Usaid markets prewitt input opportunities


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Usaid markets prewitt input opportunities

  1. 1. Source: USAID Markets / Lodestar International Rice Point of Sale Survey June 2010 - 1 - Agriculture’s Last Mile
  2. 2. 1,200,000 Nigerian Farmers
  3. 3. Increase yields of rice, sorghum, sesame, cassava, maize
  4. 4. Grain Yields Around the World
  5. 5. 3,500,000 Tons Imported Rice 1,500,000 Tons Local Rice
  6. 6. We demonstrate, Farmers plant “Technology Push” Traditional Development
  7. 7. Access and Incentives
  8. 8. What is the Last Mile Problem?
  9. 9. Source: USAID Markets / Lodestar International Rice Point of Sale Survey June 2010 - 9 - Last Mile Solution
  10. 10. What is the Last Mile Problem?
  11. 11. Traditional Solutions
  12. 12. Last Mile Solutions
  13. 13. Agriculture’s Last Mile Demonstration Is Not Enough
  14. 14. Aba Malting Plant, Abia State Current capacity: 30,000 MT per annum Currently processing sorghum from Nigerian Farmers
  15. 15. Farmer buys seed on credit Planting Fertilizer and weeding Harvest & Storage Market Pricing Survey Buyback, Transport Delivery / QC Aba Malting Plant February - May USAID MARKETS signs agreement with NARCDB to provide credit at 8% to farmers Last season, MARKETS Farmers increased yields from 1 MT per hectare to an average of 2.1 MT per hectare. Average net income increased to 46,750 Naira Malted sorghum replaces imports of barley. Aba Malting Plant Capacity: 30,000 MT MARKETS Partner Da Allgreen Seeds provides seeds, advice to farmers, transportation and logistics, limited credit and delivery to the Aba Malting Plant May - July August - September October January
  16. 16. Farmer Adoption Strategies Value Chain Financing Smart Subsidies Delivery Systems Financial Literacy On-Farm Trials Demonstration Farms Agricultural Extension Farmer Field Schools Demand PullTechnology Push “Last Mile”Traditional
  17. 17. Smart Subsidies Last Mile Strategies
  18. 18. Source: USAID Markets / Lodestar International Rice Point of Sale Survey June 2010 - 19 - In 2010, over 900,000,000 Naira ($6,000,000) in support provided to Nigerian smallholder farmers through the fertilizer voucher programme. Eighty percent of this funding has come from State Governments. Smart Subsidies
  19. 19. “Farming as a business” Financial Literacy Last Mile Strategies: Demand Pull
  20. 20. Last Mile Strategies: Appropriate Packaging
  21. 21. 70 more mills required to replace imports More Rice Mills Needed
  22. 22. Source: USAID Markets / Lodestar International Rice Point of Sale Survey June 2010 - 23 -
  23. 23. To produce quality paddy, farmers need seed and fertilizer plus training. This MARKETS demonstration and training site is one of 20 in Benue State.
  24. 24. Average of Other ECOWAS Nigeria Benue MARKETS
  25. 25. In 2008 our Olam partnership received a World Business Development Award from the UNDP and International Chamber of Commerce in New York. We’ve also been cited as a best practice by the World Economic Forum.
  26. 26. Timothy Prewitt, Managing Director
  27. 27. Create jobs, raise incomes, commercialize agriculture Winrock, IFDC, ICRISAT, BAH, Nathan, IFPRI, IITA 144 Local Subcontracts Active in 24 of 36 Nigerian states Agricultural Finance, Policy, Customs Modernization, Transportation Upgrades, Irrigation Systems Maize Sorghum Rice Fisheries Sesame Cocoa MARKETS Value Chains Cowpea Cassava
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