Smart Solutions: Intelligent, Integrated Infrastructure for the Data Center


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Balancing data center best practices for capacity, space utilization, availability and efficiency is difficult without making sacrifices. Each Smart Solutions offering addresses data center management needs with rapidly deployable solutions that cost-effectively add data center capacity, improve IT control and increase efficiency--to balance the most common data center objectives.

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Smart Solutions: Intelligent, Integrated Infrastructure for the Data Center

  1. 1. Smart SolutionsIntelligent, integratedinfrastructure for the data center 1
  2. 2. Top Data Center Challenges External Virtualization, forces Cloud changing the business climate Infrastructure IT Outsourcing Consolidation Management Heat Density Efficiency & Regulation Facility Compliance Green Availability initiatives Challenges Energy Efficiency Higher Increasing Density Demand Power Density Reduced Business & Budget Source: Data Center Users’ technology Group Surveyforces pressing on the data center 2
  3. 3. Data Center Lifecycle Efficiency Design & Deployment Management & Planning Operation Efficiency Without Compromise™Design & Deployment Operation Management Increase energy efficiency  Free up stranded capacity  Streamline operations with Reduce capital costs  Increase availability management controls Reduce space  Reduce energy costs with  Improve asset utilization Faster deployment efficient technologies  Simplify change management Lower engineering costs  Lower long-term operational Improve design efficiency costs with proactive maintenance programsEfficiency is not just lowering operating costsEfficiency should apply to all aspects of operations
  4. 4. Smart Solutions Family 4
  5. 5. Smart SolutionsFrom Emerson Network Power An integrated data center infrastructure – Power, Cooling – Racks, Power Distribution – Infrastructure and IT Management What makes these solutions unique? • Enhance business, space, energy efficiency Efficient • Rapid deployment, easy servicing • Make use of existing infrastructure Economical • Avoid expensive room upgrades • Simple and flexible design and implementation Interoperable • Systems work together • Optimized planning, monitoring and Control management • Control your IT environment 5
  6. 6. Industry Best Practicesfor Data Center Design and OperationSmart Solution infrastructure integrates industrybest practices in data center design and operation: – Air flow management: Hot aisle / cold aisle; cold aisle containment – High availability, high efficiency UPS – Highest efficiency precision cooling; variable capacity /intelligent controls – Space-savings, minimal footprint – Modularity for flexibility and easier expansion – Integrated monitoring and control for efficiency in planning and management – Unique local service for design audits, configuration support, installation support, maintenance and repair 6
  7. 7. SmartRow TM 7
  8. 8. TMIntroducing SmartRow Intelligent, integrated infrastructure in a self contained line-up Applications Needs Addressed• Capacity: 20kW • Integrated design• Racks: 3-6 • Standardization• Floor: Primarily non-raised • Low 1st cost & operating cost• Key Applications: Small data • Availability centers; remote sites • Speed of deployment 8
  9. 9. SmartRow - What is it? TM Single line of racks Complete and integrated data center infrastructure – 3-6 racks (up to 20kW) – Integrated Cooling – Airflow Management – Fire Suppression – UPS – Power Distribution – Monitoring 9
  10. 10. SmartRow - Component Details TM High efficiency precision cooling – Downflow 5-Ton Liebert Challenger – Air, Water/Glycol or Chilled Water Supply air plenum Fire suppression Integrated electrical panel Monitoring Panel Reliable on-line UPS Cool air up front of racks Knurr DCM racks Rack PDU Return air plenum Back up cooling Room connections Start-up Full 1-yr warranty 10
  11. 11. SmartRow Benefits TM • Significant energy savings from enclosed precision cooling Efficient system, variable capacity and intelligent controls • Optimizes space efficiency through integrated system • Room neutral: No effect on existing space Economical • Reduce cost of installation: no need to undertake expensive upgrades to fire suppression, cooling capacity or flooring • Can be deployed in just weeks: simple in design & deployment Interoperable • Local data center experts and service teams for configuration, installation, maintenance, repair • Monitors temperature and controls precision cooling operating Control levels accordingly • Monitors equipment for quicker response & resolution 11
  12. 12. SmartRow Design & Cost Example TMSituation: deploy 18 kW of IT to a non-IT ready room Conventional Design 18 kW, 288 sq ft 1 rows, 6 racks Ceiling mounted ducted cooling (6) 5 kVA UPS Room renovation, fire suppression SmartRow 18 kW, 288 sq ft 1 rows, 6 racks 1 Liebert Challenger (downflow) 6 Liebert GXT 5 kVA Room neutral 12
  13. 13. SmartRow Cost Comparison TM Conventional SmartRow Cost Savings % Savings Room Costs $60,000 $43,000 $17,000 28% contractor, installation, engineering services Infrastructure Equipment $105,000 $109,000 -$4,000 -3% UPS, distribution, cooling, racks, fire suppression Total CapEx $165,000 $152,000 $13,000 8% Annual Energy Consumption $8,800 $6,400 $2,400 27% power & cooling equipment energy use 5 Year OpEx $44,000 $32,000 $12,000 27% 5 Year TCO $209,000 $184,000 $25,000 12% Room neutral, fewer services to retrofit roomRoom Savings into an IT spaceEquipment Savings Pre-engineered, integrated precision cooling, ducting, distribution and fire suppressionEnergy Savings Airflow management, variable capacity, intelligent controls 13
  14. 14. To view this presentation in its entirety, please visit: byServlet?target=registration.jsp&eventid=94843 &sessionid=1&key=F469778082F82D10069E7A 7EFD5E4399&partnerref=&eventuserid=5649520 8&lobby=http%3A// /index.html&autoreg=true&param1=WC060111& sourcepage=register 14