12 great old books


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There are hidden treasures in the collections of libraries, which are discovered by readers. On users' request these treasures are digitised and can be also in your hands by just a few mouseclicks!

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12 great old books

  1. 1. eBooks on Demand 12 great old books discovered by library readers
  2. 2. eBooks on Demand ...and ordered as EOD e-books
  3. 3. eBooks on Demand from European libraries
  4. 4. Nichomachean Ethics Aristotle’s best-known work on ethics the Nichomachean Ethics is not only a contemplation about good living, but also aims to create good living Rare Greek and Latin edition Aristotelis de moribus ad nico macho libri decem, 1556 now made available by the University and Regional Library of Tyrol
  5. 5. Pietà Michelangelo's „Pietà Michelangelo's“ from 1865 by Hermann Grimm investigates Michelangelo’s drawing. Was Pietà painted by Michelangelo in the first place? The article is one of many in the row of evidence. Full-text provided by the University and Regional Library of Tyrol By the way, did you know that the art historian Hermann Grimm was a son of Wilhelm Grimm, one of the famous Grimm brothers?
  6. 6. Anton Raphael Mengs Lessons for painting by Anton Raphael Mengs - one of the most appreciated painters, precursors to Neoclassical painting in the 18th century in Europe. Mengs portrayed many powerful figures of his time, but today his fame seems to be forgotten. Des Ritter A. R. Mengs praktischer Unterricht in der Malerei.., 1818 now available at the Digital Library of the Saxon State and University Library Dresden
  7. 7. Tallinn Beautiful lithograph of one of the European capitals of culture 2011 – Tallinn – made about 160 years ago. Petersen, Lorenz Heinrich; Schwabe, F. Album von Reval. – Reval : L. H. Petersen, 1860 View the book here, digitised by the National Library of Estonia
  8. 8. Claim for independence Esthonia: her claim for independence, 1918 witnesses the struggle for independence of a small country. In 1918 Estonia was occupied by the German army despite of the independence declaration declared on 24 February 1918. Estonian diplomats abroad tried to get the Republic recognized by the Western countries. This little book composed by an Estonian diplomat in London was meant to help diplomats on their duty. England became one of the most significant supporters during the Estonian war of independence in 1918-1920. The S-sign on the cover indicates, that the book was hidden in the special stocks of forbidden literature during the Soviet occupation The book was digitised on request by the National Library of Estonia
  9. 9. Rare manuscript Codex Gymnasialis Revaliensis, 17 century This manuscript in Latin was believed to be missing since 1925. It is a 470 pages copy of Chronicle by Henry of Livonia, one of the most important sources for Estonian and Latvian history. Although librarians had evidence that the manuscript had been returned to the library, that message never reached the historians who believed it remained missing since borrowed by a Latvian researcher. Due to a digitisation order to the National Library of Estonia, the manuscript was re-discovered and it is available online and for PDF download.
  10. 10. Contrafactur A commemorative publication of the wedding ceremony of Elector of Saxony Christian I and Sophie of Brandenburg Contrafactur des Ringkrennens, So vff des Durchlauchtigen Hochgebornen Fürsten vnd Herrn Herrn Christiani Hertzogen zu Sachssen ..., 1584 now available at the Digital Library of the Saxon State and University Library Dresden This special kind of publication, often titled as "Contrafactur", was popular in the 16th century. It contains mainly illustrations instead of written descriptions or poems.
  11. 11. Tyrol Tirolensia Beiträge zur Volks- und Landeskunde Tirols, 1898 sheds light on the history of Tyrol, Austria. PDF e-book made available by the University and Regional Library of Tyrol
  12. 12. The Lippizaner horses The Lippizaner horses are one of Austria's main attractions nowadays Das k.k Hofgestüt zu Lippiza 1580-1880, 1880 explores the long history of the stud PDF e-book made available by the University and Regional Library of Tyrol
  13. 13. The history of medicine These publications have been considered very important by the researchers in the field of history of medicine Die Hamburgische Rettungs-Anstalt für Ertrunkene und Erstickte..., 1877; Krankenzettel vom Verhalten in Krankheiten..., 1798; Die von Invaliditäts- und Altersversicherungsanstalten im Harze angelegten Heilstätten für Lungenkranke: Bildband, [ca. 1900]. Digitised and made available by the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, University Library
  14. 14. eBooks on Demand Network About us We are a network of libraries across Europe running the EOD (eBooks on Demand) web-based service and digitising public domain books on users’ request. See: • more items available for digitisation • items already digitised • more information about EOD (English), (German) Credits (photos): repositories of EOD libraries, www.wikimedia.org