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Best Accounting Software in U.A.E - Dubai , Abu Dhabi , Sharjah , Ajman , Umm Al Quwain , Al Quoz

SAGE UBS 50 PLUS is right choice for a trader , distributor or manufacturer with employees up to 25-50 .This product takes care of your accounting needs , documentation needs , inventory and stock management and on top of it - it is very simple and easy to use .This software is made for small businesses especially traders and distributors who need something more than a pure accounting application as it helps track their stock and even see the outstanding amount by invoice on your mobile any time.

Major advantages of SAGE UBS 50 PLUS are :-

1. Simple and easy to use
2. Easy to hire qualified personnel for SAGE
3. Mobile license - carry data in mobile, item list, sales invoices, creditors and debtors list with contacts
4. Foreign Currency - reports forex gain/loss at time of actual transaction, accept multi currencies
5. Multiple Companies can be set up - Unlimited companies accounting and consolidation
6. Speed and efficiency - Generate quick invoices and quotations
7. Report - Generate report about sales itemwise , top selling items , top 10 creditors, Post dated cheques, profit analysis , top 10 debtors etc
8. Automatic document management and Audit Trail
9. Security management - lock data which you do not want others to see, give restricted access to see, edit , delete and print

SAGE UBS 50 PLUS has all features needed by a small business to grow big .You can control your business , check items and stock , track items to order , contact debtors in a click , see all debtors and creditors in a list with all details of pending invoices

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Best Accounting Software - Inventory management and Quick Invoicing

  1. 1. #1, Mezzanine Floor, Office Complex, Al Rostamani Tower B, , Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE GET A FREE DEMO – CONTACT US Tel: +971 4 3545650 Fax: +971 4 3586958 Mob: +971 55 2483514 Email : meenu@triadme.comEvery business starts and grows with Sage UBS Fifty plus Experiencing the enhanced simple, proven, trusted accounting software "Accounting software to take your business to the next level" Sage UBS fifty p lu s is built on what is proven and trusted. It comes with the features you are familiar more. This product redefines the way you work with enhanced usability and reporting while its unique capabilities are designed to maximize your investment in Sage products. Enhanced Usability Now you can have unlimited sets of automatic document numbers for allyour different business transactions. Segmentize your sales orders according to customer, market,business unit or time. The product also offers a solution to businesses with multi-currency transactionswhich comes with automatic computation of forex exchange gain/loss at the point of payment and allowseasy tracking of these transactions in the general ledger.Reporting FlexibilityAn influx of business transactions can sometimes make it difficult to see "the forests from the trees,"therefore our new product offers Analytical Accounting that allows for flexible and comprehensiveexpense analysis, without having to tweak or design a cumbersome chart of accounts. It is a detailedanalysis with less effort.When analytical codes are tagged to journal entries it allows finance managers and departments to viewthe breakdown or grouping of transactions up to 5 levels, without having to do any extra account coding.These analytical codes can also be added "on-the-fly" as and when you need them.If your business consists of a lot of projects, a project code can be assigned to transactions to trackrevenue and expense items, instantly providing you with a project profit and loss statement. The projectcode can even be assigned to each invoice line to provide for very comprehensive reporting. In addition,an integrated reporting tool is available for easier customization of reports to suit your requirements.Always updated, all the timeAn online update facility ensures that your software is up to date with just a simple mouse click. Withinternet access, you will receive a notice when software updates are available. Just click to accept theupdates and new features will be downloaded and installed automatically. No more manual softwareupdates.It is easy to get startedOur current migration wizard takes both posted and up-posted transactions from your current UBSsoftware, cleans and then loads them into the new database and application. The same tool is also readyto accept data from any other systems in a worksheet format.
  2. 2. #1, Mezzanine Floor, Office Complex, Al Rostamani Tower B, , Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE GET A FREE DEMO – CONTACT US Tel: +971 4 3545650 Fax: +971 4 3586958 Mob: +971 55 2483514 Email : meenu@triadme.comChoice of real-time or batch postingThe product offers you a choice of real-time of batch posting. Immediately access up-to-date informationor get more control over what is posted into the financial books. Batch posting also allows you to generatereports incorporating un-posted transactions, helping you to decide which batches should be posted orshould be amended. Your choice, full control.Mobility & Convenience – your office is anywhere you areWith new innovations and infrastuctures established, Sage is able to offer some unique features andbenefits that adapt to your preferred work style. Sage UBS Mobile license allows you to take your license with you when working out of the office. With a virtual dongle, you can tap all the benefits and avoid the potential replacement costs of a damaged or lost dongle. Now with data back-up capability, you can continue to work with your company data whilst outside the office and synchronize it with your server when you return. Sage UBS Mobile plus iPhone application allows you to access key information about customers, sales invoices and outstanding receivables. For the truly mobile sales persons, you can even add sales invoices when you are away from the office. You can then synchronize these invoices upon your return to the office. Mobile plus is available on the iOS and Android platforms. Sage UBS Online Update enables your installation to be updated automatically and without any effort. An active internet connection and a valid Sage Cover is all you need for y our software to be kept up to date without delays or incurring any additional installation or delivery cost for software media.Secure your information assetsAs your business grows, and more users share access toyour company database, data security and managingaccess to confidential information becomes an importantconsideration. Our product addresses this with a morerobust database manager and a more granular andcomprehensive user security system together with acomprehensive audit trail. The audit trail will track alltransactions and changes made by the users, and willensure the integrity of your information assets.
  3. 3. #1, Mezzanine Floor, Office Complex, Al Rostamani Tower B, , Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE GET A FREE DEMO – CONTACT US Tel: +971 4 3545650 Fax: +971 4 3586958 Mob: +971 55 2483514 Email : meenu@triadme.comTechnology is the enabler and great equalizerWe help small business become more competitive by harnessing technology that delliver features andfacilities that only larger business can afford to implement. By building on proven products and workingwith established collaboration partners, and extending our software, we help you reduce costs andachieve results you may not have seen before.Your Preference; Our ConsiderationSage UBS plus is designed to offer flexibility and choices to cater customers’ varied requirements andgiving them the comfort to set the system work the way they operate the business. o Online (real-time) or Offline (batch) posting. Choose between immediate updates or get more control over what is posted into the financial books. For ultimate convenience, our product can generate financial reports and take into consideration un-posted transactions to simulate “what if” scenarios. o Perpetual or Periodic inventory system. You can manage and maintain your opening and closing stock valuation manually, or save some work by letting the system manage it. Do take some time to learn about the differences in the 2 systems as it will contribute to how you would like to manage your inventory value. o Unlimited Manual or Auto Document Numbering. You can set up unlimited manual or automatic document numbers for all your different business transactions, for example, group sales orders according to customer, market or time. Truly a great tool for those who like to be very accurate in segmenting their business. o Simple or advanced entry screens for master setup. Simple entry screens require only the entry of mandatory data, while more supporting data required for a detailed analysis can be entered by clicking on the [More info] button – just enough to start and more depth when you require it.Quick access to Information for Performance Tracking & Timely DecisionHaving critical information at your fingertips enables quick effective decision and put you in the forefront ofyour competitors. With Sage UBS plus you gain speed by moving from printed reports to meaningfulinformation consumption from different viewpoints directly on screen. Personalization changes the way information is presented on all listing screens. Users can view information relevant to them when they add or remove columns, re-arrange columns, add data filters, and apply multiple level grouping and sub-totaling to view “live” sorting on the screen or printed as a report. Each personalized screen listing can then be saved as a template for future use. The way you view your data canbe as vast as your imagination. Try it today and feel the difference.
  4. 4. #1, Mezzanine Floor, Office Complex, Al Rostamani Tower B, , Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE GET A FREE DEMO – CONTACT US Tel: +971 4 3545650 Fax: +971 4 3586958 Mob: +971 55 2483514 Email : meenu@triadme.comUse Split Screen and Docking for immediate side by sidecomparison. Compare this month versus last month, Salesdepartment versus Services department, Brand A versus BrandB, YTD actual versus initial Budget, as and when you need itwithout any programming. Global Search allows users to find information from the system quickly and effortlessly. A simple input of the keywor d will have the system shortlists all related entries for your selection, access and view – do away with manual searching of documents through files!Analytical reporting can give you direct comprehensive reporting on the breakdown of your income andexpenditure. Eliminate the stress of having to identify from the lump sum spent and list down the detailsfor tracking and audit purposes – just leave it to the system to handle it automatically for you while youconcentrate on building your business competitively!Key Performance Information (KPI) Dashboard provides the mostcurrent information on various aspects of performance, such as salesvolume by period, and helps keep track of company performance at alltimes. Making timely decisions with the most updated information hasnever been easier. An integrated Business Intelligence tool is included for quick analysis just like pivot tables. A simple drag and drop of fields to get your preferred information on the screen for immediate overview on values and graphs.
  5. 5. #1, Mezzanine Floor, Office Complex, Al Rostamani Tower B, , Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE GET A FREE DEMO – CONTACT US Tel: +971 4 3545650 Fax: +971 4 3586958 Mob: +971 55 2483514 Email : meenu@triadme.comLearning and Usability for your Quick StartupNew users will find it easy to learn to use Sage UBS plus with the inclusion of the following facilities: Context sensitive Help Text & tool Tips make it easier for new users to understand the terms on the screen and to learn how to use the software.The Favorite panel will be familiar with those using internet applications like web browsing, internet e-mail, and social networking. This gives users another way to access their frequently used functions.
  6. 6. #1, Mezzanine Floor, Office Complex, Al Rostamani Tower B, , Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE GET A FREE DEMO – CONTACT US Tel: +971 4 3545650 Fax: +971 4 3586958 Mob: +971 55 2483514 Email : meenu@triadme.comE-learning videos make learning the software easier for new users. No accounting knowledge required. A default company is ready for immediate use upon installation. No tedious setup. Only your customers, suppliers and items are required to get your billing going.Banking – manage your bank accounts including reconciliations, company expenses, supplier paymentsand customer receipts.Quick Entry for speed and minimal error in journal entries.Journals – up to 5 journal types, namely, Sales, Purchase, Cash, Bank and General, to categorize andsuit your basic accounting needs.Invoicing – maintain your customer and supplier invoices, including payments, outstanding balances,customer statements and overdue payments.Reporting – easy to generate interactive reports that show how your business is tracking with the flexiblecapacity of formatting your reporting layout and saving it for future use.Over 80 industry templates Chat of Accounts to suit your business setup and accounting requirementswith minimal effort.
  7. 7. #1, Mezzanine Floor, Office Complex, Al Rostamani Tower B, , Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE GET A FREE DEMO – CONTACT US Tel: +971 4 3545650 Fax: +971 4 3586958 Mob: +971 55 2483514 Email : meenu@triadme.comPrice Management & Safety Control for efficient and effective billing.Quotation with version control for proper control, tracking and follow-up with your customer.Recurring Transactions to manage repetitive transactions effectively.Budget with version control for your ease of checking on your business health and performance atvarious stages.Analytical Accounting and Project Billing/Reporting to give you the necessary analysis for propercontrol and timely action.Accounts Merging available for your multi-companies reporting.Copy Master Code from another company to speed up the setup process for your new company.Recode Master Codes for hassle-free changes on master codes and related historical data.Inventory Management Choice of perpetual or periodic inventory system. Choice of Standard, FIFO and Average valuation methods. Multiple locations with stock availability. Bill of Materials and Assembly item. Stock Card and Stock Aging.