Australia & New Zealand


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Australia & New Zealand

  1. 1. D: 5/14/13A: Notes on Australia and NewZealandS: Why are animals fromAustraliaunique?H: Australia’s Island WorksheetAll Missing Work Due by 5/23w.o.d: outbackWarm-Up: Answer questions 1-3on pg. 697. Write the questionsand answers.
  2. 2. Word of the DayWordOutbackDefinitionAustralia’sinland region.SentenceThe outbackis home tomany ofAustralia’snaturalresources.Picture
  3. 3. Australia & New Zealand
  4. 4. I. Australia’s Land & ClimateA. It is both a country & a continentand includes the island of TasmaniaB. The Great Barrier Reef lies off thenortheast coast made of coralC. Plateaus & lowlands cover most ofAustraliaD. The major rivers are the Murray &Darling
  5. 5. I. Australia’s Land & ClimateE. The outback located inland holdsthe grasslands & stationsF. There is little fresh water and isgotten from underground poolsG. They have a desert & steppe climateand opposite seasonsH. They have 6 states and 2 territories
  6. 6. II. Australia’s AnimalsA. The tectonic plate that Australia sits onseparated from the rest 200 millionyears ago thus animals like koalas &kangaroos are only found there
  7. 7. III. Australia’s EconomyA. They have many mineral resources like iron,zinc, bauxite, silver, opals, diamonds and pearls.B. Their energy resources are coal, oil & natural gasC. Through irrigation they can grow grains,sugarcane, cotton, fruit & veggiesD. The main export is wool from raising sheep.They also raise cattleE. Factories make consumer goods, high techgoods, & metalsF. Tourism plays a huge role in economy
  8. 8. IV. Australia’s HistoryA. The Aborigines inhabited the land first from AsiaB. In 1770 England took over and used the land asa place to send prisonersC. When gold was discovered all land was takenfrom the AboriginesD. In 1901 they became independent and set up aparliamentary democracy with a federal& stategovernment.E. They are breaking from England & would like apresident
  9. 9. V. Australia’s People– Only 19 million people live in Australia so thegovernment encourages immigration– 85% of people live in cities and the rest live in thebush or rural areas– English is the major language but Aussies havetheir own dialect
  10. 10. VI. New Zealand’s Land & Climate– Made of 2 islands the North & South– North Island is made up of a plateau, 3 volcanoes,& geysers– The Southern Alps, glaciers, fjords & CanterburyPlains make up the South Island– The national bird is a kiwi which does not fly
  11. 11. VII. New Zealand’s Economy– They herd sheep for wool and they export lambmeat– They grow apples, barley, wheat & corn– They depend on trading so when the U.S., Asia,Australia and England economies are down theylose money– They use geothermal energy from volcanoes– Manufacturing & tourism bring in a lot of money
  12. 12. VIII. New Zealand’s History– The Maori have lived there since the 950s– The British colonized but promised they couldkeep their land until war broke out and they lost– In 1893 became the first place to give women theright to vote– They also were the first to give old, sick or out ofwork people help.– Became independent in 1907
  13. 13. IX. New Zealand’s People– The government is a parliamentary democracywhere the prime minister is the head and 5legislatures can only be Maori– 75% of the people live on the North island and85% of them live in cities– They enjoy lots of outdoor activities– The major sports are cricket & rugby