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Diamond Development Initiative (DDI)
Diamond Development Initiative (DDI)
Diamond Development Initiative (DDI)
Diamond Development Initiative (DDI)
Diamond Development Initiative (DDI)
Diamond Development Initiative (DDI)
Diamond Development Initiative (DDI)
Diamond Development Initiative (DDI)
Diamond Development Initiative (DDI)
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Diamond Development Initiative (DDI)


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Dorothée Gizenga, Executive Director DDI, Canada

Dorothée Gizenga, Executive Director DDI, Canada

Published in: Business, Economy & Finance
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  • 1. CASM - Brasilia October 2008
  • 2.
    • The mandate is to bring together NGOs, governments, and the private sector to address the political, social and economic challenges facing the diamond artisanal mining sector.
    • DDI deals only with artisanal diamond production.
    • As a development focused organization, DDI International aims to address the relationship between alluvial diamond diggers and all eight UN Millennium Development Goals .
  • 3.
    • DDI complements the Kimberley Process , by concentrating on social and economic factors in artisanal mining, improving livelihoods, working conditions, environment and community beneficiation.
    • It is also a conflict prevention mechanism : concerned with creating social and economic stability in the artisanal diamond mining sector, a sector that is vulnerable to economic predators, violence-prone and difficult to regulate.
  • 4.
      • Regulate the diamond industry; it supports regulation through the formalization of artisanal mining;
      • Certify or authenticate the origins of diamonds
  • 5.
    • CASM/WB
    • Partnership Africa Canada
    • Global Witness
    • the Foundation for Environmental Security and Sustainability
    • Tiffany Foundation
    • Government of Sweden
    • The industry: BHP Billiton, De Beer’s, Cartier International, International Diamond Manufacturers Association, the JCK Foundation, Jewellers of America, Rapaport Group, Rio Tinto and Signet.
  • 6.
    • Artisanal diamonds cannot be distinguished from large scale diamonds. They are part of the value chain.
    • They can potentially bring an important contribution to growth and development in countries were they are mined.
    • With soaring rough diamond prices and apparently no prospect of significant kimberlitic mines in the next 5 to 10 years, alluvial diamonds play an important role in the diamond supply chain.
  • 7.
        • Social and economic stability in the artisanal diamond mining sector will not happen by chance.
        • DDI aims to move the artisanal diamond sector from the stigma of conflict and chaos attached to it, towards a heritage of development.
    • DDI is part of the consumer confidence chain : responding to the consumer demand for ethically sourced and produced diamonds; and to the industry shareholders’ interest in reputational enhancement.
    • DDI offers an opportunity for engagement to governments, donor agencies, development organizations, and the industry, to create a multi-stakeholder platform so no one is left to do the change alone.
  • 8.
    • Organized 2 international meetings (UK, Ghana) to test the idea of the diamond development initiative
    • Conducted several published studies: Resource Flows, Diamond Cooperatives in SL, S&G -SL, S&G - DRC.
    • The Madison Dialogue Diamond Group: development diamonds standards.
    • Collaboration with Angola: standards for the diamond industry to be at the World Diamond Summit , 2009.
    • First on the ground project : TUKUDIMUNA - getting children out of Diamond Mines in Mbuji-Mayi, DRC.
    • Challenge Fund: drawing other partners into the development of artisanal diamond communities.
  • 9. KP DDI Tripartite regulatory Multi-stakeholder system development platform Government lead Integrated leadership