Welcome to the Knowledge Hub.                          C O N N E C T . C O L L A B O R AT E . E F F E C T I V E LY. F R E ...
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Welcome to the Knowledge Hub


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Connect. Collaborate. Efffectively. Freely

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Welcome to the Knowledge Hub

  1. 1. Welcome to the Knowledge Hub. C O N N E C T . C O L L A B O R AT E . E F F E C T I V E LY. F R E E LY. The Knowledge Hub allows an easy way to transfer technology to the field, as well as make better decisions through collaboration. It is accomplished through a suite of collaborative tools, including forums, search, chat, file manager, connection analytics, mapping, and video streaming. Once registered with the Knowledge Hub through your .mil or .gov account, you have the freedom to collaborate with others the way you want, create virtual communities to exchange information and ideas with others, make connections outside your own circle, and easily share documents, videos and visualizations with others. Tools you control to connect, collaborate, learn and transfer technologyCapabilities of the Hub include: Community members now have the information they needCreate communities. Need to to collaborate all in one place.gather a group of people across geo- See updates. See what else is happening in the Hubgraphical boundaries to help solve a through the Updates wall. Watch as new members join, seeproblem? Have to train people? Want what content is being uploaded to communities, take note ofto transfer technology? Seeking a way to disseminate infor- forums posts being discussed, and see when new communi-mation that can be accessed and searched quickly? Create ties come online.a community in the Hub and then invite others to join you Search. The Hub utilizes Google Search technology tothere. Create as many communities as you would like — it combine information across usace.army.mil for quick andonly takes minutes for you to have one up and running. easy access. Use our search to find Corps publications, newWatch videos. The Knowledge Hub offers communities, new documents, forum posts or members.video streaming for any videos your commu- Subscribe. Subscribe from the community level to receivenity utilizes. Upload videos of less than 2GB to a single daily roll-up report of community activity; and sub-your community and members will be able to scribe at any level of a community forum to receive instantwatch the videos from their computers with email notification for updates to your selected discussion.no need to download them. Consider the possibilities this Provide external links. Provide your community accesscapability offers for training and educational to any other websites through external links. You won’t evenpurposes for your community. have to leave your community to view them.Make connections. Built into the Hub are Chat. If you see any of your associates are online,network analytics that will take your profile you can initiate an individual chat with them.information and use it to connect you to Communities also have the ability to start a chatothers who share like interests. When new in which all community members can join in andpeople join the Hub, if he or she share similar collaborate in real time.experiences, they will be recommended to you. The Hub will View visualizations. The Knowledge Hub’s mapping tabalso seek out communities that may interest you. engages Google Maps to visually see where other membersDiscuss with forums. Through the use of forums, your of your community are located. Download the Google Earthcommunity can quickly discuss and find answers to com- plug-in to open up an entire world dedicated to visualizingmon problems. Better yet, the forums are archived and data through the Corps’ own Google Earth Enterprise server.searchable, so no more answering the same question over Place any type of GIS data as an overlay for your commu-and over. You can also attach documents to posts for easier nity to view and reach decisions. Place historical photos onreference. overlays to show morphological changes. Connect to outsideManage files. Need to share documents with sources such as NOAA to see up-to-date data.your team? Upload it to the file manager and those Know it’s secure. The Hub is located behind the .mil firewalldocuments are available immediately. Create your on servers owned by the Corps of Engineers. That means theown folder structures to organize your documents. information you exchange with others is secure. Get started. Go to: https://knowledge.usace.army.mil