise This course is for beginners who would like to learn basic practical water skills. The confined water dives are followed up by 4 open water dives. the first few steps to become a dinghy sailor. By the PADI One Week Advanced Open Water Diving Course (5 half days) end of the course, your child should be able to indicate the main parts of a sailing boat and rigging and sail a This course is an ideal follow-up to the beginners course and a valid Open Water Certificate is triangular course in a mono sail in light to moderate necessary for your child to be able to enrol on this course. Your child experiences structured conditions. and supervised sessions to gain additional diving experience. The course includes 5 open water dives. Sailing Level Two (4 half days/12 hours) English with Diving courses include use of diving equipment, Certification card, ESE organised This course is an ideal follow-up to the beginner’s return transport to/from school, a Crew Pack including GO Dive Manual, RDP and booklet, course and gives further practice for students who PADI log book, PADI promotional materials. already have basic sailing skills. The course covers some theory, launching and safety precautions. By *Note: Students under 18 years of age who enroll on the Diving course must have PADI the end of the course, your child should be able to sail Basic/Advanced Consent Forms completed and signed by parents/guardians before being single-handedly and unsupervised in a closed water accepted on the course. The diving programme is subject to change or cancellation depending area (bay or harbour) in moderate conditions. on weather conditions. *Note: The sailing course programme is subject to change or cancellation depending on weather conditions. For more information, visit our website 23
  • 23. Also available at ESE Paceville Avenue, St Julian’s STJ3103, Malta Tel: +356 21373789 E-mail: For more information about our courses, visit our website www.ese-edu.comTerms Conditions apply @ESE Malta ESE (Malta)