Southeast Asia


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Southeast Asia

  1. 1. D: 5/3/13A: Southeast Asia NotesS: How do the Southeast Asia countriesmake money?H: Nonew.o.d: klongsWarm-Up: Answer questions 1 & 2 on pg.637. Write the questions and answers.
  2. 2. Word of the DayWordklongsDefinitionCanalsthroughBangkok,ThailandSentenceKlongs areused fortransportationand shippinggoods.Picture
  3. 3. Southeast Asia
  4. 4. I. MyanmarA. Used to be called BurmaB. Has steep mountains with river valleysC. Has tropical climate influenced by monsoonsi. Has heavy rains from June to SeptemberD. 2/3 of the people farm rice sugarcane, beansand nuts. Some farmers use water buffalo toplow their fieldsE. Factories produce soap, noodles, paper andglass bottles.
  5. 5. I. MyanmarF. They export 75% of the worlds teakwood causingdeforestationG. They are also known for exporting gems like rubies& sapphiresH. 48.1 million people live in the Irrawaddy river valleyand build their homes on poles to protect fromfloodI. They practice Buddhism and have several goldcovered templesJ. They have a socialist government so business is ranby the government but money is use to help thepeople
  6. 6. II. ThailandA. They have wet summers and dry winters frommonsoonsB. Used to be called Siam. It is the only country neverruled by EuropeansC. As an agricultural society they grow rice, corn, fruitand cassavaD. They are leaders in exporting tin & gemstonesE. They industrial center is Bangkok which is also bigfor tourismF. 61.8 million people live here and practice Buddhismin wats
  7. 7. III. LaosA. Is landlocked and covered with mountainsB. The Mekong River offers some fertile landwhere they grow rice, sugarcane, sweetpotatoes & corn.C. Civil war allowed for a communist state to be setupD. They are economically poor and lackindustrializationE. The government discourages religion but mostare Buddhists
  8. 8. IV. CambodiaA. Has a tropical climate and is covered withwaterwaysB. Was a rich farming country that exports rice &rubber until dictators and civil war ruined theircountryC. Today they are trying to rebuild and becomemore industrializedD. Most of the 11.9 million people are Buddhistsbut have a rich history in Hinduism from theKhmer Empire and temple of Angkor
  9. 9. V. VietnamA. Their tropical climate and river or swamp coveredland are good for growing rice, sugarcane, cassava,sweet potatoes, corn, bananas, & coffeeB. Industry is undeveloped because of wars andgovernment controlC. The 79.5 million people live in the rural areas andpractice BuddhistsD. During the 1960s the Vietnam War was foughtbetween China’s communists and the U.S.. Oncethe U.S. withdrew the country became communistsbut they have loosened control to industrialized
  10. 10. VI. MalaysiaA. Has 2 parts one on the Malay Peninsulaand the rest of the island of BorneoB. The Strait of Malacca acts as the traderoute for MalaysiaC. It is an agricultural society that exportsrubber & palm oilD. Factory’s produce high-tech goods andthey are rich in mineral resources
  11. 11. VI. MalaysiaE. The 22.7 million people are Muslims,Hindu, Buddhist and ChristiansF. They have a constitutional monarchy andis voted for every 5 yearsG. The tallest buildings in the world thePetronas Towers are located here andcontrast the poor villages with thatchedhuts
  12. 12. VII. SingaporeA. It is made up of 59 islands and usedto be covered with rain forestsB. It’s location has made it a free porttrading center and high inproductionC. The 4 million people have a veryhigh standard of living
  13. 13. VIII. BruneiA. Is rich in oil & natural gasB. The government provides freeeducation, health care and lowcost goodsC. The 300,000 people practiceIslam
  14. 14. IX. The PhilippinesA. Is an archipelago of 7,000 islandsB. The 74.7 million Filipinos live of 11 of theseislandsC. Volcanoes & forest help fertile soil and theygrow sugarcane, coconuts & abaca from bananaleavesD. It is named after King Philip II of Spain whoestablished the colony until the U.S. took it overin 1898. It became independent at the end ofWWIIE. They are the only Christian country in Asia
  15. 15. X. IndonesiaA. Land & Climatei. Is made up of 13,600 islands andhas 220 active volcanoesii. Ash from volcanoes have made richfarmlandiii. They have a tropical climate
  16. 16. X. IndonesiaB. Economyi. Agriculture provides work for ½ of thepeople growing rice, cassava, tea,coconuts, and rubber and use rain forestsfor lumberii. They raise sheep & cattleiii. They have large reserves of oil, naturalgas & mineralsiv. Foreign companies have built factories forcheap labor
  17. 17. X. IndonesiaC. Peoplei. 211.8 million people follow Islam,Buddhism, Hinduism and Christianityii. Hindus & Buddhists both became richcontrolling trade until the Dutch took theisland over until 1949iii. Civil war on many islands has lead to theset up of a dictatorship until the 1990speople’s revolution. Today they aredemocratic but no political party ispowerful enough to lead