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Dear Reader,

EMHT Energy is happy to present a series of detailed slides explaining the Solar Energy Systems available. This is just the beginning as there is a lot more to come showing you how people use Solar energy to benefit from.

There are three BIG savings coming from Solar Energy.

Save Electricity + Save Environment + Save MONEY
So get ready to be introduced to a wonderful way of living a sustainable life. Use Solar, its free and available to all of us.

Enjoy these informative slides and look out for a lot more coming to you.

EMHT Energy Team

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EMHT Energy Solar Energy Solutions

  1. 1. An Introduction to our Solar Power Solutions
  2. 2. What is a Solar Power System……?  Sometimes referred to as an alternative energy system  A photovoltaic system which generates electricity for offices, homes or any premises where power is required.  Its a combination of Photovoltaic panels, inverters and batteries
  3. 3. Reduce Electricity Bills with Solar Rooftop Solutions
  4. 4. Various Solar Products we supply Off-grid - An Off grid system comprises of Batteries in which energy is stored and supplied to the site On-grid - An on-grid system is a system which generates electricity and it is used immediately and not stored for later use. Hybrid- A hybrid system is a system which is combination of On grid and off grid
  5. 5. Where can Solar Energy be Installed ? Solar Energy for Industries • Solar Energy for factories/ plants / warehouses • Solar Energy for Corporate Offices Solar Energy for Commercial Establishments • Solar Energy for Hospitals and Laboratories • Solar Energy for Resorts and Hotels Solar Energy for Residential Sites • Solar Energy for Bungalow / Farmhouses • Solar Energy for upcoming vacation homes
  6. 6. Where To Purchase a Solar Energy System EMHT Energy Team, Engine mates Heat Transfer Pvt Ltd, 416,Marathon Max, LBS Marg, Mulund (W) Mumbai – 400080 Mobile :- +91 9769269140 Tel :- +91 22 25919293 / 94 / 95 Fax:- +91 22 25641791 Website:- www.emhtenergy.com
  7. 7. Engineering expertise of more than 3 decades Adherence to our Strong Quality Policy Solution Oriented Designing Australian Technology with High safety standards Installation within 12-16 weeks Why should you purchase from EMHT Energy?