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Ca e rwin modeling global user communities_09232010 - webcast

  1. 1. CA ERwin® Modeling Global User Communities Thursday, September 23, 2010 Modeling Global User Community Board Tom Bilcze, MGUC President
  2. 2. About the Session and Speaker• Overview of Global Modeling User Communities – CA Technologies Modeling Global User Community – CA Technologies Regional User Communities – Other Virtual Modeling User Communities• Modeling Global User Community Update• Speaker: Tom Bilcze – President, CA Technologies Modeling Global User Communities Board – Lead database Designer, Westfield Group, Westfield Center, Ohio – Founder of Ohio Enterprise Modeling User Group – Held various leadership positions on user community boards – CA ERwin® and Model Manager user for 15 years PAGE 2
  3. 3. CA TechnologiesModeling Global User Community
  4. 4. CA TechnologiesModeling Global User Community• Independent customer community supported by CA Technologies• Managed by elected governing board of customers• Direct access to CA development teams and organizations• Offers support to 26 regional modeling user communities• Over 1,300 CA ERwin® users are global user community members• Focuses on the following CA solutions • CA ERwin® Data Modeler • CA ERwin® Data Profiler • CA ERwin® Process Modeler • CA ERwin® Model Manager • CA ERwin® Data Model Validator • CA ERwin® Model Navigator • CA ERwin® Saphir Option PAGE 4
  5. 5. CA TechnologiesModeling Global User Community• Offers • Collaboration through online forums, presentations, blogs • Peer to peer networking, support and education • Knowledge exchange for best practices, tips and tricks • Regular webcasts featuring topics of interest to the user community • Input into CA through voting and prioritization of selected product enhancements • Access to subject-matter experts• Modeling Global User Community Board • Meets monthly to manage user community interests and activities • Schedules quarterly educational and informational user community webcasts • Supports regional user community presidents with a quarterly webcast • Actively engaged in discussions with CA Technologies concerning product direction, focus and support on behalf of the community • Publishes information of interest to the global user community • Facilitates communications with community members and CA Technologies • Facilitates communications across regional user communities and CA Technologies PAGE 5
  6. 6. Modeling Global User CommunityBoard Members • Tom Bilcze - President Westfield Group CA Portal Name: tombilcze • Steve McMahon - Vice President Kaiser Permanente CA Portal Name: SteveMc • Daniel Dechichio - Secretary Raymond James & Associates, Inc CA Portal Name: DanDechichio • Francois C. Cartier - Treasurer e-Modelers CA Portal Name: francois • Hanne Christensen - VP Programs Bankdata CA Portal Name: hanne_deug • Luis-Ignacio Gonzalez - VP Communications Telefonica Spain • Garry Gramm - Enhancement Request Coordinator Workers’ Compensation Board of BC CA Portal Name: garryg CA Technologies Board Members • Robert Rachlin CA Customer Programs • Donna Burbank Product Marketing Manager • Neil Buchwalter Product Manager Brand Management • Danny Sandwell Product Manager Brand Management • Kathy Meara Channel Marketing Program Manager PAGE 6
  7. 7. My CA and User Community Portals (formerly at CA World 2010 with the redesign of – My CA • Personal configurable portal page and profile • Facebook like friending to network and connect with friends and colleagues • You don’t need to be a CA customer • Open, update and view CA Technologies Support cases • Download documentation and license products • Access your user communities – User Communities’ Portals • Self-approving user community memberships • Participate in discussion forums to share tips, techniques and insights • Community news and events (webcasts, education) • Personal and user community blogs that add personal perspectives • User community document sharing • More to come! PAGE 7
  8. 8. My CA PAGE 8
  9. 9. Modeling Global User Community Portal• Basic MGUC information: About Us, Officers, Mission and Vision• Latest news and calendar of events• Links to user community webcast replays• List of members for friending and networking• Links to regional user communities portals• Access to message board (CA ERwin® General Discussion)• Document sharing – MGUC monthly board meeting minutes – MGUC presentations: meetings, webcasts, etc. – Product enhancement requirements documents – Miscellaneous documents of interest to our community PAGE 9
  10. 10. Modeling Global User Community Portal PAGE 10
  11. 11. CA TechnologiesModeling Regional User Communities
  12. 12. Modeling Regional User Communities• Independent communities supported by CA Technologies – 14 USA regional user communities – 12 international user communities• Managed locally by CA ERwin® users and partners• Provides local meeting and educational opportunities• Meeting format, frequency and content within the local community• Strength is networking with local data professionals• Programs provide knowledge exchange for best practices, tips and tricks• To locate your closest modeling regional user community… – – Regional communities are found on left under “Related Communities” – You can join as many regional communities as you wish• Modeling Global User Community works in partnership with regional communities PAGE 12
  13. 13. USAModeling Regional User Communities – Albany Enterprise Modeling User Group – Bay Area Enterprise Modeling User Group – Charlotte Enterprise Modeling User Group – Chicagoland Association for ERwin® User Group – Greater Portland Modeling User Group – Kansas City Modeling User Group – Nebraska-Iowa CA-ERwin® User Group – New York Enterprise Modeling User Group – Ohio Enterprise Modeling User Group – Philadelphia Enterprise Modeling User Group – Southeast Enterprise Modeling User Group – Texas Modeling User Group – Twin Cities ERwin® Modeling User Group – Utah Modeling User Group PAGE 13
  14. 14. InternationalModeling Regional User Communities• Canada – National Capitol Region ERwin® User Group – Toronto Area CA Modeling User Group• Europe & Africa – BeNeLux Modeling User Group – Danish ERwin® User Group – Grupo de Usuarios de Modelado de Espana – Russian CA ERwin® Modeling User Group – South African CA Erwin® Modeling User Group – Swedish CA-ERwin® User Group – Switzerland Modeling User Group – UK & Ireland Modeling User Group• Asia Pacific – New South Wales Data Modeling User Group – Japan Enterprise Modeling User Group PAGE 14
  15. 15. Virtual Modeling User Communities•• Facebook• LinkedIn• Twitter
  16. 16. Virtual Modeling User•• Everything, anything ERwin®!• Access to CA Technologies product pages for testimonials, success stores, white papers, etc• Downloads, on-line store, resellers• Expert Blogs – Malcolm Chisholm – Tom Haughey – Steve Hoberman – William McKnight – Alec Sharp• Discussion forum• User communities• And much, much more… PAGE 16
  17. 17. Virtual Modeling User CommunitiesFacebook• Search for “CA ERwin Modeling”• CA ERwin® home on the largest social network in the world• Friend and follow fellow CA ERwin® community members• Wall posts from CA Technologies and community members• Photo albums of user community and CA Technologies events• Links to upcoming modeling user community events• Post a thought, question or idea for feedback on the CA ERwin® Modeling wall PAGE 17
  18. 18. Virtual Modeling User CommunitiesLinkedIn• Join the “CA ERwin Modeling” group• CA ERwin® home on the popular professional social network• Post a thought, question or idea in the Discussion Forum• Locate fellow CA ERwin® community members and add them to your contacts• Utilize the LinkedIn job board for employment opportunities PAGE 18
  19. 19. Virtual Modeling User CommunitiesTwitter•• Efficient as a smart phone mobile app• Effective for instantaneous messaging• Send messages of 140 characters or less (tweets)• Build a friend network similar to Facebook – People follow you – You follow people• Organize people into lists• Follow other people’s lists of interest (@datawhisperer/data-management)• Can follow or be followed at events or in discussions with a hash tag (#erworld) PAGE 19
  20. 20. Modeling Global User Community Update• CA World 2010• Regional modeling user communities president’s feedback• MGUC Board current activities• Parting thoughts
  21. 21. CA World 2010Modeling Global User Community Update • CA changed their name to CA Technologies • CA announced new My CA and user communities’ portal • 2009-2010 CA ERwin® enhancement requests – Reviewed prioritized MGUC enhancement requests with CA ERwin® team – CA responses were added and published in the MGUC portal documents • MGUC morning and afternoon MGUC member meetings – Neil Buchwalter gave a quick tour of CA ERwin® 8.0 via MS Live Meeting – Attendee discussions referred to MGUC Board for action • Knowledgebase our portal site for tips, techniques, option sets, and macros • Schedule quarterly CA MGUC webcasts for the year with advance notice PAGE 21
  22. 22. Regional User Community Presidents FeedbackModeling Global User Community Update• MGUC held a webcast for regional user community presidents in August 2010• Priorities from survey responses and presidents’ comments and feedback – Delivering informational and educational webcasts should be the highest priority for the MGUC during 2010-2011 – Almost unanimous support for a Global Modeling User Community Knowledgebase – Finding speakers and programs for regional user community meetings is the toughest issue facing presidents – MGUC Board should facilitate communications and discussions during the CA ERwin® r8 beta. – Continue quarterly MGUC webcasts to the regional user community presidents PAGE 22
  23. 23. MGUC Board current ActivitiesModeling Global User Community Update• 2011 Product enhancement request process – CA ERwin® r8 impact on scheduling and collection – Exploring new options to become more timely and responsive – Leverage MY CA portal and social media• Future webcast topics – Social media – CA ERwin® r8 beta experiences – CA ERwin® r8 new features – Data related topics such as BI, Data Quality, Metadata Management, MDM• CA World 2011 speakers and sessions – It’s not too early to think about speaking! – Watch for the call for speakers• User community peer recognition – Early discussions on establishing a program – Recognition would receive some sort of financial support from the MGUC PAGE 23
  24. 24. Some Parting Thoughts• Join the Modeling Global User Community today• Join your regional modeling user community• Participate in our quarterly MGUC educational webcasts• Join CA ERwin® social media groups: Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter• Visit frequently and read the expert blogs• Participate in the CA ERwin® r8 Beta• Email me your thoughts about the Modeling Global User Community• Friend me and other CA ERwin® users on your My CA portal page• Join us at CA World in Las Vegas in November 2011 as a speaker PAGE 24
  25. 25. Thank YouQuestion & Answer Time• Thank you for attending our session!• Please feel free to contact the MGUC Board members – Tom Bilcze, President:, My CA Name: tombilcze – Steve McMahon, Vice President,, My CA Name: SteveMc – Daniel Dechichio, Secretary:, My CA Name: DanDechichio – Francois C. Cartier, Treasurer:, My CA Name: francois – Hanne Christensen, VP Programs:, My CA Name: hanne_deug – Luis-Ignacio Gonzalez, VP Communications: – Garry Gramm, Enhancement Coordinator:, My CA Name: garryg• Question and Answer period: It’s time to hear from you! PAGE 25