Agri09 Day IV-Workshop I-Walter Mayer-Progis


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Agri09 Day IV-Workshop I-Walter Mayer-Progis

  1. 1. Progis ecology-solutions RURAL AREA MANAGEMENTProgis web-solutions Rural areaProgis technology management – stateProgis geo-INFOtainment of the art IT servicesProgis pipeline-solutions for countrywideProgis smart-community solutions DI Walter H. AGRA Meeting 24.June 2009, Geneva, Switzerland, CH PROGIS – SOFTWARE THAT SHOWS PROGIS Software GmbH Software that Shows !
  2. 2. Progis ecology-solutions Technology: WinGIS DDE - AX - COM WinGIS Performance - Zoom 1,2 1 0,8 Zeit (sec.) 0,6 0,4 0,2 0 200000 (16) 360000 (30) 585000 (58) Objekte (Bilder) 5 GB+ raster, 1 Mio vector • OO elements on standard PC! database • PC • hybrid vehicles • fast areas • SDK + internet • open landuse (no plugin) for (MS) programmers cadastre • tools for agri- orthoimage experts available GIS application PROGIS Software GmbH Software that Shows !
  3. 3. Progis ecology-solutions Make base data available • WinGIS enables Microsoft Virtual Earth(VE) to become a GIS • VE technology embedded gives direct access to ww rasterdata • Integration of content into Microsoft SQL-Server is possible • solves largest past drawback of PROGIS - data-availability WinGIS + Virtual Earth PROGIS Software GmbH Software that Shows !
  4. 4. Progis ecology-solutions Integrate GIS+DB+TIME+EXPERT-DATA time location information EXPERT-INFO: machines,crops, patents pend. fertilizer, herbicide, methods, …. WHERE patents pend. WHEN PROGIS Software GmbH Software that Shows !
  5. 5. Progis ecology-solutions Need of horizontal integration 1. Documentation & Geo-traceability pp §§ 05 L O 2. (EU) subsidy claims (IACS/LPIS) pp §§ 05 C 3. Nutrient- (energy-, CO2-)R E A G R I C s L T U balance U pp §§ 05 A 4. Field profit margin calculation p L 5. GIS and thematic mapping - farm pp §§ 05 R 6. Logistics and order processing p E 7. Precision Farming p G INTRANET with REGIONAL SERVERS I 8. s Virtual Farm / Land consolidation pp (§§) O enable horizontal + vertical integration N 9. Envi- & risk mgmt., rural area plan. pp §§ 07 A L 10. GIS and thematic mapping – region 11. Forest inventory, - management pp §§ 05 L O 12. Community management pp §§ C s FORESTRY & COMMUNITIES pp = public privat A 13. Utility management (water, .…) pp §§ §§ = law L 05 = valid from 01.01.2005 PROGIS Software GmbH 14. Sensor integration (meteo, water, machines, ...) Software that Shows !
  6. 6. Progis ecology-solutions Need of vertical integration Logistics Environment MOA GlobalGAP Food chain Trust Centre ... PF System System ... Bottom up princip - s the information is at state summary the rural areas Top down country summary Bottom up RURAL AREA MANAGEMENT RURAL AREA farm management MANAGEMENT For farmers or district summary SERVER farm advisors utility management regional river basin Forestry- management management rural area management river village management s REGIONAL SERVER PROGIS Software GmbH Software that Shows !
  7. 7. Progis ecology-solutions Need rural area management 2 ..I grow (crop) 1 Here … I. FARMER or ADVISORS II. REGIONAL SOLUTIONS • planing, documentation, activities mgmt. • data transfer or integration to: s FARMER or ADVISOR PC s REGIONAL SERVER • nutrient balance, energy-, CO²-balance • tractors (mobile GIS), precision • cost-, or profit margin calculation • contractors or logistics operator • localized subsidy management • food- or bioenergy-industry, consumers • business plan, insurance data • (sub-)regional agro-/environment-center • thematic maps • GlobalGAP, Trust centre, Ministries,GmbH PROGIS Software Software that Shows ! .....
  8. 8. Progis ecology-solutions Need to integrate banks/insurance Revenue Business plan for x years t m en No insurance without information lop No financing without insurance d eve es s sin Bu No seeds/fertilizer without financing Costs No farming without money 2010 2015 2020 2025 2030 2035 2040 2045 Start with INFORMATION • Without insurance NO significant financing will be possible • insurance needs data to back up their decisions/calculations • (RE-insurance must be involved and backup partly by government, donors) • with businessplan and insurance (micro-)financing is possible • risk is covered by insurance, partly paid by government • pilot projects, e.g. together with local science partners • then evaluation and second phase countrywide implementation PROGIS Software GmbH Software that Shows !
  9. 9. Progis ecology-solutions Need to integrate energy-/CO²-balance CO2- footprint 2Bio = 2CO2 Energy/CO2- balance as part of farm advise and farm management y ea r Energy/CO2- balance n p er carbo Biomass for energy and waste to energy saved and water – technology exists - today! 1Bio = 1CO2 2010 2015 2020 2025 2030 2035 2040 2045 New energy from renewable directives from the EC, 2009/28/EC • population growth = more food = more CO2 increase •optimized agriculture and forestry = less CO2 + more CO2-sink • (plan the optimum: grow trees, humification, fertilizer use, energy use etc.) • planning and documenting + statistical verifying of CO2 • model define (6 months with ZALF) + model accreditation (WB) • pilot project, e.g. together with science partners • coutrywide implementation PROGIS Software GmbH Software that Shows !
  10. 10. Progis ecology-solutions Integrate logistics as base for chain integrationTransfer data:from office to harvesterto pick-up, truck, factory Harvester GPS Office - Dispatcher Consumers, industry and trade are the Loader driving forces GPRS/UMTS Mobile Office Largest project: 45 cooperatives, using 65 harvesters with mobGIS handling 100K datasets for 40.000 farmers on 40.000km² – all online with update all 30 seconds! PROGIS Software GmbH Software that Shows !
  11. 11. Progis ecology-solutions Integrate precision farming Variable Rate applications: less costs, more benefit, protecting the environment and better sustainability Location based cost/revenue documentation Location aware farming - Precise Rapid Eye satellite: Track–optimisation (w/wo (d)GPS) 72h worldwide 5m Harvest logistics sat- image delivery GPS supported guidance service + relative Field optimisation chlorophyl index) New virtual ownership models PROGIS Software GmbH Software that Shows !
  12. 12. Progis ecology-solutions Integrate third parties technology State of the art agrometeorological climate station supporting sensors and ready for networks: Interfaces to meteorological-, water- and soil-sensors with or without auto-communication available • Temperature Sensor and Relative Humidity Sensors •Water level Sensor • Rain Gauge • Solar Radiation Sensor • Wind Speed Sensor • Wind Direction •Water temperature Sensor • Barometric Pressure Sensor • Soil Moisture Sensor PROGIS Software GmbH Software that Shows !
  13. 13. Progis ecology-solutions Integrate forestry GPS Forest applications SMS Forest Map Forst Mobil Forst Logistic WinGIS Forest State forest Forest enterprise Farmer forest Software that shows PROGIS Software GmbH© PROGIS Software AG 2004 2004 Software that Shows !
  14. 14. Progis ecology-solutions Integrate natural resource & risk mgmt. FOMUMIIS® - Result II • supports ecological questionsTask samples: Capacity to preventFlood land slide, torrents or avalanche • programmable by expertsrisk or ……………….…. • development environment • GIS + spreadsheet • calculates functionality degrees of task and areas • defines work how to increase specific functionalities • every task/functionality definable by experts PROGIS Software GmbH P R O G I S Software AG Software that Shows !
  15. 15. Progis ecology-solutions We need a new land management based on following principles: (1): Protection of Land and Biodiversity (2): Sustainable Management (3): Multipurpose Land-Use (4): Economic Benefit (5): Land Use Potential and Carrying Capacity (6): Reliable, Measurable, Quantitative Criteria + Training of Land + Public awareness PROGIS Software GmbH Software that Shows !
  16. 16. Progis ecology-solutions We need new advisory services based on following principles: (1): decentralised - farmers organisations involved (2) (ppp) models and local experts involved (3): integrated ICT models (like AGROffice) (4): technology and management synergized (5): Capacity building and know how transfer (6): bottom up approach plus control + regional pilot projects plus stakeholder support PROGIS Software GmbH Software that Shows !
  17. 17. Progis ecology-solutions We need to integrate beneficiariesProgis technology • FARMER / AGRICULTURE PRODUCER • FARM ADVISORY SERVICESProgis geo-INFOtainment • MINISTRY / other GOVERNMENTALProgis ecology-solutions STRUCTURES • EDUCATION and SCIENCE / EXPERTSProgis pipeline-solutions • OTHER BENEFICIARIES:Progis smart-community - TRADERS, EXPORT Only with holistic - FOOD producing and processing companiesProgis web-solutions - Agriculture focused BANKS and integral approach possible - Agri-INSURANCE companies - Agri-PRODUCT sellers (machinery, chemicals, ..) - FORESTER, LAND MANAGER, UTILITY MANAGER - ENVIRONMENT EXPERTS and • THE PUBLIC – we all – 6 Bio people and the Earth Strengthening rural environments PROGIS Software GmbH Software that Shows !
  18. 18. Progis ecology-solutions A GREEN REVOLUTION MUST INCLUDE:Progis technology • A green revolution for food/feed productionProgis geo-INFOtainment • A green revolution for biomass and energyProgis ecology-solutions • A green revolution for risk management • A green revolution for sustainabilityProgis pipeline-solutions • A green revolution embedding farmers roleProgis smart-community in environmental caretaking + risk mgmt.Progis web-solutions • A green revolution covering social aspects • A green revolution covering the carrying capacities, avoiding over- or We need information to set up insurance, insurance to start financing and only with financing agriculture will start. This all will happen fast only with the support of integral planning methods based on modern ICT solutions. PROGIS Software GmbH Software that Shows !
  19. 19. Progis ecology-solutions Telecomm Business model based on following samples: (1): Advisor-farmer: min 1 SMS/d + answer (job + report) (2): Advisor-machine(driver): min.1 SMS/d + answer (report) (3): machine-driver location (GPS) to server: SMS all 30 sec. (4): Meteodata: 1 SMS/d min. to farmer: weatherdata, wind.. (5): Meteodata: SMS services for disease model (spray) (6): Riskinfo: risk-service for flood, storm, landslide,… (7): Trust-center: server in coop. with farmers (org.) as owners and food-industry, -trade (pay) for food ( traceabilty) – a must for local risk-mgmt. (Ministry) and for food/feed or biomass for bioenergy export into EC. (8): more on demand …….. PROGIS Software GmbH Software that Shows !
  20. 20. Progis ecology-solutions 7 steps for a countrywide solution based on following steps: (1): Define consortium: MOA, NAADS, FAS, Sci, B/I (2): Define a pilot region with farmers,industry,advisors (3): Define a detailed workplan with 4 steps: (3): (1)maps, (2)expertinfo+planning, (3)logistics,(4)precisefarming (4): Put pilot project/workplan into life (12–18 months) (5): Evaluate pilot projects results (farmer, advisor, …) (6): Rollout stepwise (1-3) throughout the country, setup the trustcentre incl. marketing tools, invite machine- and agrochemical producers for implememntation of precision (7): implement further (also parallel possible) forestry, environmental caretaking, risk - management, community and utility management PROGIS Software GmbH Software that Shows !
  21. 21. Progis ecology-solutions ThanksProgis web-solutions WinGIS - software that shows !Progis technologyProgis geo-INFOtainmentProgis pipeline-solutions Thank You!Progis smart-community PROGIS Software GmbH Software that Shows !