Drivers, trends and pressures from emissions to air polution


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Drivers, trends and pressures from emissions to air polution

  1. 1. Air Science Policy Forum – Dublin , 15th April 2013Drivers, trends and pressures from emissions to airpollutionProfessor Jacqueline McGlade,European Environment Agency
  2. 2. Climate ChangePopulationPolitical and Social ConflictLoss of BiodiversityEnergyWater SecurityNatural ResourcesEconomic UncertaintyUrbanization and Land UseHuman HealthSecurityTechnology AdvancementsPoverty & InequalityGlobalizationTimely, fit-for-purpose information on state of theenvironment. . . We Need Collective Intelligence and Understanding
  3. 3. Communicating about complexscience
  4. 4. • . . .Data (D)Indicators (I)Assessments - combining diversesources of Knowledge (A)Knowledge, understanding,action- policy development (K)indicators and resource accountscitizen observatories, scienceprograms, information servicese-ReportingMonitoring (M)time series and modelsnegotiation &reflectionEvidence is growing rapidly
  5. 5. Monitoring Environmental ChangeCoastal ErosionHistoric DroughtMicro ClimateChangeOcean Health IndexMineral MiningForests & OzoneBiodiversity Deforestation Marine shipping &Protected AreasIce-cap Melting
  6. 6. Managing Natural ResourcesEcosystemHabitatForest InventoryForest HealthForestDiseaseCarbonAccountingOil and GasGeologicExplorationWatermanagementMaritimeProtectioniCoastal EcosystemsWater AccountingSeabed mapping
  7. 7. Responding to NaturalDisastersFloodingSituationalAwareness (COP)FirestormFireSimulationStormDamageAssessmentQuake TrackingFukushima, JapanRadiation ExposureTsunami Forecast, EarthquakeDamage AssessmentTohoku,Japan
  8. 8. Air pollution is falling but in some countries emissions are above ceiling limits• 8 EU memberstates hadpollutant emissionsabove ceiling limitsin 2011, comparedto 12 memberstates exceedingthe ceiling in 2010.NOx emissions in 2011. Countriescoloured in green are below NOx ceiling,those in red are above NOx ceiling.EEA, 2013
  9. 9. Updates to science show Europe is still playing catch-upState of airqualitybased on‘old’scienceState of airqualitybased on‘new’science
  10. 10. Concentrations of particulate matter & ozone are still too highPercentage of urban population exposed to air pollution exceedingacceptable EU air quality standard
  11. 11. Despite reduced NOx emissions, NO2 levels remain too high
  12. 12. Transport is a major contributor to Europe’s air pollution problems• Shipping is a majorcontributor to pollutionemissions and greenhousegases• Aviation contributes relativelylittle to pollution but is a fastgrowing industry and needsto be closely monitored
  13. 13. Relative contribution % of shipping emissions to annual mean concentrationEEA 2013
  14. 14. Air Pilot – sharing experience to support implementation• Local emission inventories• Modelling activities• Monitoring networks• Trends and managementpractices• Information to the public
  15. 15. MultidimensionalOpen AccessUsabilityData ManagementSolutionsAnalysisAccessBandwidthCollaborationSocial NetworkingConnectivityWirelessNetworksPredictiveReal TimeScienceAnalyticsModelingReal TimeTrackingSensor NetworkMeasurementRemote SensingLidarGPSServicesWeb EnabledCollaborationPrivacyDataCrowdsourcingAccessOwnershipVolumeMobileDistributedSecurityComputingVisualizationCloudPerformanceSaaSLocation MobileTechnology Is Changing Rapidly
  16. 16. Rapid Adoption of Common Platforms. . . Building A Global NetworkEye on Earth Global NetworkUNEP LiveNGO’s – Data BasinIndonesia SDIUS GovernmentRussianFederation
  17. 17. InteroperabilityNatureWatch
  18. 18. Engaging Citizens & local organisations – social media integrationCitizen Science - WatchesSocial media integrationSurveillance
  19. 19. • Collected once and shared with others for many purposes• Managed responsibly at source• Readily available to easily fulfil legal reporting obligations• Easily accessible for all users and available in nationallanguages• Accessible to enable comparisons at the appropriategeographical scale and to support citizen participation• Supported through investment in common standards andinteroperable systemsSEIS Principles
  20. 20. Looking ahead to better air qualityImpactsAirQualityEmissions• The review of EU air legislationin 2013 is a tremendousopportunity• Measures to promote airquality, and measures toreduce greenhouse gases aremutually supportive• We already know whichpolicies work• The knowledge base on airmust be continually improved