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Published in: News & Politics

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  • 1. 7/06/10
    Capabilities Presentation
    old to new energy
  • 2. Do you feel like your business is under attack?
    • Rising energy costs
    • Demands for lower operating costs
    • Energy code compliance
    • Carbon reduction taxes
    • Margins squeezed
    • Client expectations
  • 3. Some key questions for every project
    Is it the lowest first-cost structure that meets the program?
    Is it the design with the lowest operating and maintenance costs?
    Is it the building with the longest life span?
    Is it the facility in which users are most productive?
    Is it the building that offers the greatest return on investment?
  • 4. Buildings are like icebergs
    • Initial investment
    • Operating costs
    • Maintenance
    • Energy expenditure
    Viewed over a 30 year period, initial building costs account for approximately just 2% of the total, while operations and maintenance costs equal 6%
  • 5. Over time buildings like humans need to get healthier
    O2NE can help!
  • 6. O2NE can help in many ways in many places
    Energy efficiency by design and innovation
    Measurement, modeling, drawing
    Energy conservation and sustainable green building design
    Building automation systems
    Energy management
    ………All around the world
  • 7. Measurement, modeling, drawing
    Laying the foundation for energy efficiency
    Energy audits
    Energy modeling
    Developing 3-D and 5-D CAD Drawings
    Creating BIM/CIM schematics for “crash reduction”
    Dynamic thermal simulation modeling
    Computerized Energy Optimization (DOE/EPRI)
  • 8. Energy conservation and sustainable green building design
    Energy efficiency by design and innovation
    Electrical Power and Light Plumbing
    Communications and controls
    Security systems including fire protection, sprinklers and fire alarms
    Investigation and inspection services - including indoor air quality analysis
    Passive solar designs
    Co-generation systems
  • 9. Building Automation Systems Installation
    Impartial expert support from O2NE
    Systems are web based and secure
    Reliable and versatile - all data held in non-volatile
    flash memory
    Open protocol used to enable integration with multiple manufacturers’ equipment
    Experts in eBuilding systems architecture - maximizes compatibility with existing IT infrastructure to preserve investments as BAS and IT technologies evolve
    Provide flexible, high performance control systems for HVAC and Building automation applications
  • 10. Energy management 1
    Carbon reduction > Save money
    Dashboard approach
    Real-time measurement
    Manage energy usage
    Enable improvements
    Visibility for communication
  • 11. Energy management 2
    Energy continuity
    O2NE can’t stop power outages but we can minimize the impact on your business in several ways:
    • Design power systems to protect critical operations
    • 12. Optimize generator usage to best serve client needs
    • 13. Maintain generators to a high standard of efficiency
    • 14. Design and install alternative energy systems such as photo voltaic solar panel systems
  • Why
    • Industry leaders
    • Solid knowledge base
    • >30years history
    • Depth and width of expertise
    • Innovative
    • Pragmatic
    • Service oriented
  • 15. A global platform for 3 great energy efficiency companies
    Great Lakes
    Controlled Energy
  • 16. Black swan event under wraps
    Taking energy conservation to a whole new level
    • Totally new approach to energy saving
    • Reduces consumption and pricing components
    • Minimal up-front expenditure
    • Enabler for further energy savings in an affordable way
    • Software and service solution model
    • Want to stay informed about our black swan event?
    The Black Swan Theory is used by Nassim NicholasTaleb to explain the existence and occurrence of high-impact, hard-to-predict, and rare events that are beyond the realm of normal expectations The term black swan was a Latin expression — its oldest reference is in the poet Juvenal expression that "a good person is as rare as a black swan
  • 17. Next steps
    Lets plan on working together