The West Indies


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The West Indies

  1. 1. D: 11/14/12A: Notes on the West IndiesS: What is similar about Central America and the West Indies?H: Aztec codex due Friday 11/16/12w.o.d: commonwealthWarm-Up: Answer the question underInterpreting the Graph on pg 188.Write the question and answer.
  2. 2. Word of the Day WORD DEIFINTION SENTENCE PICTURE Partly self- Puerto Rico governingcommonwealth is a territory. common- wealth of the US.
  3. 3. I. Mountain Top Islandsa. These groups of island are called archipelagob. Most of these island are formed by underwater volcanoesc. Some are made of limestone and pushed up by earthquakes
  4. 4. II. Climatea. Tropical Savannah with ocean winds that keep mild temperatures between 70 & 85b. Hurricanes hit during summer and fall months
  5. 5. III. Economya. Tourism is the main way these islands make moneyb. Plantations of bananas, coffee, tobacco and sugarcane is also done and export to other countries i. If there are to many of any of these crops the economy suffers because the price of the goods fall world wide.c. There is some mining of bauxite that makes aluminum
  6. 6. IV. Historya. Christopher Columbus lands in the Bahamas in 1492b. In 1469 the Spanish established its first settlement in the Dominican Republicc. The West Indies were used in triangular trade and is where the US got all its slaves fromd. In the 1800 & 1900 the islands became independent and set up democracies or parliamentary democracies.e. Cuba set up a communist governmentf. Some of the islands are still colonies to other countries
  7. 7. V. Daily Lifea. The people are Native American, African, European, or Asianb. Most people live in Cuba, speak European languages, and follow Roman Catholic or protestant religions.c. Most people work for the Hotels those that don’t farmd. The steel drum and reggae are parts of the popular musice. Baseball is most popular with Soccer in second
  8. 8. VI. Cubaa. Worlds top producer of sugar with people working and government owned farms called cooperativesb. They also grow coffee, tobacco, rice & fruit and make cigarsc. Being a communist state means that there is a dictator named Fidel Castro and most people live in poverty due to poor economy
  9. 9. VII. Jamaicaa. They speak Creole a mixture of English and African languagesb. Gained independence from Englandc. Exports bauxite, sugar, coffee and bananas
  10. 10. VIII. Haitia. Gained independence from Franceb. 1st country to be founded by a former slavec. Most people are of African decentd. Exports coffee and sugar
  11. 11. IX. Dominican Republica. Shares Hispaniola with Haitib. Sugar is its main cropc. Tourism is beginning to make a lot of money due to its free trade zone that allows things to be sold tax free
  12. 12. X. Puerto Ricoa. The United States won Puerto Rico from Spain during the Spanish-American war in 1898.b. Every few years Puerto Rico votes to decide it should become a US statec. The people of Puerto Rico are US citizens and can come and go as they pleased. They make machines, clothes and grow sugarcane & coffeee. They make more from tourism than any other West Indies island.