California Native Americans


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California Native Americans

  1. 1. The California Native Americans The California Region Created by: Pinger Zhang and Angel Videna Period 3
  2. 2. Tribes of the California Region  Cahuilla  Shoshoni  Yuman  Hupa  Pomo  Mohave  Yahi  Kato  Maidu  Miwok  Wailaki  Wintun  Yokuts Pomo Tribe  Yuki
  3. 3. Foods in the California Region  Nuts, cactus, mesquite beans, acorns, crops, deer, quail, seafood, flat bread, corn, herbs  The California Native Americans ate acorns because there were an abundance of it.  The Native Americans that lived close near the coast fished for seafood.  They also ground acorns and corn to bake flat bread and other types of breads
  4. 4. Clothing of the CaliforniaRegion  Men wore breech-cloths that were made of sheepskin, women wore skirts made of mesquite bark, babies had diapers made of rabbit fur, boots were made of deerskin, and headdresses were made of bird feathers.
  5. 5. Homes of the California Region  Thatched huts, earthen houses, and wooden frames  Thatched huts were made of dried leaves and ground plants. Earthen houses were made of dried mud and dirt. Wooden frames are made of logs and tree trunks.  Thatched hut
  6. 6. Native American Religions The California Native Americans believed in life after death. They had Shamans that hold religious ceremonies. They believed in the two gods, Makat and Tamaioit. This is a carving of a Shaman, a priest who holds religions ceremonies.
  7. 7. Tradition or Ceremony of theCalifornia Region A tradition of the California region is the “Big Head Dance”. The Native Americans would wear big feather headdresses and gather in a circle. They would sing traditional songs while dancing around the circle.
  8. 8. Arts/Crafts of the CaliforniaRegion  Woven baskets, beaded necklaces, pottery, beaded collars, soapstone carvings Beaded collar Basket Soapstone Carving
  9. 9. A Famous California NativeAmerican Ishi is the last Indian of the Yahi tribe.
  10. 10. Interesting Facts from theCalifornia Region  Most California Native Americans were hunter-gatherers.  They used shells for currency.  The tribes near the coast fished.  Storytelling is an important part of the culture.  The Hokan and the Penutian were the first to explore into the California region.  Fish Shells for currency
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