Empatic final conference report


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EMPATIC Final Conference European Meeting on Media and Information Literacy Education (EMMILE)
27-­‐29 February 2012

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Empatic final conference report

  1. 1.     EMPATIC  Final  Conference   European  Meeting  on  Media  and     Information  Literacy  Education  (EMMILE)   27-­‐29  February  2012     This  project  has  been  funded  with  support  from  the  European  Commission    
  2. 2. EMPATIC  Final  Conference     European  Meeting  on  Media  and  Information  Literacy  Education  (EMMILE)       27  –  29  February  2012       Brief  report      1.  Background  Following  the  political  unrest  and  uncertainty  in  Greece,  the  PMB  took  a  unanimous  decision  to  look  for  a  new  host  country  for  the  EMPATIC  Final  Conference.  Using  the  stakeholders  database,  two  possibilities  emerged:  an  international  conference      Literacy  and  Society,  Culture,   Media,   &   Education   being   hosted   by   Ghent   University   and   an   event   entitled   European   Meeting   on  Media  and  Information  Literacy  Education,  an  idea  and  proposed  joint  initiative  on  a  number  of  European  bodies  but  at  the  time  had  not  focussed  directly  on  preparing  a  programme.    EMPATIC  was  able  to  bring  substance  to  both  organisers  at  the  same  time  as  opening  both  events  to  EMPATIC  stakeholders.  2.    Management  and  Organisation  The  organisation  of  EMMILE  became  a  multipartnership,  including  (in  alphabetical  order):    LAIB  è  lassociazione  professionale   dei   bibliotecari   italiani,   EMPATIC,   Goethe-­‐Institut   Mailand,   iASL   (International   association   of   School  Libraries),   IFLA   (International   Federation   of   Library   Associations),   IFLA   Information   Literacy   (IL)   Section,   IFLA   SL  (School  Library),  Network  of  Collaboration  Between  Europe  &  Latin  American-­‐Caribbean  countries  (NeCoBELAC),  Regione  Lombardia,  Ufficio  scolastico  per  la  Lombardia  and  UNESCO.  3.  Programme  A  copy  of  the  full  programme  is  attached  at  Appendix  1.  In  brief,  was  a  joint  three  day  meeting  that,  through  a  set  of  joint  initiatives,  aimed  at  exploring  theory,  practice  and  policy  in  Media  and  Information  Literacy  Education  in  different  contexts  The   final   day   of   the   programme   (Wednesday   29   February)   was   devoted   to   discussing   and   finalizing   EMPATIC  recommendations.  4.  Participants  Wide   publicity   through   the   EMPATIC   database   was   undertaken   to   try   to   ensure   a   fully   represented   participation.    A  list  of  attendees  is  attached  at  Appendix  2.      A   total   of   156   people   registered   for   the   conference,   of   whom125   signed   in   and   participated   (31   name   badges  were  not  collected).  5.  Conclusions  From  the  point  of  view  of  EMPATIC  the  conference  was  highly  successful.      Each  sector  of  EMPATIC  was  represented  and  discussion  on  all  days  was  extremely  lively  and  participatory.          Participants   were   especially   interested   in   the   aim   of   EMPATIC   and   articulated   a   wish   to   be   kept   informed   of  developments  and  also  to  form  new  partnerships.          Each   of   the   sector   and   general   recommendations   were   presented,   discussed   and   finalized.     The   results   are  available  on  the  EMPATIC  website  at  http://empat-­‐ic.eu/eng/Findings-­‐Recommendations  
  3. 3. APPENDIX 1 EMPATIC Final Conference European Meeting on Media and Information Literacy Education (EMMILE)incorporating “IASL Regional Meeting – Europe”, “IFLA SLRC Section Midterm Meeting”, “IASL- IFLA Joint Steering Committee Meeting” and EMPATIC Final Conference Milan, 27 – 29 February 2012 PROGRAMME (Versione italiana qui) Feb. 27, 2012 “Raising the 21st Century Citizen”8.00 Registration, conference material and welcome coffee9.30 Welcome: Regione Lombardia – Greetings: Stefano Parise (Presidente AIB), Ulrich Braeß(Direttore Goethe-Institut Mailand), Randi Lundvall (IFLA SLRC Chair), Giuseppe Colosio(Direttore Ufficio Scolastico Regionale per la Lombardia), Gianni Puglisi (Presidente UNESCO-CNI)10.00 Introduction EMMILE in Libraries (and beyond) Luisa Marquardt (Università “Roma Tre”,Roma, Italy - Director Europe for IASL)10.15 (Digital) Citizenship and Libraries in Europe Aldo Pirola (Direttore Settore Biblioteche.Comune di Milano / Eblida Executive Committee)10.45 Information Literacy: Global Trends Albert Boekhorst (IFLA IL Section, Brazil)11.15 Challenges of Educational Reform in Germany and the Potential Role of Information LiteracyAlexander Botte (German Institute for International Educational Research, Frankfurt am Main,Germany)11.45 Media and Information Literacy (MIL) as a composite concept: • The UNESCO model MIL curriculum for school teachers Alton Grizzle (UNESCO, Paris) • UNESCO MIL Indicators Irmgarda Kasinskaite-Buddeberg (UNESCO, Paris)12.45 Discussion13.00 Buffet Lunch14.00 Panel on Information Literacy* development and training in educational contexts:creating knowledgeable and critical 21st century citizensIntroduction and Coordination: Lourense Das*IL is here a generic term for teaching and learning how to search, locate, use and evaluateinformation through multiple mediaPanellists: Sirje Virkus (Tallinn University, Estonia), Mihaela Banek Zorica (Zadar University,Croatia), Dianne Oberg (Alberta University, Canada), Vincent Liquête (Universitè “Montesquieu”,
  4. 4. Bordeaux, France), Albert Boekhorst (IFLA IL), Maria Xanthoudaki (“Leonardo da Vinci” ScienceMuseum, Milan, Italy)16.15 IASL Regional Meeting: EuropeCoordination: Luisa Marquardt (Director Europe for IASL)17.15 Discussion and closing remarks *********** Feb. 28, 20128.30 Welcome Coffee “Information Literacy: a Bridge between School and University in a Lifelong Learning Perspective”9.30 Session Introduction and Coordination:Information Literacy: Another Opportunity taken away from Libraries? Carla Basili (Ceris/ConsiglioNazionale delle Ricerche – CNR, Italy/EMPATIC HE Sector)9.45 “Yes, we can” – five libraries working together for the target group pupils Naoka Werr(Universitätsbibliothek Regensubrg, Germany)10.15 Linking School and University through Information Literacy Education Laura Ballestra(LIUC, Castellanza, Varese, Italy – IFLA IL Section)10.45 Transliteracy and the evolution of the French “professeur-documentaliste” Anne Lehmans(Universitè Montesquieu, IUFM, Bordeaux, France)11.15 School Librarians’ Education and Training in Bozen for new literacies Patrizia Caleffi-Liebner (Province of Bozen, Bozen, Italy)11.45 New competencies for the teacher-librarian Barbara Schultz-Jones (College of Information,University of North Texas, USA)12.15 Information Literacy Education: School and Public Libraries Collaboration Maria JoséVitorino (Portugal)12.45 Discussion13.00 Buffet LunchMIL-Lab: Laboratory on Media and Information Literacy through Poster DiscussionThis interactive session aims at presenting the posters submitted to EMMILE in order to stimulatedebate, reflections and critical evaluation in view of future collaboration.14.00 Poster Session Introduction and Coordination: Paola De Castro (Istituto Superiore di Sanità –ISS, Italy)14.15 Poster Presentations
  5. 5. 16.45 Discussion and closing remarks ********** Feb. 29, 2012 “Media and Information Literacy Education in Different Contexts and Sectors”8.30 Welcome Coffee9.30 Session Introduction and Coordination: Monika Krakowska (EMPATIC)9.45 Information Literacy as aTransversal Competency Serap Kurbanoglu (Turkey)10.30 Strategies to produce and disseminate information in public health. The experience of theNECOBELAC project in Europe and Latin America Paola De Castro - Daniela Marsili (IstitutoSuperiore di Sanità, Italy)11.00 Information literacy in differente sectors: a view from Russia Natalia Gendina (Kemerovo StateUniversity, Russia / IFLA IL Section)11.30 EMPATIC: putting the needs of learners first in Information LiteracyRob Davies (MDR)12.15 Presentation of Workshop Sessions and Formation of Break-out Groups Carol Priestley(EMPATIC)12.30 Discussion 13.00-14.00 Buffet Lunch MIL experiences & policy: workshop validating the final recommendations of the EMPATIC Project14.00 Break out groups to:- discuss the results and recommendations for each sector, and further- develop recommendations from each sectorEMPATIC docs for each sector are available for public consultation here or under each specificentry (sector), as follows.- School Sector – Facilitator: Dr. Monika Krakowska (EMPATIC/Institute of Information andLibrary Science, Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland). See docs: • EMPATIC_IL_Schools Sector-one pager • EMPATIC_IL_Schools Sector-recommendations • Please, post your comments here: http://emmile.wordpress.com/2012/01/31/empatic-school- sector/ or mail them to info@empat-ic.eu.- Higher Education – Facilitator: Carla Basili (EMPATIC HE Sector/Ceris/ConsiglioNazionale delle Ricerche – CNR, Italy) • EMPATIC_IL_Higher Education-one pager • EMPATIC_IL_Higher Education Sector-recommendations • Please, post your comments here: http://emmile.wordpress.com/2012/01/31/empatic-higher- education/or mail them to info@empat-ic.eu.
  6. 6. - Adult Education /Lifelong Learning - Facilitators: Anthi Katsirikou(EMPATIC/University of Piraeus, Greece), Aris Meletiou and ChristosSkiadas (EMPATIC/Technical University of Crete, Greece) • EMPATIC_IL_Adult Education Sector_one pager • EMPATIC_IL_Adult Education Sector-recommendations • Please, post your comments here: http://emmile.wordpress.com/2012/01/31/empatic-adult- education-lifelong-learning/ or mail them to info@empat-ic.eu.- Vocational Education & Training - Facilitator: Bulent Yilmaz (EMPATIC/TurkishLibrarians’ Association, Turkey). See docs: • EMPATIC_IL_VET one pager • EMPATIC_IL_VET Sector-recommendations • Please, post your comments here: http://emmile.wordpress.com/2012/01/31/empatic-vet- sector/ or mail them to info@empat-ic.eu.16.3 Feedback from each Group and Refinement of Final Recommendations chaired by MonikaKrakowska17.00 EMMILE Poster Award17.15 Closing remarks
  7. 7. http://empat-ic.eu/eng/ Project funded by the European Commission under the Lifelong Learning Programme This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot beheld responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein. 1