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Geotechnical & Structures Laboratory Newsletter

Geotechnical & Structures Laboratory Newsletter

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  • 1. January 2012 GSL: Spanning the Globe The Town Hall Video can be viewed on Teamlink : In this Issue People Awards and Recognition Assignments/Details Condolences Remembering Our Team Members Retirements New Faces Family Pictures Other News Programs Patents Communications Change Save the Date What Do You ThinkEach generation goes further than thegeneration preceding it because it standson the shoulders of that generation. Youwill have opportunities beyond anythingwe’ve ever known. -Ronald Reagan
  • 2. PeopleAwards and RecognitionBlue Devil Block II recognized by Popular ScienceThe Blue Devil Block II program has been recognized by Popular Science in their annual Bestof Whats New edition as one of the top 100 innovations for 2011. The drones watching overAfghanistan and Pakistan overwhelm human analysts with terabytes of video, radar, infraredand hyperspectral data. Ideally, aircraft gatheringraw information over the battlefield would filter,tag, organize, and route. that data for quick,efficient analysis on the ground. That’s whatBlue Devil Block II is designed to do. The 370-foot airship, which can hover at 20,000 feet forfive days, functions as a network hub for dronesand ground sensors and as a surveillance craft inits own right. Built for the Air Force by thedefense start-up Mav6, the blimp carries a 2,000-core supercomputer. It is scheduled to fly inAfghanistan next year. GSL played a significantrole in making the Blue Devil Block II a reality.Research Recognized by the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)The ASCE selected the Kennedy Space Center’s Crawlerway System Evaluation in support ofthe Heavy Lift Program as the ASCE Florida’s section “2011 Project of the Year.” Theproject evaluated the feasibility and compatibility of the Crawlerway system to support theHeavy-Lift Space Launch System, which included a study by GSL in evaluating the mobilityof proposed wheeled and tracked designs for the 19 million pound NASA CrawlerTransporter vehicle.GSL Team Wins 2011 M&S AwardGSL team members Jay Ehrgott, Stephen Akers, Denis Rickman, Tim Shelton and RayMoral won the 2011 Army Modeling and Simulation Experimentation Team Award. Theaward was presented on November 29, 2011 at the Interservice/Industry Training,Simulation, and Education Conference (I/ITSEC) in Orlando, Florida.Weiss Invited to Speak at the US Military AcademyDr. Charles Weiss recently instructed cadets in the Civil and Mechanical EngineeringDepartment of the USMA at West Point, NY. Weiss discussed his research on the use of avitreous porcelain enamel coating on reinforcing steel to three sections of a civil engineeringclass on the design of reinforced concrete and masonry.Mlakar’s University Accreditation VisitDr. Paul Mlakar visited the University of Texas– Pan American for the initial evaluation oftheir program in civil engineering October 30—November 1, 2011. 2
  • 3. GSL Internal AwardsAward for Excellence in Administrative Support 2011: Ms. Donna Rowland (Structural Engineering Branch) Award for Excellence in ERDC Partnership 2011: USACE Reachback Operations Center (Ms. Jill Jackson, Ms. Rhonda Taylor, and Mr. Vernon Lowery) Award for Excellence in Technical Support 2011: Mr. Quint Mason (Airfields and Pavements Branch) Award for Building a Culture of Excellence - GSL Casagrande Cup: Airfields and Pavements Branch (Dr. Gary Anderton)Award for the Most Publications 2011: Structural Engineering Branch (Mr. Chuck Ertle) 3
  • 4. GSL Internal Awards Continued And the award for Building a Culture of Excellence goes to… Airfields and Pavements Branch (Dr. Gary Anderton) 4
  • 5. Leadership Development Program, Class of 2012Ms. Carla Roig-Silva, Ms. Lulu Edwards,Mr. Marty Boyd, Mr. Brett Williams, Dr. ChrisGoodin, Mr. Omar Flores (not in picture),Mr. Todd Rushing (coordinator), and Ms. SpelerMontgomery (co-coordinator)James Ray Named ASCE Government Civil Engineer of the YearMr. Rays selection was based on his engineering expertisedeveloping mitigation measures to protect ourinfrastructure, in addition to his leadership, character andcommunity service. The ASCE Government Civil Engineerof the Year Award was presented to Mr. Ray in October atthe 2011 ASCE National Conference in Memphis, TN.Ballard Recognized by Mississippi CollegeDr. Jerry Ballard was recently recognized as a distinguished MississippiCollege alum at a special awards dinner during the school’shomecoming festivities.Assignments and DetailsBrian Green will be the Acting Branch Chief for the Concrete andMaterials Branch for a 120 day appointment (following Chris Moore).Danny Harrelson will be the Acting Branch Chief for the Geotechnical Engineering andGeosciences Branch.ERDC-NIST Materials Diagnostic Research Collaboration: Dr. Paul Allison, Concrete andMaterials Branch, is currently on a 4-month developmental assignment at the NationalInstitute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in materials research. The main goal of theassignment is to develop a method for determining fracture toughness using nano-identationwithout requiring the need for post-indentation crack measurement imaging. 5
  • 6. CondolencesDr. Michael Sharp, GVT, on the passing of his mother, Mrs. Doris SharpRodgers Coffing, CMB, on the passing of his mother-in-law, Kathleen GanzerlaNicole Carson, ESMD, on the passing of her mother, Ms. Theodora WilliamsCharles Carter, CMB, on the passing of his sister, Bobby Carter Smith Life’s a voyage that’s homeward bound. -Herman MelvilleRemembering Our Team MembersWe wish to express our condolences to the friends and former coworkers of:John Evans, who passed on July 5, 2011. Mr. Evans worked as an Engineering Technicianuntil his retirement in August 2010.Judy Hudnall, who passed on July 17, 2011. Mrs. Hudnall worked as an EngineeringTechnician for the Geotechnical and Earthquake Engineering Branch until her retirement in2004.James Kennedy, Sr., who passed on August 17, 2011. Mr. Kennedy worked as a CivilEngineer in the Mobility Systems Division and retired in 1985 after 37 years of service.Jerald Broughton, who passed on September 14, 2011. Mr. Broughton came to WES as aUS Army Service Member and completed a lengthy career as a Civilian Engineer working inthe Engineering Geology Branch, Earthquake Engineering and Geosciences Division, retiringin 1994. 6
  • 7. RetirementsLillian Wakeley, Research Geologist in the Engineering Systems and Materials Division,retired on November 30, 2011, with 27 years of service.New Faces of GSL Keith Flournoy, Ben Jones, Research Research Mechanical Mechanical Engineer, Engineer, Structural Structural Mechanics Mechanics Branch Branch Ron Elliston, Engineering Anna Harbin, Office Technician, Structural Automation Clerk (STEP Engineering Branch Student), Executive Office In order that people may be happy in their work, these threethings are needed: They must be fit for it. They must not dotoo much of it. And they must have a sense of success in it. -John Ruskin 7
  • 8. Henry Morrison Bell, son of Matt and Haley Bell, was born on December 6, 2011 Colt Barker Rowland, son of Jay and Tammy Rowland and grandson of Donna Rowland, was born on September 27, 2011 Alex Tingle, son of Jeb and Shelley Tingle, pictured with their dog “Buddy” dressed in his Santa suit. Katie LaurenWarnock, daughter of Drew andCourtney Warnock, was born on December 8, 2011 Jacob, Emma and Cristina, children of Scott Waisner and Eileen Glynn, watch TV in their new kayaks from Santa 8
  • 9. Evelyn Villanueva and her daughter, Stephanie, celebrating David McInnis and Dotti-Kate New Years Shaw were wed April 16, 2011Bailey Anderton, daughter of Dr. Gary and Cherie Anderton, was a Junior Maid onMississippi College’s Homecoming Court 2011.Bailey has also been selected to participate in the Disney College Program at the Walt DisneyWorld® Resort! Many colleges and universities are connected to the Disney CollegeProgram, where students in certain degree programs are competitively selected to participatein a one semester, paid internship that also provides college credits. Bailey is a juniorAccounting and Marketing major at Mississippi College. Bailey is also a lifelong Disney fan,and working alongside Mickey is literally a dream come true for her! 9
  • 10. Michael and Sara Gaul celebrating HalloweenCharlie, Jan, and Mallory Little atthe Music City Bowl in Nashville, TN Mike Bailey, husband of Kathy Bailey, shows off his latest buckMadeleine Gaul, daughter ofMichael and Sara Gaul, at theVicksburg Christmas Parade Joel, Jan, Mallory, and Charlie Little on Christmas 10
  • 11. Other News Breaking your own Glass Ceiling Guest Speaker: Dr. Jim Hearn SES, Director Regional Business, Northwestern Division Click the picture to play 11
  • 12. 12
  • 13. Click to see more pictures from the Town Hall and Birthday Celebration 13
  • 14. Turkey Trot December 7, 2011 Click the picture to playTo live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong. -Joseph Chilton Pearce Federal Workers get Discount at Papa John’s Pizza Papa John’s Vicksburg is giving Federal Workers 25 percent off any regular menu priced items all day, every day! Simply order online and enter promo code: FEDGOV25 where it says “Have a Promo Code?”. Then, be prepared to show your Federal Government ID when you get your order. Valid for pickup or delivery. Papa John’s Vicksburg 3046 Indiana Ave. Suite R (next to Corner Market) 14
  • 15. GSL Christmas Party and Decorations December 14, 2011 Click the picture to play 15
  • 16. ProgramsFirst Edition of ASCE Blast Protection of Buildings StandardUnder the leadership of Dr. Paul Mlakar, the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)recently published the first edition of Blast Protection of Buildings. This is the firstcomprehensive guide on the complicated process of designing for blast resistance for theprivate sector and is expected to be used widely both in the US and internationally. Thepublication is the culmination of 10 years of technical effort to coalesce diverse opinions intouseful text.PatentsBartley Durst, Pam Kinnebrew, Toney Cummins, Nick Boone, William Heard, Jason Roth,Thomas Slawson, James Davis, Carol Johnson, and others were awarded Patent No. US8,061,257 B2 for a “Cement Based Armor Panel System.”Bartley Durst, Pam Kinnebrew, Toney Cummins, Nick Boone, William Heard, Jason Roth,Thomas Slawson, James Davis, Carol Johnson, and others were awarded Patent No. US8,030,377 B2 for the invention of “Self-Leveling Cementitious Composition with ControlledRate if Strength Development and Ultra-High Compressive Strength upon Hardening and Aticles Made from Same.” CommunicationPeer ReviewThe GSL will have a Peer Review 22-23 February 2012. Dr. Ed Link (University ofMaryland), Mr. Mark Lister (StratTechs, Inc), and Mr. Mike Giltrude (DTRA) will be thepanel members. The purpose of the Peer Review is to have outside experts review ourprograms, facilities, and all aspects of our business to let us know where we might have somechallenges that we need to address.The review will start with a session to discuss the results of the previous Peer Review, done inOctober 2009. We will then review the following: 4 Business Areas (Force Protection andWeapons Effects, Force Projection and Maneuver Support, Civil Works and Infrastructure,Operational Support and Technology Transfer); 4 Big Ideas (Integrated Risk Management,Smart Materials, Standoff Assessment, and Technology Transfer); and Human Capital. 16
  • 17. CommunicationSave the DateTransportation Research Board Annual MeetingWashington, D.C. (January 22-26, 2012)Peer ReviewFebruary 22-23, 2012American Concrete Institute 2012 Spring Convention—The Art of ConcreteDallas, TX (March 18-22, 2012) Success is the ability to go from one failure to another withnot loss of enthusiasm. -Sir Winston Churchill 17
  • 18. Gr ea Change dly tC Frien ar il y ee Fam r s Inspiring Educational Environments Opportunites al Ex ss ion s Ch citin p all g P r ofe nshi en ge tio s R elaThe Employee Value Proposition (EVP) is a key component of our total effort to align our teammembers and ERDC for the future. It is a companion to The ERDC Way and is part of ourHuman Capital Program. The EVP is designed to help all of us, and ERDC, reach our fullpotential.You give ERDC your best, and we will continue building our tradition of organizationalexcellence. ERDC will provide you great opportunities: Great Careers- opportunities for advancement and expanding responsibilities, even early in your career; competitive pay. Stable, Inspiring Environments- job security and top notch facilities. Collegial Professional Relationships- work with internationally known scientists and en- gineers on motivated teams. Exciting Challenges- dynamic work on some of our nation’s toughest problems. Educational Opportunities- education and training opportunities abound, including our ERDC graduate institute. Family Friendly Environment- great people, great organization, great work-life balance. 18
  • 19. What Do You ThinkMany great captions were submitted:“Who was this Rodin anyway?”“If I only had a brain!”“Who will pick the M & Ms off the floor first?”“Beavis and Butt-head—Which is which?”“Hmm! Now where is the Statue of ‘Rocky’?”“Should I multiply by 3 or 3.14?” 19
  • 20. What Do You ThinkYou provide the caption and see if your caption is selected as our favorite. Thewinning caption will appear in the next edition of the GSLingo, and the winneralso receives an iTunes gift card!! What is your idea for a caption Pictured left to right: Dr. Gary Anderton and Dr. David Horner Send your submissions to Shelley Tingle at 20