8 old books unexpectedly discovered by readers


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The collections of academic libraries are rather research orientated. Sometimes the libraries get digitisation orders on books, which they would not have prioritised in their lists of digitisation or did not believe to be found in their collections in the first place

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8 old books unexpectedly discovered by readers

  1. 1. eBooks on Demand 8 old books unexpectedly discovered by readers
  2. 2. eBooks on Demand ...from the academic library collections
  3. 3. eBooks on Demand ...and ordered as EOD e-books
  4. 4. Let’s play Whist A handbook how to play Whist – an English trick-taking card game widely played in the 18th and 19th centuries Das Whist-Spiel in allen seinen Feinheiten und Abänderungen, als: Whist en cinq, en trois, en deux, Cayenne, Short-Whist usw..., 1859 Now available online at the Digital Library of the Saxon State and University Library Dresden
  5. 5. Bikes and bicycles A product catalogue of BMW motorbikes (in Estonian), 1938 and a list of bicycles and their details (in Estonian), 1938 may refer to someone’s interest in restoration. Digitised and made available by the National Library of Estonia
  6. 6. Telephone directories There have been several requests for telephone directories like this one in Tallinn (1934)
  7. 7. Grapes2wine Hermann Goethe. Ampelographisches Wörterbuch, 1876 A specific edition for wine experts Something that a library would not prioritise in its list of digitisation, but happy to do it on request PDF e-book made available by the University and Regional Library of Tyrol
  8. 8. Where did you study? An annual report of a school in Berlin Zweiter Jahresbericht über die Luisenstädtische Gewerbeschule in Berlin, 1867 It takes deep interest and the requests to get the school reports digitised... PDF e-book made available by the University and Regional Library of Tyrol
  9. 9. Fiction Maybe a researcher from the field of medicine sometimes needs a different type of approach, like fiction or drawings  Der Frauenarzt : Roman, 1910 Ethnologisches Bilderbuch: mit erklärendem Text..., 1887 Digitised on request by the HumboldtUniversität zu Berlin, University Library
  10. 10. eBooks on Demand Network About us We are a network of libraries across Europe running the EOD (eBooks on Demand) web-based service and digitising public domain books on users’ request. See: • more items available for digitisation • items already digitised • more information about EOD (English), (German) Credits (photos): repositories of EOD libraries, www.wikimedia.org