The Aztecs


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The Aztecs

  1. 1. D: 11/8/12A: Notes of the AztecsS: How were the Aztecs and Mayans similar?H: Nonew.o.d: chinampasWarm-Up: Aztec Reading
  2. 2. Word of the Day WORD DEIFINTION SENTENCE PICTURE Name the Aztecs gave The Aztecs to the used thechinampas raised fields swampy on which lakes of they grew Mexico to crops. build chinampas.
  3. 3. Aztec Basicsa. 1200 to 1521 when Spain took over Mexicob. The spoke Nahuatl that birthed words like avocado, chocolate & tomatoc. Aztec belong to a calpolli or big family i. Each owned a plot of land to meet the needs of its membersd. Men were warriors, women were homemakerse. All marriages were arrangedf. There was no money they used the barter system
  4. 4. Aztec Religiona. Many gods were worshiped – each day, part of the day, month and city had its on godb. Each month there was a celebration to the godc. Human sacrifices were done by cutting out the heart
  5. 5. Aztec Government & Societya. Emperor was chosen by the nobles from the royal familyb. Military units were stationed through out the land to keep orderc. A great noble commanded each army & served as a governord. The clan was the basis of society and made up of extended family
  6. 6. Aztec Government & Societye. Four Classes of Society i. Nobles - owned the calpolli and additional land ii. Commoners - worked land or made crafts in return for protection iii. Serfs - farmed the land of the nobles iv. Slaves - were made up of conquered people, criminals, or
  7. 7. City of Tenochtitlana. Built on an island on lake Texcocob. Canals were dug to make waterway roads like in Venicec. There were 4 sections of 20 clans each. i. Each clan had its own temple & schoold. The plaza was at the center with temples, ball courts, homes for the priests, housing for the military & a marketplace
  8. 8. Aztec Education, Writing, & Calendara. Both girls & boys attended Telpuchcalli to learn about Aztec citizenship history, traditions, religion & arts & craftsb. Boys learned about warfarec. Girls learned about singing & dancingd. Some kids attend Calmecac to become priestse. Writing was done by using pictures that represented ideas or soundsf. Calendars i. Lunar based on movement of the moon of 13 months of 20 days ii. Based on the sun the second calendar was 365 days like the Mayans iii. Had 52 year eras
  9. 9. Aztec Art & Gamesa. All art was based on religionb. The temple was the biggest and best piece of artc. Sculptures were made out of stone, wood, gems & stonesd. Jewelry was made of gold copper, & some silvere. Pottery was made and used in everyday lifef. Women wove cloth. The more decorated your clothing was the wealthier you wereg. Tlachtli was a game played were you threw a ball into stone ringh. Patolli was similar to backgammon
  10. 10. Aztec Agriculturea. Used slash & burn farming and planted seeds with sticksb. Built chinampas to grow foodsc. Grew maize, beans, squash, chili peppers, tomatod. Raised deer, rabbits, ducks, geese, dogs & turkeye. Chocolate from the cacao bean & chicle from the gum treef. After harvest foods were sold in the market place after some was given to nobles
  11. 11. Aztec Medicinea. Three ways to get ill were punishment from the gods, black magic from enemies, or natural causesb. Medicines were made from plants & herbsc. The ticitl or shaman was called in for serious illnessesd. Two most used plants were yauhtli & iztauhyatle. The maguey plant was used on battle woundsf. They performed surgeries to remove tumors or seal wounds
  12. 12. Aztec Warfarea. All able bodied men had to be a warriorb. When boys were 13 the began training for battlec. Men were honor when they had lots of captivesd. Battles were fought to collect tribute & find sacrificese. They covered up with cotton armor & many weaponsf. The goal was always to capture not kill