EMRULLAH ETE-126565-civil engineering


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EMRULLAH ETE-126565-civil engineering

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EMRULLAH ETE-126565-civil engineering

  1. 1. CONCRETE
  2. 2.  Precast Double Wall • Precast double wall is obtained from the reinforced cages of the two upholsteries. After the precast double-wall construction elements were installed in accordance with the plan in the construction site, the installation of additional flat and combination of equipment has been done and then its intermediate is filled with concrete and thus a monolithic strong and powerful carrier concrete curtain wall is obtained. By taking into account the standards of Turkey, Europe and America, precast double-wall construction elements are manufactured in the factory of ETE Concrete without budging from the quality. • Maksimum 10.00 m • Maksimum 3.20 m  • • • • 5-7 cm 20-35 cm 250 kg/m² (2x5 cm of panel thickness) Minimum C30/37 Bright, Smooth and double surface ready for painting. The feature of ability to make design and shape -The production not affected by weather conditions in fully automatic closed area in the factory. - Precast Double Wall has a very good sound insulation and fire resistance.
  3. 3.  -The construction period is very short and the cost of construction is less as the formwork does not require. -It requires less labor force and thus occupational health and safety measures can be better kept under control. - There is no structural constraint. It can be applied to each project as a special manufacturing is done. - Plaster-free, a smooth surface ready for application of paint and wallpaper is obtained. - Window / door spaces, door / window frames, electrical components (cable duct, electrical switches and sockets) are placed on the wall during the production process. -After the panel was placed in its place in the construction site concrete filled, a composite wall occurs by filling the space between the walls. - It is lighter as its interior is empty. Therefore, it requires less transportation and crane costs. -The earthquake-resistant structures are made with the linking reinforcements inserted into the wall. -Precast double walls with the original design can even be manufactured at reasonable prices with the use of CAD and automation technologies.
  4. 4.          Precast Solid Wall Precast Solid wall is a non-carrier, separation and closure oriented, fast, economical and long-lasting structure.Specific density of the concrete and accordingly, its durability is much higher than the density and strength of the other building materials.Thus, a massive wall has much more strenght of the wall than all the structural materials of the other porous walls. Maximum 10.00 m Maximum 3.00 m 15cmt 375 kg/m² Minimum C30/37 Ability to make the feature of the double surface pattern and shape which are bright, smooth, ready for painting - The panels of Solid wall are cured by keeping in the curing room being constantly under the control. - Very high sound insulation and fire resistance. - The production not affected from the weather conditions.
  5. 5.       Box Culvert . Box culvert is a constructional product that is used for the beneath of the highway according to existing terrain state and the flow of the rainfall that can flow. Called also as the structure of art, the box culvert is used in agricultural sub-passages. Box culvert is called as road-crossing, the lower flood gate structures of art and the measures are taken by preparing the analysis conditions under the mobile load influences.of Box Culvert 1Strong-resistant and completely produced by using domestic raw materials and used in many fields such as road crossings, highway culverts, dam injection tunnels, infrastructure galleries and so on, box culverts have offered the advantages such as; Designable according to variable fixed and mobile loads, keeping the quality under control for the production of prefabricated, And fast installation.
  6. 6.    Reinforced Concrete Pipes Concrete pipe is one of the building blocks of the infrastructure systems in the cities and settlements.Infrastructure services work best through the concrete pipes.The main reason to prefer the concrete pipe for many years is that it does not contain any material which can deteriorate or give damage to the infrastructure system.Concrete pipes are 100% of domestic goods and they are very important in terms of the evaluation of our own resources. - Different filling and a superior resistance against the traffic loads, - High internal pressure resistance, - 100% of sealing, - The production, with fully domestic raw materials and by using local resources,
  7. 7. Chimney Elments  The chimneys established for the purposes such as control, intervention, ventilation, connection, turn in the infrastructure lines are called as the Chimney of Inspection. This provides a healthy and long life for the system. - The hydraulic yields of the products of concrete chimney line do not diminish over time. - Concrete chimney elements do not deform. - A concrete chimney element keeps its shape throughout its service life and does not make any deflection and does not undergo the changes in shape such as contraction and articulation.
  8. 8. Contact Us Contact Information Telephone: 0533 853 74 47 Fax : +90 123 456 78 90 E-mail : emrullahete@gmail.com WEB : www.eteconcrete.com
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