Vladimir Eryomin, Scientific Landscape of Russia, Vienna, 1-February-2010


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Vladimir Eryomin, Scientific Landscape of Russia, Vienna, 1-February-2010

  1. 1. Vladimir ERYOMIN Scientific Counsellor of Bio-NCP of Russia Training Workshop for Russian NCPs Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) Vienna, Austria, 1- 5 February 2010 1
  2. 2. Scientific Landscape of Russia on FAFB Priorities in FP7 Programme of EC In the Russian Federation R&TD activities on FAFB Priorities in FP7 Programme of EC are carried out by more than 2000 enterprises and research organisations: 429 Academic and Applied Centres, Regional Universities, etc. 67 Institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences 79 Applied-Research Institutes of Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences and Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation 2
  3. 3. Scientific Landscape of Russia on FAFB Priorities in FP7 Programme of EC 8 Institutes of Russian Academy of Medical Sciences and Ministry of Health 214 Universities and Institutes of higher education ….. and thousands of SME’s entities, etc. International R&TD cooperation in FP7 on FAFB Priorities in Russia is supported and coordinated by the Ministry of Education and Science of the RF Bio-NCP of Russia on FABF Priorities is a practical tool for implementation of main FP7 activities in the Russian Federation,..http://www.fp7-bio.ru 3
  4. 4. Russian Regional Network of R&TD Centres, RCPs and NIPs Establishment of R&TD Centers and enterprises Network within the Russian Federation - Regional Contact Points (RCPs) responsible for: information dissemination collection data about acting and potential participants in FP7 Programme in Russia 4
  5. 5. Structuring Russian Biotech Community 5
  6. 6. European & Russian Technology Platforms (TPs) Russian Technology Platforms are formed on the basis of European Conception «Knowledge-Based Bio-Economy» Food for Life Global Animal Health Bio-Fuels Knowledge- Based Bio-Economy Forestry Farm Animal Breeding Industrial Plants for Bio-Technology the Future 6
  7. 7. Russian National Contact Point on «Food, Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry & Biotechnology» (Bio-NCP of Russia on FP6-FP7 Programmes of EC) Bio-NCP of Russia (formerly - Food-NCP in FP6) was established by the Ministry of Science and Education of the RF on the basis of A.N. Bach Institute of Biochemistry of Russian Academy of Sciences in May 2003 The main objective of Bio-NCP of Russia is promotion of Russian science integration into the European Research Area («ERA») by participation in the EC-FP6-FP7 Programmes 7
  8. 8. Bio-NCP of Russia Our activities are directed to: Increasing Russian participation in EC FP7 Programme on BIO priorities Consulting & training, information assurance and dissemination, accompanying of projects, etc. Increasing capacity building for Russian R&TD community Consulting and direct contacts with Russian governing bodies (Government agencies, Ministry of Education & Science of the RF, stakeholders, multipliers, administration of scientific Centres and Institutes, SME representatives, etc.) Structuring R&TD community in the Russian Federation Monitoring and coordination of participation activity in FP7 on BIO priorities 8
  9. 9. Funded Projects wth Russian Participation on FAFB Priorities in FP6 Call number Call Instrument Acronym FOOD-1 FP6-2002-FOOD-1 STREP 2E-BCAs in Crops FOOD-2 FP6-2003-FOOD-2-A IP Co-Extra FOOD-2 FP6-2004-FOOD-2-B SSA Ean-Seabuck FOOD-2 FP6-2003-FOOD-2-A STREP Phagevet-P FOOD-3 FP6-2004-FOOD-3-B SSA Injoy&Train*(Food-NCP) FOOD-4 FP6-2005-FOOD-4-A IP BIOTRACE IP FOOD-4 FP6-2005-FOOD-4-A IP TRACEBACK FOOD-4 FP6-2005-FOOD-4-A IP TRACEBACK FOOD-4 FP6-2005-FOOD-4-C SSA Go-Global FOOD-4 FP6-2005-FOOD-4-B STREP FRESHBAKE INCO Top-up FP6-2006-TTC-TU- IP Europrevall Call Priority-5 INCO Top-up FP6-2006-TTC-TU- IP GRAIN LEGUMES TTC Call Priority-5 INCO Top-up FP6-2006-TTC-TU- IP SAFE FOODS-TTC Call Priority-5 Support to FP6-2006-TTC-TU- SSA SCANBALT 9 Policies Priority-5
  10. 10. InJoy&Train Project http://www.injoyandtrain.net/injoyandtrain http://www.fp6-food.ru/ijt/home.htm 10
  11. 11. CATALOGUE of EC FP7 TP-FAFB Participants «Bio-Circle» Project 11
  12. 12. Reference Guide of «InJoy&Train» Project 12
  13. 13. List of some (INBI, Bio-NCP) Russian Projects in FP6 Programme EC # Acronym - Project Title - Rus. Legal Entity- Duration: Coordinator: 1 (InJoy&Train) Dr. Diassina Di Maggio, Agency for the East European Co-operation Network for International Joint Training in Promotion of European 6th Framework Programme and 7th Framework Programme “Food, Research, Italy Agriculture and Biotechnology” for EU-Kazakhstan-Russia- Ukraine- Armenia-Belarus Countries, FP6-Food, Bio-NCP of Russia, 2006-2007 2 (NM4TB) Dr. Ian Old, Institute of Chemical New Medicines for Tuberculosis Extension Sciences and Engineering, FP6-Health, INBI-Russia, 2006-2010 Switzerland 3 (Go-Global) Dr. Hans J.P. Marvin, Institute of Food Safety, Global Platform on EMERGING RISKS in the Food and Feed Chain the Netherlands FP6-Food, INBI-Russia, 2007-2009 4 (Safe Foods) Dr. Hans Marvin, Dr. Harry Kuiper, Promoting food safety through a new integrated risk analysis approach Institute of Food Safety, for foods Wageningen, the FP6-Food, INBI-Russia, 2004-2008 Netherlands 5 (Biotracer) Dr. Martin Wagner, Institute for Milk Hygiene Improved biotraceability of unintended micro-organisms and their and Milk Technology, substances in food and feed chains University of Veterinary FP6-Food, INBI-Russia, 2006-2010 Medicine, Vienna, Austria 6 (RegionERA) Dr. Igor Zornikov, Voronezh State Regional network for support of scientific and technological co- University, operation between European Union and Russian regions Voronezh, Russian 13 FP6-INCO, Central Black Soil Regional Information Point, Russia, Federation 2007-2008
  14. 14. Results of Russian Participation in FP6 Overview of Russian participation in FP6 Programme EC (All Thematic Priorities) * No. of Russian organizations with Proposals accepted by EC 442 in FP6 Programmes for financing // ~20% Total No. of organizations submitted their Proposals in FP6 Programmes 2372 Budget Allocated for Russian Participation from Total Project’s Budgets in Different Types of Projects in FP6 Programme EC (All Thematic Priorities) Type of Project No. (with Russian Partnership ) Financing Integrated Projects 61 17,7 M€/ (with Russian participation) 695,0 M€ Network of Excellence 18 4,5 M€/ (with Russian participation) 130,0 M€ Specific Targeted Research Projects 92 15,0 M€/ (with Russian participation) 166,0 M€ Coordinated Actions Projects 26 1,5 M€/ (with Russian participation) 33,8 M€ Support Actions Projects 56 3,5 M€/ (with Russian participation) 51,0 M€ FAFB Priorities 15 1,4 M€/ (all Calls, all Instruments) 31,0 M€ 14 * Data from Analytical Report, 2008, Irina Kuklina
  15. 15. List of Russian Collaborative Projects in FP7 Programme EC # Acronym- Project Title- Rus. Legal Entity- Duration: Coordinator: 1 (MycoRed) Dr. Antonio Logrieco, Novel integrated strategies for worldwide mycotoxin Institute of Science of reduction in the food and feed chains Food Production, Italy FP7-KBBE, INBI-Russia, 2009 – 2013 2 (DISCO) Dr. Kristiina Kruus, Targeted DISCOvery of novel cellulases and hemicellulases Dr. Riitta Kervinen, and their reaction mechanisms for hydrolysis of Technical Research lignocellulosic biomass Centre of Finland FP7-KBBE, INBI-Russia, 2008-2012 (VTT), Finland 3 (PROSPARE) Dr. Letizia Barantani, PROgress in Saving Proteins And Recovering Energy University of Parma, FP7-KBBE, INBI-Russia, 2008-2011 Italy 4 (BIO-СIRCLE) Dr. Diassina Di Creating a CIRCLE by extending the BIO NCP network to Maggio, Third Country NIPs Agency for the FP7-KBBE, Bio-NCP of Russia, 2008-2010 Promotion of European Research, Italy 5 (Bilat-RUS) Dr. Jörn Sonnenburg, Enhancing the bilateral S&T Partnership with the Russian Dr. Hermann-Josef Federation Reuschenbach, FP7-INCO, 4 Russian Entities, 2008-2011 German Aerospace Center, Germany 15
  16. 16. List of Russian Collaborative Projects in FP7 Programme EC # Acronym- Project Title- Rus. Legal Entity- Duration: Coordinator: 6 (ERA.Net RUS) Dr. Jörn Linking Russia to the ERA: Coordination of MS./AC.S&T Sonnenburg, programmes towards and with Russia Dr. Gertrud Strahl, FP7-INCO, 4 Russian Entities (incl. INBI-Russia), 2009-2013 German Aerospace Center, Germany 7 (AccessRu) Svetlana Klessova, Strengthening EU-Russia Sciences and Technology INNOVA EUROPE cooperation and EU access to Russian National Funding SARL, Germany Programmes FP7-INCO, 5 Russian Entities (incl. INBI-Russia), 2009-2012 8 (FishPopTrace) Dyfan Griffith Fish Population Structure and Traceability Bangon University, FP7-KBBE, Institute of Fisheries and Oceanography, Russia, UK 2008-2011 9 (BIO CIRCLE) Dr. Diassina Creating a CIRCLE by extending the BIO NCP network to Di Maggio, Third Country NIPs Agency for the FP7-KBBE, Bio-NCP of Russia, 2008-2010 Promotion of European Research, Italy 10 (ETHERPATHS) Prof. Matej Orešič, Characterization and modelling of dietary effects mediated Technical Research by gut microbiota on lipid metabolism Centre of Finland, FP7-KBBE, Institute for System Biology SPb, Moscow, Russia, Finland 16 2009-2012
  17. 17. List of Russian Collaborative Projects in FP7 Programme EC # Acronym - Project Title - Rus. Legal Entity- Duration: Coordinator: 11 (BaSeFood) Dr. Filippo Sustainable exploitation of bioactive components from the D’Antuono Black Sea Area traditional foods University of FP7-KBBE, Moscow State University of Food Productions”, Moscow, Bologna, Italia Russia, 2009-2011 12 (PLAPROVA) Dr. Mary Anderson Plant Production of Vaccines John Innes Centre, FP7-KBBE, 4 Russian Entities, 2009-2012 Norwich United Kingdom 13 (NTM-IMPACT) Brigitte Nesius Assessment of the impacts of non-tariff barriers - NTM on Agricultural research centre for international the competitiveness of the EU and selected trade partners FP7-KBBE, Institute for Agricultural Market Studies, Russia, 2009-2011 development, France 14 (IRENE) Dr. Roberto Paoletti In silico Rational Engineering of Novel Enzymes Universita Degli FP7-KBBE, 5 Russian Entities, 2009-2012 Studi di Trieste, Italy 15 (FORESTSPECS) Dr. Sanna-Maija Wood Bark and Peat Based Bioactive Compounds, Miettinen Speciality Chemicals, and Remediation Materials: from Helsingin Yliopisto, Innovations to Applications Finland FP7-KBBE, 3 Russian Entities, 2009-2012 17
  18. 18. Molecular Modelling for Rational Design of Industrial Enzymes 18
  19. 19. Biocatalysis in Europe: Integrated Scientific Network of ESAB National delegates of Austria Iceland Sweden Belgium Ireland Switzerland ESAB scientific committee: Croatia Italy The Netherlands Czech Republic Lithuania United Kingdom Denmark Norway Lithuania Finland Poland Greece France Portugal Sweden Germany Russia Slovenia Hungary Spain Slovakia 19
  20. 20. European Industrial Biotechnology at National Level: Italian Technology Platform ITSusChem Structuring and Planning Research & Innovation for a Sustainable Chemistry in Italy Industrial Materials Reaction and Biotechnology Technology Process Design F. Fava J.M. Kenny E. Santacesaria) A. Ricci http://www.itsuschem.it 20
  21. 21. EU-RUSSIA Symposia on FP6/7 BIO Priorities Important instruments to strengthen EU- Russia сo-operation in BIO-TPs of FP7 – I Moscow 2004 – II Moscow 2005 – III St. Petersburg 2006 – IV Suzdal 2007 – V Pushchino 2008 – Russian-German Forum 2009 21
  22. 22. Results of 3 First Calls in FP7 EC Funded Projects on FAFB Priorities for 3-d Countries Participation 11 Projects with Russian Participation 23 Entities from Russia among them: 2 SICA Calls for Russian Participation 2 EU-Russia Coordinated Projects 2007-2008 22
  23. 23. Russian National Contact Point on «Food, Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry & Biotechnology» Contact Information Vladimir ERYOMIN Bio-NCP of Russia Scientific Counsellor of Bio-NCP of Russia Leninsky Prospect, 33, bld. 1, room Address: 241, Moscow, 119071, RUSSIA Тel.: + 7 (495)-954-44-74 Fax: + 7 (495)-954-27-32 E-mail: eryomin@inbi.ras.ru Internet: http://www.fp7-bio.ru 23