The Next Generation Of Mac Antivirus Products Are Here


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With our new range of products, users can maximise their security while still enjoying the full power of their Macs and easily find the solution to possible security risks...only with one click!

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The Next Generation Of Mac Antivirus Products Are Here

  1. 1. The Next Generation Of Mac Antivirus Products Are HereESET, the leader in proactive digital protection - developing award-winning technology for morethan 25 years, announced today the launch of the next generation of ESET products for theincreasingly popular Mac OS X platform: ESET Cyber Security Pro® and ESET Cyber Security®. Withboth products users can maximise their security while still enjoying the full power of their Macsand easily find the solution of possible security risks only with one click. ESET Cyber Security Proenables parents using Mac platforms to set up their devices, so they have parental control overthe activities of their children while online. To protect their online identity while shopping orbanking, users can choose to allow or block all incoming and outgoing connections of selectedapplications, services or port numbers.Both products provide additional layers of security and proactive protection for Mac: the productsare designed to fight against emerging threats for the Mac OS X platform in real-time, as well as tohandle cross-platform attacks targeting Windows or Linux based systems in mixed networks. Each,ESET Cyber Security Pro and ESET Cyber Security offer more than a dozen new or enhanced features.ESET Cyber Security Pro comes with all the features of ESET Cyber Security, plus Personal Firewalland web content managing tool Parental Control.*AV-Comparatives’ Mac Security Review 2012 has labelled the new Mac generation of ESET as “verywell thought-out product”. “ESET Cyber Security Pro is more than just a virus scanner and impressed us with its range of features. The security suite additionally offers a Personal Firewall, Parental Control and a powerful scheduler as well as innovative functions such as Running Processes. The ESET suite is one of the most comprehensive products we have tested, but the user interface is still clear and easy to use”, states the Review.
  2. 2. “Due to enhancements in performance and ESET’s advanced ThreatSense® scanning engine, ESET isallowing you to enjoy the smooth running of your Mac while working, watching movies or usingother media-centric functions. The user will benefit from the best user experience and native Maclook-n-feel interface”,Ignacio Sbampato, ESET Chief Sales and Marketing Officer.The user can gain value from ESET’s Unilicense model, extending protection to all other operatingsystems running on their single machine and allowing taking their license with them if they changetheir platform. ESET Cyber Security adds an extra layer of protection to Apple’s built-in Internet security features, detecting and blocking attempts to infect users’ Macs. ESET Cyber Security products focus on effective detection of yet unknown malware by utilising advanced Heuristics, generic signatures and genetic technology and are engineered with low memory usage and minimal notifications to protect Macs while keeping them running at peak performance. Ultimate protection is strengthened by ESET’s cloud-based reputation system called ESET LiveGrid®.Research shows Mac users are not generally aware of specific details about technology or socialengineering which could spare them from attack, they are neither well enough informed about therise or impact of Mac malware. A 2012 **Macworld Magazine Poll has shown that more than half,57.5%, of Mac owners don’t use any anti-virus protection.“There has been an increase in Mac-related malware in recent years, already having an impact onMac users (e.g. the Flashback Trojan outbreak from April 2012), especially as Mac users are often
  3. 3. unaware that they are capable to easily pass malware to their friends using Windows”, saysStephen Cobb, ESET Security Evangelist.The Mac malware development dated back to 2004 until now is captured in ‘Straight Facts aboutMac Malware’ microsite, developed by a team of ESET researchers overseeing the Mac Malwarearea for education purposes of the Mac user growing community, as demonstrated in the latestGartner press release***.Selected New Benefits and Features of ESET Cyber Security Pro and ESET Cyber Security Keep kids safer on the Internet with Parental Control (ESC Pro version only):Let your kids enjoy the good side of the Internet without worrying about them. Parents can usethe web page filter functionality, which allows them to set up pre-defined profiles – Child, Teenageror Parent, or tailor as desired. They also have the option to black/white list additional web pages tobe blocked or allowed for a particular account. Protect your Data from Identity Theft with Personal Firewall (ESC Pro version only):Newly integrated Firewall prevents unauthorised users from accessing your Mac remotely andallows you to define a range of profiles, each with special settings assigned for a specific situation. Stay Safer from Internet Threats with Cross-platform Protection:Provides effective protection against Mac malware as well as Windows based threats, which mightnot be harmful for Mac users but could harm Windows and Linux based systems of friendsand family. Install and Forget or Tweak Away with One-click Solution:The program runs in the background and asks for your attention only when necessary. Advancedsettings also allow tailoring of in-depth security settings to fit your needs.Removable Media Control: Adds another level of protection allowing the user to scan anypotentially unsafe removable device for potential threats (USB, CD, DVD, Fire wire).
  4. 4. Cloud-Powered Scanning (ESET LiveGrid®): Optimisation of scanning based on whitelisting of "safe"files, in line with the file reputation database in the cloud. This functionality limits possible falsepositives to a very minimum. ESET LiveGrid® identifies “safe” files on the users hard drive improvingthe scanning performance with passing time.Web and Email Scanning: Enhanced Proxy server agent for Email > POP3/IMAP and Web > HTTPscanning. This functionality is integrated independently from Mail/Web client solution.For all new and enhanced features, please visit ESET Cyber Security and ESET Cyber Security Proproduct pages.*AV-Comparatives, Mac Security Review, September 2012**Macworld Magazine Poll, April 2012***Gartner Report, January 2013 and by W3Schools OS Statistics and Trends