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Arctic Native Americans
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Arctic Native Americans


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  • 1. The Arctic Native Americans Arctic Samantha Lai and Noni Vaidyanuvatti Period 2
  • 2. Tribes of the Arctic • Inuit/Eskimo — Most Influential • Aleut Inuit Tribe Aleut Tribe
  • 3. Foods in the Arctic • Whales, Seals, Caribou, Walruses, Sea Lions, Narwhals, Eels, Crabs, Shellfish, Sea Urchins, Eggs, Snowy Owls, Fish • There weren’t many plants to eat in the Arctic region, so they ate what was available to them. Fat/blubber from some of these animals could help keep them warm
  • 4. Clothing of the Arctic • People wore long pullover shirts with high collars and then a kamleika over it. A kamleika is a hooded, waterproof windbreaker. The tribes made it waterproof by adding animal skins to it. What What women men and children wore wore
  • 5. Homes of the Arctic• Igloos were made out of snow and were common in the Arctic.• Sod-houses were made of sod and harder to make. So, sod-houses were used to house many families.• Quarmangs were made of just animal skins. They were used only in the summer when the ice had thawed. Igloo
  • 6. Native American Religions Worshiped animal spirits “Shaman” had special connections to the spirits Non-living things had souls Shaman used rattles to summon up the spirits.
  • 7. Tradition or Ceremony of the Arctic Inuit Wolf Dance  To honor the spirit of the wolf
  • 8. Arts/Crafts of the Arctic • Carved bone, antler, or ivory into small objects • Made embroidery • Made hunting pouches out of animal skins Ivory Inuit Hunting Pouch Carving Embroidery
  • 9. A Famous Inuit Kenojuak was an artist who made traditional Inuit art to share to the world
  • 10. Interesting Facts from the Arctic• The Aleut would trade with Pacific Northwest Coast• The Aleut were more concerned with rank and wealth than the Inuit• Woman carried babies on their backs• Inuits think the word “eskimo” is an insult• Wearing animal skins made them feel like there’s animal “spirits” in them WomanPeople carryingwearing a babyanimal on herskins back
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