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  1. 1. D: 12/18/12A: Russia NotesS: How has the fall of the Soviet Unionaffected Russia?H: Eastern vs. Western EuropeConstructed Response Due tomorroww.o.d: Cold WarWarm-Up: Answer questions 1 – 3 on pg.347. Write the questions and answers.
  2. 2. WORD OF THE DAY WORD DEIFINTION SENTENCE PICTURE The rivalry The Cold War between the included a Soviet Union Space Race,Cold War Arms and the United States Race, Cuban that lasted Missile Crisis from the Vietnam War 1940s to the & Korean 1990s. War.
  3. 3. The Russian LandA. Located in both Europe and AsiaB. Crosses 11 time zonesC. Plains Areas i. North European plain is west of the Ural mountains and has the richest soil of Russia. 75% of the people live here ii. West Siberian plain is east of the Urals and is the world’s largest . Many resources are in this region.
  4. 4. The Russian LandD. Mountains and Plateaus i. Western Mountain ranges include the Ural & Caucasus ii. The Ural mountains for the boundary between Europe & Asia iii. The Caucasus mountains separate Russia from Southwest Asia iv. The Central Siberian Plateau is home to the endanger Siberian Tiger v. The Kamchatka Plateau is part of the ring of fire
  5. 5. The Russian LandE. Inland Water Areas i. The Black Sea give Russia access to shipping and trade ii. The Caspian Sea is made of saltwater iii. Lake Baikal is the deepest lake in the world iv. The many rivers of Russia are among the longest in the world
  6. 6. The Russian LandF. Climate i. European Russia has Warm Rainy Summers and Cold snowy winters ii. Southern Russia has short summers and long winters, snow covers for 8 months of the year. The region is covered with the taiga or evergreen forests iii. Northern Siberia has the coldest climate and is known as the tundra or cold treeless plains. There is no vegetation due to permafrost that covers 40% of Russia
  7. 7. Russia’s Economic RegionsA. Has large deposit of coal, oil & gasB. Minerals include nickel, iron ore, tin & goldC. Harvesting grain, fishing & timber are its major industriesD. Russia’s harsh climate and lack of transportation make its economy struggle
  8. 8. Russia’s Economic RegionsE. Moscow Region i. This region is home to Russia’s industryF. Port Cities i. In order to give Russia access to a port that remains unfrozen year around they own Kaliningrad that is 200 miles away from RussiaG. Volga & Ural Region i. This region creates hydroelectric power and houses all of Russia’s farmland ii. Mining of bauxite, copper gold, lead and nickel is doneH. Siberia i. This region has the largest supply of minerals including iron ore, gold, diamonds and coal.
  9. 9. A Troubled History Czars Mongols Ivan III drives ruleSlavs to control Muscovysettle in out the of the Mongols andcurrent area Slavs expandday Kiev Muscovy is moved to independent the Moscow Russian Empire
  10. 10. A Troubled History1917Vladimir 1812 the 1914 1861 CzarLenin leads Russian Germany Alexanderthe Russian army beats releasesRevolution defeats Russia in the serfs& sets up a Napoleon WWIcommuniststate
  11. 11. A Troubled History 1924 1941 19451922 Lenin dies Russia StalinLenin and joins takessets up Joseph WWII overthe Stalin as an EasternU.S.S.R. takes Ally Europe over
  12. 12. A Troubled History 19851991 the Gorbachev 1940 – 1980USSR falls, takes over USSR is inRussia and starts Cold Warindependent glasnost with US
  13. 13. A New RussiaA. Under communism all of Russian economy was controlled by the governmentB. Once the USSR fell the Russians adopted a free enterprise system i. This sometimes lead to unemployment and high pricesC. There is a lot of pollution leading to lower life expectancyD. Political Changes i. Today Russia is democratic so leaders and people must follow laws but the President has the most powerE. The People i. 146.5 Million, speak Russian, most are poor & live in cities
  14. 14. A New RussiaF. Culture i. In 1991 Russians were able to choose their religion again ii. The ballet is huge in Russia iii.Tchaikovsky and Stravinsky were important composers iv. May Day to honor works and New Years are biggest holidays v. Borscht or soup, beets, potatoes, fish, meat, and caviar are foods vi. Soccer, tennis, hockey, skiing, figure skating & gymnastics are popular sports