Georg Kostner presenting NetEye at the IT-Days


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Georg Kostner presenting NetEye at the IT-Days

  1. 1. WÜRTHPHOENIX NetEyeIT-Days 2013 in RorschachGeorg Kostner
  2. 2. © Würth Group,WÜRTHPHOENIX NetEyeAGENDAMay 20132 IT-Days 201312345NetEye FunctionalitiesFunktionsübersicht von NetEyeMonitored areas by NetEyeMonitoringschwerpunkte von NetEyeNetEye in the Würth GroupNetEye in der Würth GruppeCustomer ProjectsKundenprojekteNetEye Professional ServicesProfessionelle Services um NetEye
  3. 3. ApplicationMonitoringInventory &AssetMGMTNotificationDocuDashboardITSMNetworkTrafficMonitoringSystem &NetworkMonitoringSyslogReal UserExperienceMonitoringSecurityMonitoringBusinessMonitoringServiceDeskNetMonitorNetEye Mobile AppSupported Web browser
  4. 4. © Würth Group, May 20134 IT-Days 2013COVERED AREAS MONITORED by NETEYEApplication ServerERPSAN NASData storageIT servicesBIVirtualizationDatacenteron premiseCloudMessagesCollaborationSFACRMERPUsersCompany LANHome networkInternetCRME-ShopCustomapplication
  5. 5. © Würth Group, May 20135 IT-Days 2013APPLICATION PERFORMANCE MONITORINGTHE INTEGRATION OF AL‘EXA INTO NETEYEAl’exa virtualmachineTestedapplicationWANInternetLANThanks to the artificial vision Alexa is able to execute automatic test cases recognizing the maincomponents of an application providing a robust solution against application changes.
  6. 6. © Würth Group,THE NETEYE OFFERWHAT SOLUTION FITS YOUR NEEDS?May 20136 IT-Days 2013NetEye cbs(4 MD*)FeaturesScalability200 checksand 20 hosts2000 checksand 200 hosts5000 checksand 500 hostsOver 5000checks and over500 hostsBasicMonitoringNetwork TrafficMonitoringDistributedMonitoringNetEye sbs(3 MD*)NetEye cbs+(6 MD*)NetEye ebs(8 MD*)Optional capability of HA Fail Over Cluster ConfigurationBusiness Intelligencefor SLA Management[*] Estimated Man Days for startup andtraining on the job
  7. 7. © Würth Group, May 20137 IT-Days 2013NETEYE IN THE WÜRTH GROUPWÜRTHPHOENIX NetEye in der Würth-GruppeNL – Würth NetherlandsCH – Würth SwitzerlandFR – Würth FranceES – Würth SpainDE – Würth GermanyIT – Würth Italy
  8. 8. © Würth Group, May 20138 IT-Days 2013•Adolf Würth GMBH & CO. KG•NetEye solution: 2 NetEye ebs HA•Implementation: 46 man days from 2009 to 2013 (5 man days startup training on the job)•Project’s specific needs: IBM AIX, Linux Server, HP –UX Intanium Server, monitoring of JMX Javaapplication Server•WASI•NetEye solution: 1 NetEye cbs+•Implementation: 3 man days training on the job•Project’s specific needs: 25 server (Windows, Virtualization), 9 switch, routers and Siemens PBX andfax• HAHN+KOLB• NetEye solution: 1 NetEye cbs and 1 nBox-M and OTRS• Implementation: 5 man days training on the job• Project’s specific needs: system monitoring for 174 hosts and 683 services, network monitoring in/outband and NetFlow, Inventory and Asset ManagementNETEYE IN THE WÜRTH GROUPPROJECT FACTS & FIGURES
  9. 9. © Würth Group,NETEYE SBS AND CBS CUSTOMERSFACTS & FIGURESMay 20139 IT-Days 2013• Industry: development and production of flooring accessories as well as edges and coatingmaterial• NetEye solution: NetEye sbs• Implementation: 2 man days• Project’s specific needs: System Monitoring, Network Monitoring, Syslog Auditing, Inventoryand Asset Management• Industry: wine production• NetEye solution: NetEye cbs• Implementation: 3 man days• Project’s specific needs: System Monitoring, Network Monitoring, Syslog Auditing, Inventoryand Asset Management, Integration of IBM AS/400• Industry: wine production• NetEye solution: NetEye sbs• Implementation: 2 man days• Project’s specific needs: System Monitoring, Network Monitoring, Syslog Auditing, Inventory,Asset Management and Software Distribution
  10. 10. © Würth Group, May 201310 IT-Days 2013•Industry: Electronic games•NetEye solution: 1 NetEye ebs•Implementation: 16 man days full project migration and ticket integration•Project’s specific needs: migration from CA Spectrum to NetEye, over 600 monitored servers, over3000 of monitored IT services•Industry: Bank•NetEye solution: 2 NetEye ebs in HA and 1 nBox-H•Implementation: 12 man days•Project’s specific needs: Over 6000 monitored service checks, integration of IBM AS/400, SyslogAuditing, network monitoring with NetFlow, system monitoring, NetEye Real User Experience•Industry: Education•NetEye solution: 1 NetEye cbs+•Implementation: 5 man days training on the job•Project’s specific needs: Over 2000 service checks, inventory e asset management, network monitoringwith NetFlowOUR ENTERPRISE CUSTOMERSFACTS & FIGURES
  11. 11. © Würth Group,WÜRTHPHOENIX NETEYETHE MARKET PROVEN ALTERNATIVE• WÜRTHPHOENIX NetEye is an Open Source Solution designed to monitorthe IT infrastructure ready to use• WÜRTHPHOENIX NetEye ist ein Paket aus Open Source Applikationen fürdas Überwachen von IT-Infrastrukturen bereit zum sofortigen Einsatz• The solution has been extended to simplify the administration andincreasing its reliability• Die Lösung wurde weiterentwickelt, um die Verwaltung zu erleichtern undderen Zuverlässigkeit zu steigern• Consulting and support offered by Würth Phoenix that has 12 years ofexperience in implementing and integrating the system• Consulting und Support durch Würth Phoenix, mit 12 Jahren Erfahrung inder Implementierung und Integration des SystemsMay 201311 IT-Days 2013
  12. 12. © Würth Group, May 201312 IT-Days 2013THE BENEFITSWHAT DISTINGUISHES OUR SOLUTION• Fast implementation• Rasche Inbetriebnahme• Professional Consulting / Training Services• Professionelle Beratung- und Schulungsdienstleistung• Full Service Desk Support• Umfassende Nachbetreuung durch einen dedizierten Service Desk• Yearly new releases based on customer feedbacks• Jährliche neue Release auf Basis der Kundenfeedbacks• Würth Phoenix is in touch with the Open Source Developers• Würth Phoenix hat direkten Kontakt zu den Open Source Entwickler• Supported and tested Open Source Solution• Getestete und gepflegte Open Source LösungLong term benefit
  13. 13. © Würth Group, May 201313 IT-Days 2013MaintenancePlanningPlanungTrainingImplementationCustomizationNew ReleaseSupportSupportConsultingBeratungInstandhaltung ImplementierungPersonalisierteEntwicklungNeue ReleaseSchulungOUR PROFESSIONAL SERVICES
  14. 14. © Würth Group, May 201314 IT-Days 2013WÜRTHPHOENIX NetEye: more than 200 customers - mehr als 200 KundenState HostREFERENCE EXCERPTWHO HAS ALREADY ADOPTED NETEYE
  15. 15. © Würth Group,15CONCLUSIONMAIN POINTS TO TAKE AWAY!!!NetEye is easy to implement and administrateNetEye ist einfach zu implementieren und zu pflegenWürth Phoenix offers professional services to NetEyeWürth Phoenix bietet professionelle Dienstleistungen zu NetEye anWürth Phoenix has over 12 years experience with NetEyeWürth Phoenix hat über 12 Jahre Erfahrung mit NetEyeMay 2013IT-Days 2013
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