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By Brianna Santana

  1. 1. The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera. -Dorothea Lange - quoted in: Los Angeles Times (13 Aug. 1978).
  2. 2. Bio Dorothea Lange was a influential American documentary photographer. She was born in Hoboken.  In high school, Lange decided to study photography.
  3. 3. Bio continued She studied the art form at Columbia University. After that she was an apprentice for the next several years. each year with a different photographer.
  4. 4. ―[It] was the most importantthing that happened to me,and formed me, guided me,instructed me, helped meand humiliated me,‖ –Lange
  5. 5.  Lange’s Life Span: May 26, 1895-White Angel Bread October 11, 1965.Line, San Francisco  Paul Strand was one of the artist that influenced her.  Lange influenced the photographer Ansel Adams and Roy Stryker.
  6. 6. To live a visual life is an enormousundertaking, practicallyunattainable. But when the greatphotographs are produced, it will bedown that road. But I have onlytouched it, just touched it.- Lange
  7. 7.  Lange’s contribution to art was during the great depression and the post war. Her most known picture is the ―migrant mother‖ Migrant Mother [1936]
  8. 8. ―Pick a theme and work it toexhaustion... the subject must besomething you truly love or trulyhate.‖ "Hoe culture in the South. Poor white, North Carolina."
  9. 9. Why is she important tophotography?Lange could capture the moment whenever she took a picture. A lot of pictures to me were very good and was like a time capsule of the Great Depression. It is like a story with out any words.
  10. 10. "And thats really part of whatLanges genius was about:That she could make picturesof very poor people —people very, very hard hit —and still make themextremely attractiveindividuals.― -Linda Gordon
  11. 11. The Arnold children,Michigan Hill,Washington, 1939
  12. 12. ―Every image he sees, everyphotograph he takes, becomes in asense a self-portrait. The portrait ismade more meaningful by intimacy -an intimacy shared not only by thephotographer with his subject but bythe audience.‖
  13. 13. "Young Girl" 1962
  14. 14. "Dorothea Lange is one of the mostimportant American photographersof our time and one of the mostsignificant women in the history ofthe field," -Deborah Gribbon
  15. 15. Pledge of allegianceat Rafael WeillElementary School
  16. 16. "I had to get my camera to registerthings that were more importantthan how poor they were--theirpride, their strength, their spirit." Lighthearted Kids in Merrill FSA Camp - 1939
  17. 17. Louisiana Negress,1937
  18. 18. Polk County, Oregon1939
  19. 19. ―While there is perhaps aprovince in which the photographcan tell us nothing more thanwhat we see with our own eyes,there is another in which it provesto us how little our eyes permit usto see‖ –Lange
  20. 20. "Daughter of migrantTennessee coal miner.Living in AmericanRiver camp nearSacramento, California."(1936)
  21. 21. ―Photography takes aninstant out of time, alteringlife by holding it still.‖
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  24. 24. One should really use the camera asthough tomorrow you’d be stricken blind.To live a visual life is an enormousundertaking, practically unattainable. Ihave only touched it, just touched it.-Lange