Great Basin Native Americans


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Great Basin Native Americans

  1. 1. The Great BasinEric Carrillo & Brendan Shuppert Period 4
  2. 2.  Bannock Tribe Chemehuevi tribe Kawaiisu Tribe Mono Tribe Paiute Tribe Panamint Tribe A Shoshone family picture Shoshone Tribe Washoe Tribe Ute Tribe The Ute Chief and his family
  3. 3. The people of the Great Basin ate: The tribes of the Great Basin didn’t often• Buffalo farm because of the soil, so they relied on• Elk hunting and finding food rather then• Deer making it. They sometimes ate bugs and• Crickets insects because of there lack of food.• Grasshoppers• Pinenuts• Berries and seeds
  4. 4. The people of The Great Basin usually wore the skinand leather of there kills. They also wore warbonnets with feathers on top to represent theresuperiorityA Ute tribe chief Women of a Shoshone A young Ute girl family
  5. 5. The tribes of The Great Basin usually lived in Tipisbecause of there small size, there weight, and theportability of it.It was usually made of wood and hides of animals.
  6. 6. The Great Basin people believed in Peyotism, it is the honoring of a cactus fruit that is believed to be a spirit helper. The shamans gave there patients this cactus as a medicine.A picture of the Peyote growing in A pot of peyote the desert
  7. 7. The people of the Great Basin believed preforming this dance reunited themselves with there dead ancestors and there killsA whole tribe holding hands in a circle to A man dressed as a eagles to complete the Ghost Dance. represent bravery dancing in the Ghost dance
  8. 8. The females would often make baskets and clothing, while the men would paint the hide of there kills to represent a story. A painted hiderepresenting a story Ute baskets Clothing made of cloth
  9. 9. Sacajawea was a very famous ShashonIndian. She served as a guide for Lewis andClark to help discover America. She hadonly brung her baby on her famous journey A sculpture of Sacajawea made of bronze
  10. 10. 1. When Gold and Silver was found in California and Nevada, the settlers pushed the Ute tribe to near extinction.2. The tribes of The Great Basin had so little food sometimes they sometimes relied on eating Crickets, Grasshoppers, ants, and Caterpillars3. The Ute people preformed the Bear Dance to honor the Bears4. Feathers were worn on war bonnets to represent superiority.5. Girls would often play with store bought dolls with miniature Tipis.
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