How Mobile Credit Card Processing Can Help Your Business Grow


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This document highlights the specific impact that mobile credit card processing is having across various sectors of the business community. From Food Truck Operators, HVAC Contractors, Limo Services, Marketing Consultants and many more, each interview highlighted in this article is from a real merchant who has used mobile credit card processing over the last year.

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How Mobile Credit Card Processing Can Help Your Business Grow

  2. 2. Food Truck Operator: Increasing Revenue ―The increased revenue we’ve experienced by accepting credit cards with a mobile credit card reader has added up fast. By the end of this year I’ll be able to buy a new refrigerator for my food truck based on just that increased revenue alone.‖ – Elvis Serrano, JiBARO World Eats “By 2017 food trucks will generate about $2.7 billion in revenue.” – For more info on JiBARO JiBARO takes pride in delivering the best Caribbean, Spanish & Latin food with World Spice Fusion. Website: Facebook: JiBARO Catering Food Truck Twitter: @JiBAROWorldEats
  3. 3. HVAC Contractor: Processing Payments In Field ―The guys in the field have the ability to run credit cards right then and there with our mobile processing device. The customer rests assured that they get a receipt and they get charged right there on site and don’t have to offer their credit card number over the phone. We like it because it helps clear costs up and then we don’t have to send paper later on.‖ – Alana Lane, Advanced Heating and Cooling “Accepting credit cards allows companies to gather funds in one simple swipe with an immediate record of the transaction. ” - For more info on Advanced Heating & Cooling Advanced Heating & Cooling has been serving the HVAC needs of Treasure Valley customers since 1982. They are dedicated to providing superior services and high quality products at competitive prices. Website:
  4. 4. Jewelry Vendor: Accepting Credit Cards At Shows ―During a show this past September, 50 percent of our sales were credit card transactions. Prior to this summer, we hadn’t accepted credit cards before. I found out how simple and portable it could be and that’s really helped our business.‖ – Dolores Kopacz, Glasswear By DAK “Sea glass has become quite the commodity, and money drives people to obsession.” - For more info on Glasswear By DAK Dolores from Glasswear By DAK is a passionate sea/beach glass collector and a leading authority on Lake Erie. Website: ETSY: Glasswear By DAK
  5. 5. Events and Festivals: Increasing Donations ―Accepting credit cards at IngenuityFest 2013 with mobile credit card readers definitely helped us increase our donation revenues. It was also really easy for our volunteers to use at our merchandise tables as well which made it a big success.‖ - Dana Konschak, Ingenuity Cleveland “The average American consumer will spend between 12 and 18 percent more per transaction when using a credit card as opposed to cash or check.” – For more info on IngenuityFest Visitors to IngenuityFest see that technology becomes a natural extension of art, and artistic expression flows freely from the exploration of science, engineering, and math. Website: Facebook: IngenuityCleveland Twitter: @IgenuityFest
  6. 6. Limo and Car Service: Eliminating Paper Receipts ―Most of my clients don’t like dealing with paper receipts. It’s only more paperwork to do. With mobile credit card processing—once they input their email and complete the transaction, they already have their receipt and are ready to go when they get out of the car.‖ – Ron Podowski, Ron’s Limo Service “If a customer chooses to receive their receipt via an email, your brand gains the opportunity to ask the customer for an opt-in to marketing emails.”– Ron has developed a tremendous reputation for service and going the extra mile for his customers—both figuratively and literally. For more on Ron’s Limo Service Website: Facebook: Ron’s Limo Service
  7. 7. Artist and Woodcrafts: Improved Customer Experience ―When I first started accepting credit cards, I had to do so on a regular cell phone and type my 16-digit number, or the customer’s 16-digit credit card number, into the phone. Then I’d go through three prompts, wait for a captured number and batch code all while the customer stood there waiting patiently. Now I use mobile credit card processing and have been very pleased with the decision ever since. My customers have been too!‖ – Louis ―The Bowlman‖ Sachs “40% percent of SMBs now accept payments with mobile credit card readers” – Sach’s offers original Hand Turned Wooden Bowls, Natural Edge Bowls Salad Bowls, Large Serving Bowls, Segmented Bowls and other fine woodcraft items. For more info on Sach’s Woodcrafts Website: Facebook: Sachs Woodcraft LLC Henderson
  8. 8. Shipping Company: Drivers Accept Credit Cards On Location ―We spend a lot of time picking up delivery shipments and mobile credit card processing has really helped us with that aspect of things. Now we can be sure that payments are secure and made right away. Our driver gets the transactions done on the spot.‖ – Nancy Abuali, MEA Cargo “Technology is making it easier than ever to accept credit cards.” - For more info on MEA Cargo Website: MEA Cargo is a leader in customer service and the preferred freight-forwarder for all your shipping needs based just outside of O’Hare International Airport in Chicago, Illinois.
  9. 9. Yachting & Tours: Creating The Mobile Office ―I live on my sailboat and mobile credit card processing has allowed me to do everything I need to do for my business right from sea. It has made me very mobile and very efficient. Whether or not I’m chartering people on a power boat excursion for the day, or I’m taking charter finances for the week by phone, I can do it all right from my iPad. It gives me the ability to have my clients sign everything right then and there.‖ - Don Yesh, Zephyr Yachts. “The total number of US credit card holders is 176.8 million” – For more info on Zephyr Yachts Zephyr Yachts will work with you to ensure your vacation is perfect. Whether it’s a honeymoon, family vacation or corporate retreat their crew will work out every detail with you. Website: Facebook: Zephyr Yacht Charters
  10. 10. Web & Marketing Consultants: Pay Now Discounts ―We’ve used mobile credit card processing to help incentivize our clients to pay on location by offering discounts and promotions. For example, we like the idea of giving a discount for paying for print up front. Print is a huge part of our marketing company and giving us the option to order print on the go is key for our customers.‖ – Stephen Benny, RAIN Marketing “Mobile payments are expected to reach $670 billion by 2015.” – For more info on RAIN Marketing Rain Marketing is delivering results like babies in a maternity ward. Website: Twitter: @WeBringTheRain Facebook: RAIN Marketing
  11. 11. Bakery and Cupcakery: Processing Payments At The Park ―Mobile credit card processing allows me to take an order over the phone or if I am out at a park doing an event, all that I have to do then is plug the reader into my phone and swipe a card. It just makes my business run so much easier.‖ – Colleen Bethel, Sweet’s Revenge Bakery “Most bakeries conduct the majority of their business in a single area, but some bakeries need to accept payments from customers as they make deliveries” – Sweet's Revenge Bakery is focused on providing the best cupcakes and pastries with the highest levels of customer satisfaction. For more info on Sweet’s Revenge Website: Facebook: Sweet’s Revenge
  12. 12. Who are the solution providers? Companies who offer Mobile Credit Card Processing services include but are not limited to EMS+, Square, Intuit goPayment, PayPal Here, ROAMpay, Pay Anywhere, Chase Paymentech, and others. For more info:
  13. 13. Media and PR Requests: Contact Merrell For Media or PR requests regarding mobile credit card processing, contact Merrell. Email: msheehan[a]emscorporate Phone: 216.524.0900 x 1865 ―Looking forward to talking with you, may even let you know where I bought my shades.‖ – Merrell